GH Update Tuesday 6/3/08

General Hospital Update Tuesday 6/3/08


Written by Mandy
Pictures by Juanita and Clarissa's General Hospital Screencaps


Sonny and Kate talk at his house.  Her phone rings and she says that they have nothing to negotiate and tells someone not to be late for the meeting.  Sonny suggests that they go out on a boat ride.  Alexis walks in and hands Sonny the newspaper.

At the Metro Court, Carly thanks Marty for looking after things while she was away.  Carly watches two brothers leaving the hotel.

At Wyndemere, Nikolas pours Claudia some coffee and thanks her.  Nikolas says that they need to talk about what happened the previous night.  Nikolas says that he doesnít want there to be any misunderstandings.  Claudia apologizes and says that she was just trying to help.  Claudia asks him if he feels like he cheated on Emily.

Lulu and Johnny wake up next to each other.  Lulu tells him that she is happy that his house burned down.  He says that he feels like he just got out of prison.  They share a kiss.  Tracy walks in and freaks. Tracy tells Lulu to get Johnny out of her house.  Alan reminds Tracy that the house belongs to Monica.  Tracy says that Monica would have been with her and asks Alan why he is there.  Edward and Alice walk in and Edward says to get Johnny out of the house.  Lulu stops Alice and tells Johnny about her.  Lulu says that she and Johnny are both consenting adults.  Tracy tells Lulu to get dressed and downstairs.  Alice, Edward and Tracy all leave.

At the hospital, Robin and Kelly look at Robinís blog.  Patrick comes up and peeks at it.  Patrick thinks that Robin called him a total slacker and Kelly suggests that the person who sent the message had been on his blog.  Patrick realizes that people are reading Robinís blog and commenting on Patrickís.

At Sonnyís, Alexis asks him if he burned down the Zacchara house.  Sonny says that he did not do it.  Kate leaves after telling Alexis that she shouldnít believe everything she sees in the paper.  Alexis asks Sonny if he knows who burned down the Zacchara house.  Sonny says that Jason is running things now and that she should ask him.  Alexis tells Sonny that he needs the mob.

At the Metro Court, Carly tells Marty to give the family that just left some free things.  Jax walks in and Carly tells him that she needs some plans.  She explains that she has already been to see Michael and then went to work.  Carly says that she could use Jaxís help while she is trying to move on.

At his house, Sonny and Alexis talk about what happened at the Zacchara house.  Diane walks in.  Alexis asks why Diane is still working for Sonny if he isnít involved with organized crime.

At the Metro Court, Carly leaves a message for Jason.  Jax asks why she needs to talk to Jason.  Carly changes the conversation to Jax going to see Brenda.  Jax tells Carly that Jason is dangerous for her and Morgan.  Carly thinks that he is going to give her an ultimatum.  Carly says that she isnít going to end her friendship with Jason and that he needs to respect that.

At Crimson, Spinelli brings Maxie some flowers.  Spinelli apologizes for his actions the previous day.  Maxie says that she canít keep the flowers and Spinelli says that he is disappointed.  Maxie thanks Spinelli for getting her flowers and accepts his apology.  Maxie says that Spinelli is her best friend.  Maxie turns to answer the phone.

At the hospital, Kelly tells Robin that she has a patient that reads Robinís blog daily.  Patrick and Robin talk about their blogs.  Robin says that the comments mean nothing and that she wouldnít care if she were the one receiving the bad comments.

At Wyndemere, Claudia says that she was just trying to help and Nikolas says that it was too soon for him.  Nikolas tells Claudia about being unfaithful to Emily when they were married before.  They talk about Emily.  Claudia says that they got through a difficult night together and that they can leave it at that. 

At the Quartermaine mansion, Edward, Tracy and Alice talk about what is taking Lulu and Johnny so long to get downstairs.  Tracy talks to Alan and Alice thinks that Luke dumped Tracy off at home because of Alan.  Tracy says that she left because she wasnít interested in Lukeís adventure.  Lulu and Johnny walk in.  Lulu tells Tracy that she doesnít get to pick on her and Johnny just because Tracy is mad at Luke. 

Carly walks into the hospital and asks Bobbie if they can talk.  They go sit down.  Carly says that she went to see Michael and the facility is taking good care of him.  Carly says that she is ready to try to move on with her life.  Bobbie tells her to be gentle and give herself some time to adjust.  Carly tells Bobbie what Jax wants her to do. 

At the Metro Court, Jax meets with Jerry.  Jerry says that he is leaving town for a few days for business and invites Jax, but Jax says that Carly wouldnít be waiting for him when he got back.  Jax and Jerry talk about Jaxís marriage problems.  Jerry suggests that Jax gives up too easily.

