GH Update Wednesday 6/4/08

General Hospital Update Wednesday 6/4/08


Written by Mandy
Pictures by Juanita and Clarissa's General Hospital Screencaps

 Jason knocks on Monicaís door.  Jason apologizes for not calling first, but she tells him that it is fine.  Monica says that she doesnít want to lose Jason.  They talk about Michaelís shooting. 

Kate and Sonny talk to a man at Crimson about where the magazine should be in newsstands.  Sonny suggests that the truckers should go on strike and says that sometimes radical action needs to take place for things to change.

At the Metro Court, Carly and Jax talk to Johnny about Anthony staying at the hotel.  Carly assures Jax that the hotel is neutral property because Jason would never hurt her.  Carly tells Johnny that Anthony can stay at the hotel while he rebuilds the house.  Johnny leaves.  Jax confronts Carly about wanting to spy on them for Jason.

Lulu walks into Wyndemere and sees Nikolas and Claudia kissing.  Lulu tells Claudia to get away from her brother and asks Nikolas why he would want anything to do with Claudia.

At the nurseís station, Robin tries to get Maxie to help her with an email.  Robin realizes that Spinelli hijacked her blog and thinks that Patrick put him up to it.

At Colemanís Bar, Coleman and Patrick watch Spinelli with a woman.  Spinelli and the woman talk about the flowers in the vase.  Patrick and Coleman bet on Spinelliís chances with the woman.

At Wyndemere, Nikolas tells Lulu that she is over reacting.  Claudia tells Lulu to knock next time.  Nikolas tells Lulu that she canít be rude to his guests.

In Monicaís room, she tells Jason about the things that she has had time to think about.  Monica admits that she has had a drinking problem for a long time and it started when Jason went to work for Sonny.  Monica and Jason talk about what working for Sonny has brought him.  Monica asks Jason to get out of the mob before it destroys him like it did Michael.

At Colemanís, Spinelli talks to a woman about flowers.  The womanís girlfriend comes up and they start kissing.  Patrick hands Coleman $100.  Spinelli agrees to help her set up an email account sometime.  The women leave and Spinelli sits down.  Maxie walks up and asks how she can help.

At Wyndemere, Nikolas tells Lulu that he and Claudia are friends.  Nikolas walks Claudia out and asks her if she will be okay.  Claudia says that she can take care of herself and that she will be fine.  Nikolas walks back into the room and Lulu lectures him about Claudia.  Lulu thinks that Nikolas was using Claudia for a cheap thrill.  Nikolas insists that he and Claudia are just friends.

At Crimson, Sonny tells Todd how the strike would help the drivers.  Todd says that Kateís magazine would go under with all the rest of them.  Sonny says that he has a couple of transport firms that owe him a favor who would transport Kateís magazine during the strike.  Todd agrees to give in to Kateís demands.  Sonny says that Todd owes Kate an apology and he should give her a discount.  Todd agrees to give her a 20% discount and Sonny says that it was a pleasure doing business with him.

In Monicaís room, Monica tells Jason that he could start a new life.  Jason says that he wishes he could do it and Monica says that he can.  Jason says that Sonny left the business and that Jason agreed to take over.  Monica asks him why he would do it. 

At the Metro Court, Jax and Carly argue about her involvement with helping Jason.  Jax suggests that Carly will be involved with helping Jason keep an eye on the Zaccharaís.  Carly says that Jason is her closest friend and she will not cut him out of her life.  Carly says that she is willing to compromise and asks him why he wonít do the same.  Jax says that he is willing to compromise on anything except when it involves keeping his family safe. 

At Crimson, Kate shows Todd out and asks Sonny why he involved himself in her business.  Sonny reminds her that he got her what she wanted and she reminds him that she didnít ask for or need his help.  Kate says that he threatened an illegal strike and that he didnít believe in her being able to negotiate her own deal.  Kate asks Sonny if he would have followed through with the strike and Sonny says that the president of the union owes him a favor.  Kate reminds Sonny that he is out of the business.  Jax walks in and Kate informs him about the meeting. 

At Jakeís, Spinelli says that he was just feeling bad because a program wasnít working right.  Maxie confronts Spinelli about sending the emails to Robinís blog.  Spinelli says that Patrick didnít pay him and Patrick says that Robin started it.  Maxie says that they have to play along and try not to trash Robin. 

At Wyndemere, Lulu says that she should have been around to help Nikolas.  She says that she hates him being isolated there.  She reminds him that he is always there.  Nikolas reminds Lulu that Claudia is Johnnyís sister.  Lulu says that Claudia isnít someone that Nikolas wants to be involved with.  Nikolas tells Lulu that it isnít her decision to make.  Lulu asks how he got involved with Claudia.

