GH Update Friday 5/30/08

General Hospital Update Friday 5/30/08


Written By Laurie
Pictures by Juanita and Clarissa's General Hospital Screencaps

Nikolas is at Wyndemere with Claudia. From the back, he thinks she’s Emily.

Spinelli is working in Jason’s office. He’s in pain from the exercise session with Sam.

Carly is at home. She instructs the nanny to take Morgan out of the house. Jax arrives.

Alexis goes to see Sonny at his house. She asks him to give up custody of her daughter.

At Wyndemere, Nik tells Claudia he’s sorry for the mistake. Claudia wonders if Nik has considered moving someplace else. She tries to talk Nik into moving forward.

At Crimson, Maxie asks Johnny to escort her to a Manhattan party. Johnny declines then leaves the office. Lulu and Maxie exchange words.

In Jason’s office, Spinelli explains how Sam is helping him. Jason tells Spinelli Sonny has stepped down.

At Sonny’s, Alexis praises Sonny for his decision. Alexis says she wants her own daughter “protected.” Sonny says he won’t “give up” another child.

At Carly’s, Morgan prepares to go see Bobbie. After Morgan and his nanny leave, Carly tells Jax their marriage is in trouble.

At Sonny’s house, Alexis continues to plead her case. Sonny says Carly is just “punishing” him. He says Carly will “come around” eventually. Sonny insists his life is “changing.” Alexis yells at Sonny – she says he’s “playing games” with Carly.

At home, Carly is upset that Jax turned to Kate. Jax resents Carly turning to Jason. Jax reminds Carly that Jason is a dangerous person.

Ric, Trevor, and Anthony are at the Zacchara house discussing Sonny. Ric says the time is right to “neutralize” Sonny.

At the coffee house, Spinelli is surprised by Jason’s news. Diane interrupts. She wonders about Jason’s retaliation for his shipment being destroyed. Diane says she hopes Spinelli isn’t Jason’s alibi. Jason sends Spinelli out of the office. Before he leaves, Spinelli says he “would be an exemplary alibi.” Spinelli calls Diane “tense but supremely competent.”

Back at Wyndemere, Claudia and Nik exchange family stories. Nik tells Claudia more about his life with Emily.

Sam arrives at the coffee house to see Spinelli. Spinelli says he doesn’t want to exercise anymore, as it’s too painful.

Diane tells Jason he seems unhappy with his new “job.” Max arrives to discuss the “retaliation.” Jason says he “will handle it” on his own.

Still at home, Carly tells Jax she won’t cut off ties with Jason. Carly and Jax argue over his relationship with Kate. Jax makes a snide comment about Carly’s relationship with Sonny.

Alexis and Sonny are still at his house. Sonny throws Jerry in Alexis’ face. She insists that Jerry is nothing more to her than a client. Ric arrives to see Sonny. Alexis leaves upset. Sonny tells Ric he’s trying to “protect” his kids. Ric wonders if Sonny’s decision to leave the business is a permanent one.

Carly and Jax continue to disagree at home. Carly is against Jax spending time with Kate. Kate arrives. Kate asks Carly to “reconsider” taking Morgan away from Sonny. Carly tells Kate her decision is firm. Carly blames Kate for Michael’s injury. Carly tells Kate to get lost so Kate leaves. Jax says Carly’s words to Kate were ”uncalled for.” Carly suggests Jax “go after” Kate. “If you do,” Carly warns, “Don’t come back.”

Sonny is still at his house with Ric. Ric wonders what Sonny’s plans are. Ric claims to be “past” his anger. He reaches out to Sonny. Sonny is skeptical of Ric’s gesture. Sonny says he can’t “protect” Ric anymore. Ric leaves.

Maxie and Lulu are still at Crimson. Lulu heads out of the office to run an errand set up by Maxie to get rid of her.

Johnny arrives home. He discusses the shipment explosion with Anthony. Johnny is upset by what happened. Maxie calls Johnny and asks him to come to Crimson. Johnny heads out. Anthony calls for Logan. Jason arrives at the Zacchara house, unnoticed.

At Wyndemere, Alfred brings Claudia some tea. Alfred asks Claudia if Nik has gone riding. Alfred says he’s afraid Nik has no desire “to live without” Emily.

Anthony is at home looking for Logan. There’s smoke in the hall. Anthony opens the study door and finds that the room is on fire. Trevor tries to wheel Anthony to safety. Anthony says he won’t leave his house.

Max goes to the house to see Sonny. Sonny says he no longer needs Max to “protect” him. Max leaves and Kate arrives a minute later. Sonny tells Kate the news about the kids. He also tells her he’s “out of the business.”

At home, Jax and Carly disagree about Kate. Jax insists his relationship with Kate is strictly business. Jax asks Carly if she can give him “a reason to stay."

Johnny arrives at Crimson. Maxie sits on Johnny’s lap and kisses him. Spinelli arrives unnoticed and sees all.

Claudia finds Nik unconscious on the island. Nik wakes up and says he fell off his horse.

Sonny is at home with Kate. She worries about why he gave up his business. Kate’s afraid Sonny will eventually “resent” her. Sonny recounts his last moments with Michael before the shooting.

Still at home, Jax feels he’s “more invested in” the marriage than Carly is. Carly says she’s “ready to fight for” her marriage.

Trevor gets Anthony safely out of the house. The fire trucks arrive. Trevor leaves Anthony alone for a minute. Anthony yells that somebody will “pay” for setting his house on fire. As Anthony turns around, he sees Jason standing there.

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