At Crimson, Spinelli invites Maxie to a music concert in the park.  Maxie says that she has to focus.  Spinelli says that maybe they can follow up the concert with a candle light dinner.  Maxie says that she has to get a lot of work done.  Patrick calls Spinelli and asks if Spinelli still wants to finish the lesson on women.

At his house, Sonny and Alexis talk about what happened to the Zacchara home.  Sonny says that she should talk to Jason because Sonny isnít involved with the business anymore.  Diane says that she is working for Sonny and Jason on separate retainers.  Alexis suggests that Sonny knows what is going on and that he isnít telling the truth.  Alexis says that the D.A.ís office will be calling Sonny.  Alexis leaves and Diane tells Sonny that he couldnít have picked a worse time to be a law-abiding citizen.

At Wyndemere, Claudia tells Nikolas to focus on the things that he does have.  Nikolas thinks that Claudia came on to him the previous night to keep him quiet about her involvement in Michaelís shooting. 

At the Quartermaine mansion, Lulu says that Tracy doesnít get to control her life.  Lulu says that she can always move out again.  Alan says that Edward is about to push Lulu into Johnnyís arms.  Edward says that their family has lost enough to organized crime and that they donít want to lose her too.  Lulu says that she makes her own choices and Tracy says that Lulu needs to choose to dump Johnny, but Lulu refuses.  Johnny says that he is going to leave and Lulu tries to follow him.  Tracy stops Lulu and Lulu says that Tracy only wants her there so that Luke will come back.  Johnny says that he and Lulu will be together and it will be somewhere else if it canít be there.  Johnny and Lulu leave.  Edward tells Tracy that she pushed Lulu into Johnnyís arms. 

At Wyndemere, Claudia assures Nikolas that the previous night had nothing to do with Michael.  Claudia admits that she has used sex to get what she wants, but the previous night she was just trying to be nice.  Claudia suggests that Nikolas wanted to be with her the previous night too.

At the Metro Court, Jax denies giving up on his marriages.  Jerry reminds Jax that he has been married 6 times and that none of those lasted.  Jerry says that when the marriage becomes difficult Jax gives up. 

At the hospital, Carly says that she wants to make things work with Jax.  Bobbie suggests that they call a truce.  Carly says that Jax wants to make things work on his terms.  Carly says that Jax wants her to cut Jason out of her life.  Bobbie tells Carly that she married Jax, not Jason.

At Crimson, Todd and Kate start their meeting.  Kate tells Todd where she wants Crimson placed, but Todd says that it is impossible.

At Jakeís, Spinelli meets with Patrick.  Patrick says that he will tell Spinelli how to pick up any woman in the room if he gets what he needs from Spinelli.

At his house, Sonny and Diane talk about what he has to do with paperwork.  Diane tells Sonny that he left people who have been devoted to him in the line of fire.  Diane leaves. 

At the Metro Court, Johnny stops at the desk to see what room his father is in.  Jax says that he wants Anthony and Johnny out of his hotel.  Carly reminds him that it is her hotel too.  Carly says that the Zaccharaís can stay at the hotel as long as they would like to.

At Jakeís, Patrick gives Spinelli some tips.  Patrick says that the point is to be sincere and to make a quick exit. 

At the hospital, Robin looks at her blog and Kelly walks up.  Robin says that everyone has been so supportive and affirming, but she got 1,000 strange comments on her blog in a half hour.

At Crimson, Kate and Todd try to negotiate.  Kate reminds Todd that they have an agreement.  Sonny walks in and Todd tells him to come back later.  Sonny says that he is going to stick around because he can probably learn something and introduces himself.

At Jakeís, Spinelli walks back up to Patrick.  A woman looks at the flowers and Patrick tells Spinelli to go for it.  Spinelli tells the woman that if she wants the flowers, she can have them.  She says that she cannot take all the flowers and Spinelli tells her that she can pick out the ones she likes.  Spinelli says that he would like to hear about her.

Maxie rushes to the hospital and Robin explains that she is pissed.  Robin asks Maxie who wrote the email.  Maxie reads it and asks why Spinelli is posting on Robinís blog. 

At Crimson, Sonny sits down to listen to the meeting.  Kate tells Sonny about the meeting so far.  Sonny says that he is sure Todd will do whatever it takes to make Kate happy.

At the Metro Court, Jax and Carly argue about the guests at the hotel.  Carly tells Johnny that as long as the bills are paid, his family can stay there as long as they would like.

At Wyndemere, Nikolas apologizes to Claudia for jumping to conclusions.  Nikolas says that she is a better person than she realizes, but she denies it.  Lulu walks in as Claudia kisses Nikolas on the cheek. 

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