At the Metro Court, Johnny and Claudia run into each other.  Johnny tells her that Jason burned down their house and that Sonny isnít running the business anymore.  Claudia suggests that Jason killed Sonny, but Johnny says that as far as he knows Jason is still alive.  Johnny tells Claudia that Jason stood next to Anthony and watched the place burn.  Claudia and Johnny wonder why Jason would let Anthony live.

In Monicaís room, she tells Jason that he doesnít owe Sonny anything.  Jason explains that he isnít doing it for Sonny.  Jason says that Sonny signed over his parental rights to Carly.  Monica realizes that Jason took over to keep Morgan safe from Sonny.  She realizes that he is doing it to save a little boyís life.  Jason tells Monica that he is running things now and would understand if she didnít want him to stop by anymore.  Monica assures him that he is her son and she loves him. 

At the Metro Court, Johnny and Claudia talk about what happened between Anthony and Jason.  Claudia says that Anthony wonít stop until Jason is dead.  Johnny tells her that a war doesnít do anyone any good.  Johnny says that peace is cheaper than war.  Johnny asks about Claudiaís disappearance.  She says that she met someone and got carried away.

At Wyndemere, Nikolas tells Lulu that he met Claudia by mistake.  Lulu and Nikolas talk about the Zacchara family and their involvement with them.  Lulu tells Nikolas that he canít hide from his grief forever.

At the hospital, Patrick and Robin talk about her blog.  Patrick says that he is sorry that he started the blog competition.  Robin says that the competition is over as soon as he posts an apology on her blog saying that she is wrong.

At Jakeís, Maxie and Spinelli talk about what Patrick was giving him in exchange for sending bad comments to Robinís blog.  Maxie thinks that Sonny caused permanent brain damage.  Spinelli says that he is in perfect health.  Maxie asks why Spinelli helped Patrick.  Maxie says that Spinelli is going to help her fix stuff at work.

At Crimson, Jax says that he doesnít want to work with Sonny and that Sonny can buy Jax out of the magazine.  Jax says that the magazine would be viewed as a money laundering operation.  Kate assures Jax that she would never let Sonny do anything illegal for the magazine.  Jax tells Sonny to stay away from his family.  Kate tells Sonny that Jax is the investor and he gets to make some demands.  Kate says that they should keep their personal lives separate from business.  They start kissing.

Robin and Patrick talk about her blog at the hospital.  Patrick says that he will stay out of it.  Patrick says that he didnít come there to fight; he came to let her know that he was responsible.  Patrick says that he is going back to Jakeís to make sure he never looks at her blog again.  Robin walks back over to her computer.

At Crimson, Spinelli carries Kateís scalding hot latte.  Maxie says that she needs Spinelli to download the new layouts from the Couture website.  Maxie and Spinelli walk into Kateís office and see her in a compromising position with Sonny.

Jason walks into his office and Max says that Johnny is inside.  Johnny and Jason talk about what happened.  Johnny says that he doesnít want a war.  Jason says that he has to get Anthony to back down.  Johnny says that he can get Anthony to back down, but he needs assurances from Jason about his familyís safety.

At the Metro Court, Lulu runs into Claudia.  Lulu says that she isnít going to let a skank take advantage of her grieving brother.  Claudia asks how Lulu plans to stop her. 

Robin shows up at Jakeís to see Patrick.  Robin asks Patrick about some bad comments that were posted on her blog.  Patrick says that he hasnít been near a computer.

At the hospital, Jax meets with Kelly.  Jax says that he doesnít think he is helping because he canít bring Michael back.  Kelly asks Jax how he is holding up.  Jax says that he is okay, but it is strange knowing that Michael is gone.  Jax asks Kelly if she meant it when she said that he and Carly should try for another baby or if she was trying to soften the blow.  Jax asks if he and Carly can still have a baby.

At Crimson, Spinelli and Maxie talk about what they walked in on.  Maxie says that it was just sex.  She talks about how passionate Sonny is and that she is attracted to someone like Sonny.  Sonny walks out of Kateís office.  Spinelli apologizes.  Maxie says that no woman could resist someone like Sonny.

In Jasonís office, he and Johnny talk about what a war would mean.  Jason says that if Anthony leaves him alone, he will leave Anthony alone. 

Nikolas visits Emilyís grave.  He says that he didnít need to come back after the funeral because he went home and she was standing in the living room.  Nikolas says that he feels an overwhelming emptiness inside and that he canít imagine of his future without her.  He tells her that he went riding the previous night and fell off the horse.  Nikolas admits that he doesnít know how to go on and find love again and that all he wants is to be with her.

At the Metro Court, Lulu tells Claudia to stay away from Nikolas.  Lulu and Claudia argue about Johnny.  Claudia tells Lulu that if she hears attitude coming out of Luluís mouth again, it will be the last thing she said.  Claudia says that there are plenty of ways to get rid of someone.  Carly steps between Claudia and Lulu.  Carly says that she would be willing to give Claudia a fight if that is what she is looking for.

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