GH Update Monday 6/2/08

General Hospital Update Monday 6/2/08


Written By Carrie
Pictures by Juanita and Clarissa's General Hospital Screencaps

Claudia helps Nikolas, who is injured from falling off his horse, to the couch. Claudia looks at his wound. Nikolas denies that he tried to kill himself. Claudia thinks Nik has a death wish since Emily passed away. Nikolas says if he wanted to die, he wouldn't have had the brain surgery. Claudia gets him some ice to put on his wound. Claudia says he can't live without Emily. Claudia helps Nikolas to bed. She offers to call the hospital, but Nikolas tells her no. Claudia brings up Nurse Nadine and says Nadine likes Nikolas. He said they are only friends. Claudia tells him to take his medications (from his brain surgery), but he is reluctant. He eventually decides to take the pills. He asks why she is going to such lengths to help him when Nikolas knows her secret. Claudia says she could suffocate him anytime she wanted because he took his pills. Nikolas doesn't think she would do that. He thinks someone has hurt Claudia in the past.

Carly tells Jax she wants their marriage to work out. Carly tells Jax she needs him. He says he is the opposite of her. He's a planner, while she is emotional and impulsive. Jax says they need to be honest for their marriage to last. They need to put all the cards on the table, good or bad. Jax asks if Carly is mad that he was honest about Michael's condition and started making plans for his permanent care. Carly admits she is angry about what happened to Michael, but she tells Jax she wants to let go of all the anger, but doesn't know how. She doesn't know how to forget what happened to Michael. Jax says as time goes by, things will get easier.

Jason is standing there while Anthony tells him he did him a favor by starting his house on fire. Jason tells him the next time he retaliates, he won't be as nice.

Maxie kisses Johnny while Spinelli watches. Johnny says he is going to leave. Johnny accuses Maxie of trying to get back at Lulu. Spinelli can't believe Maxie likes Johnny. Johnny tells her he likes Lulu as Lulu walks in the room. Johnny tells Lulu the kiss meant nothing and she doesn't have to worry. Johnny get a call from Trevor, who says that Jason retaliated and that the house is burning down. Lulu goes to talk to Carly. She tells Carly that a war is going to be starting and that Carly needs to talk to Jason. Carly tells Lulu there is no way to stop the war.

Johnny shows up at the house, where Anthony, Trevor, and Logan are outside. Trevor is mad at Logan and wonders how Jason got on the premises. Johnny says Jason could have killed Anthony, but didn't. He says Jason wants peace.

Sonny tells Kate he wants to be with her, but he says she looks scared to death. Sonny brings up that Kate will be on medication forever due to Michael shooting her. Kate doesn't want to listen to all these reasons why she should break up with him. Kate says Sonny is being brave for getting out of the mob. He tells Kate about Mike and how he gambled when he was a child and how he walked out of his life. Sonny is sad because he has given up his kids and the organization. He wonders if it is too much to ask for Kate to be in his life. Kate says life will be different now that Sonny has a legitimate business. Ric shows up to say that Jason has retaliated against Anthony. He wants Sonny to let Anthony know that he did not give the order to Jason to burn down his house.

Spinelli goes to the shooting range. He is not accurate with shooting, by any means. He runs into Sam at the range. They go to Jason's penthouse and talk about what he can do to get Maxie's attention. Jason shows up at the penthouse. Spinelli explains that Sam is just trying to help him and that she doesn't have a different agenda. Sonny calls Jason to say he needs to talk to him.

Maxie runs into Johnny on the docks. She tells him that Lulu can't handle him. Lulu shows up. She can't believe Johnny is even talking to Maxie. He says that Maxie might as well be talking to herself because he isn't listening. Maxie walks away. Lulu says Johnny can stay with her since his house has burned down.

Nikolas wakes up, thinking Claudia is Emily. Then he realizes Emily is gone. He kisses Claudia.

Trevor tells Anthony that the house has burned down, but his roses survived. Ric tells Anthony that Jason acted alone on the retaliation. Anthony says to retaliate when Jason isn't looking. Anthony is furious at Jason.

Carly and Jax argue about her still having contact with Jason. She tells Jax she will never desert Jason.

Sonny can't believe Jason retaliated against Anthony. Jason tells Sonny he doesn't work for him anymore and can do what he wants. Kate is eavesdropping as Jason walks out.

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