GH Update Monday 6/2/08

General Hospital Update Monday 6/2/08


Written by Mandy
Pictures by Juanita and Clarissa's General Hospital Screencaps

At Wyndemere, Claudia tries to help Nikolas.

At home, Carly and Jax talk about their relationship. Jax kisses Carly.

At home, Sonny tells Kate that he wants her to spend the rest of her life with him. Kate says that it is all she wanted. Sonny asks why she looks scared.

At the Zacchara compound, Anthony talks about Jason burning down his house. Anthony says that Jason did him a favor by burning it down because he was going to remodel and wasn’t sure how he was going to get rid of everything.

At Crimson, Maxie pulls back from kissing Johnny and tells Spinelli that he is there at a bad time. Spinelli turns to leave and Johnny says that he is leaving. Johnny says that Maxie is flirting with him to get back at Lulu. Maxie says that she likes Johnny. Johnny says that he is only interested in Lulu. Lulu walks in and asks if that was clear enough for Maxie.

At home, Jax tries to comfort Carly. Carly tells Jax that she needs him. Jax says that they were just dealing with what happened to Michael in separate ways. Carly says that she wants things to be different with Morgan. Jax says that they have to be completely honest.

At home, Sonny reminds Kate of the reasons she should be scared. Sonny tells her that he can give her a life that he couldn’t give to Michael. Kate says that there are other things that she is scared of. Sonny says that if she wants out all she has to do is say so.

At the Zacchara compound, Anthony asks Jason what kind of accelerant he used. Jason says that the next time he retaliates, he won’t be so nice and leaves. Logan runs up to Anthony. Anthony says that the house can burn down.

At Wyndemere, Claudia talks about trying to kill yourself. Nikolas says that he wasn’t trying to kill himself. Claudia says that Alfred was concerned about the light on in the stables so she went out to check. Nikolas says that if he really wanted to die, he wouldn’t have had the surgery. Nikolas says that he has a child that depends on him. Nikolas mocks Claudia. Claudia understands why Nikolas wouldn’t want to live without Emily.

At Crimson, Spinelli tells Lulu what Maxie did. Trevor calls Johnny and says that Jason torched the house. Johnny tells Lulu that the mob war has started.

At Sonny’s, he and Kate talk about what he has done to change his life. Sonny tells Kate about his parents and about Mike walking out on his mother. Sonny tells Kate that he signed away 2 of his children and his business to a friend who is no longer in his corner.

At home, Carly and Jax talk about how she feels. Carly says that Jax was right about everything. Carly admits that she was angry with everyone after Michael was shot. Carly admits that she doesn’t know how to move past it.

At Wyndemere, Claudia helps Nikolas into bed. Claudia offers to call the hospital. Nikolas says that he doesn’t want the people at the hospital worrying about him. Nikolas says that he and Nadine can’t have anything more than a friendship because he will always be in love with Emily.

Spinelli visits a gun range. Spinelli grabs the gun and starts breathing hard when he lifts it up. He hears gunshots off to the side and turns the gun in that direction. Sam walks up and asks Spinelli what he is doing.

At home, Carly admits that she doesn’t know how to move on. Jax tells Carly about flying a plane and he says that they have to make small changes. Jax tells Carly that he will be right there with her through the process. Lulu rings the doorbell and tells Carly that Jason and the Zacchara’s are going to war. Lulu says that Carly is the only one who could stop it.

At the Zacchara compound, Johnny, Logan and Trevor argue about Jason burning down the house. Johnny says that Jason wants peace and then something blows up.

At Sonny’s, Kate says that she will have to get used to the idea. Kate asks about the enemies that Sonny has made over the years. Sonny says that they will all accept Jason. Ric walks in and announces that Jason burned down the Zacchara compound. Ric says that it would be a good idea for Sonny to tell Anthony that he isn’t in the business anymore and he has no stake in the outcome of a mob war.

At Wyndemere, Claudia comes in to give Nikolas some water and pills. Claudia and Nikolas both take some pills. Nikolas asks Claudia why she is going through so much trouble to help him. Nikolas reminds her that he knows she was responsible for Michael’s shooting and wonders why she didn’t just leave Nikolas lying in the woods. Claudia suggests that maybe she is going to smother him after the painkillers kick in.

At Carly’s, Jax tells Lulu that Carly isn’t involved with Sonny and Jason’s life anymore. Lulu says that this is about Jason and Carly can always get through to him. Lulu asks Carly to talk to Jason before someone else gets hurt. Carly tells Lulu that this is how the business works.

At Jason’s penthouse, Sam and Spinelli talk about Maxie and the conversation turns to him learning how to use a gun.

At the compound, Johnny says that no one died in the fire. Trevor and Johnny argue about what to do next. Johnny says that Jason could have killed Anthony, but he didn’t. Johnny says that the smart choice is to leave it alone.

At Sonny’s, Ric tells Sonny that Jason admitted to burning down the house. Ric says that Anthony will want to retaliate, especially if he thinks that Sonny gave the order. Sonny realizes that Ric thinks that he is running things from behind the scenes.

At Wyndemere, Nikolas says that he doesn’t think that Claudia would smother him in his sleep because the staff all knows that she is there and she would never get away with it. Nikolas sits up and tells her that he thinks there is more to her than greed and ambition. He suggests that someone hurt her really bad, but Claudia says that he is wrong. Nikolas says that he is afraid of losing the part of Emily that is inside of him because he can’t see her anymore.

At home, Jax and Carly talk about why Lulu showed up. Carly explains that Lulu wants to stop Johnny from getting hurt. Jax asks Carly not to get involved and to let Jason deal with it himself.

At Sonny’s, Ric says that he thinks that Sonny really does want out of the business. Ric tells Sonny to tell Anthony that he is out of the business and that Ric will make sure that Anthony believes it. Ric leaves

Sam and Spinelli talk at the penthouse and Jason walks in. Sam gets ready to leave. Spinelli says that Sam is there because she took pity on him. Sam explains to Jason that she is there to help Spinelli win the girl he likes by being himself. Jason gets a call from Sonny.

Maxie finds Johnny on the docks. Johnny tells Maxie that he has his limits. Maxie says that Lulu can’t handle Johnny. Lulu walks up and asks how many times she is going to find Johnny with Maxie. Johnny says that he isn’t interested in Maxie. Maxie tells Johnny that when he learns that she is right, she will be waiting. Maxie leaves. Johnny tells Lulu that he told his father that they shouldn’t go after Jason. Johnny says that he has to find a hotel since his home is a pile of rubble. Lulu tells him that he can stay with her.

At Wyndemere, Claudia checks on Nikolas. She reaches over him and takes the glass out of his hand. He reaches up and opens his eyes. He says that he thought she was Emily. Nikolas apologizes and Claudia kisses him.

Ric tells Anthony that the house is totally gone. Trevor assures Anthony that some of the roses made it. Ric tells Anthony that Sonny had nothing to do with the fire and that Jason is completely in charge now. Trevor says that they should retaliate against Jason, but Anthony says that he is going to do what Johnny wants for now. Anthony says that nothing will stop him from killing Jason.

At home, Carly assures Jax that she won’t get involved with Jason’s business. Jax confronts Carly about keeping her friendship with Jason. Carly explains to Jax that she won’t desert Jason after he gave up his life and took over the business for her.

At Sonny’s, he and Jason talk about what happened at the Zacchara compound. Jason tells Sonny that he is running things like Sonny wanted. Jason walks out. Kate and Sonny look at each other.

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