GH Update Thursday 5/29/08

General Hospital Update Thursday 5/29/08


Written By Laurie
Pictures by Juanita and Clarissa's General Hospital Screencaps

Maxie and Lulu are at Crimson. They bicker, as usual. Spinelli arrives. He compliments Maxie. Maxi makes a comment about Spinelli spending the night with her. Sam arrives and says Spinelli looks “hot.”

Carly and Jax are at home. She wonders if he’s moving out.

Ric is with Anthony and Johnny at the Zacchara house discussing business. Johnny says they will lay off Jason.

Diane is at Sonny’s office with Max and Milo. The guys are packing Sonny’s things. Bernie is there. Jason arrives and sends everyone out of the office.

Back at Crimson, Lulu wonders about the “night” Maxie spent with Spinelli. Maxie and Spinelli explain what happened. Lulu seems to take Sonny’s side. Sam talks up Spinelli.

Back at the Zacchara house, Johnny says they must be prepared before they take on Jason. He says Jason” will honor the truce.” Ric is skeptical because Johnny is involved with Lulu. He insists on going after Jason immediately.

Jason is in his new office. He calls the troops back inside and gives them instructions. Jason says he wants the violence kept “to a minimum.”

At home, Jax says he wants to hear Carly’s opinion of their marriage. She says her kids are her first priority. Carly shows Jax the custody papers.

At Crimson, Lulu looks at Spinelli’s bruise. Sam continues to compliment Spinelli. Kate arrives. Sam and Spinelli leave.

Liz is at GH helping a patient. The man is difficult and vague about his meds. Epiphany steps in but the man gets upset and leaves. Lucky arrives. Liz tells Lucky the man had “faulty meds.”

Carly and Jax are still at home. Jax thinks their marriage is “lacking” because Carly went to Jason and Sonny for “support.”

Anthony wonders why Ric is so set on “going after Jason.” Ric says Sonny will eventually be back in charge so they must strike before that happens. Johnny says Ric “hates Jason” because of Liz.

In his new office, Jason gives everyone his or her instructions. Diane asks Jason if he objects to her relationship with Max. Jason says he doesn’t care what Max and Diane do. Diane leaves the office. Jason and Bernie discuss the Zaccharas.

At GH, Lucky wonders why the hospital meds may have been tampered with.

Spinelli goes to Sam’s. He’s disappointed that Maxie isn’t impressed with him. Sam tries to help. She tells Spinelli to take his shirt off.

At Crimson, Maxi and Lulu continue to disagree. Lulu questions Maxie about Spinelli. Maxie says Lulu is “jealous.” Jax arrives to see Kate. Jax confides in Kate.

At the Zacchara house, Anthony is intrigued by Johnny’s knowledge of Ric. Trevor arrives. Ric doesn’t want to discuss Liz. Anthony wonders if Liz can be “used against Jason.”

Back at the coffee house, Jason and Bernie discuss their latest shipment.

Carly arrives at the coffee house and runs into Diane. Diane says she’ll continue to work for Jason and Sonny. Carly barges into Jason’s office. Bernie leaves. Jason says he can no longer be friends with Carly.

At her apartment, Sam says Spinelli is in good shape, aside from his posture. Sam thinks Spinelli needs to work on building some muscles. She promises to help Spinelli.

At Crimson, Maxie calls Lulu “selfish.” The girls argue about Johnny.

At the Zacchara house, Ric insists that Liz can’t be used against Jason. Johnny leaves the room. Ric and Trevor disagree.

At Crimson, Jax fills Kate in on the custody of the kids. Kate is clearly worried about Sonny. Kate and Jax disagree about Sonny.

Carly says she can’t lose Jason’s friendship. Jason says Carly must “stay away” so she won’t be “a target.” Carly says she won’t let Jason “be alone.” She insists on maintaining their friendship.

Lucky arrives at Sam’s place. Spinelli is lifting weights. He seems to be in pain.

At Crimson, Lulu and Maxie continue to argue. Maxie threatens to “take Johnny away from” Lulu. Maxie calls Johnny and asks him to come over to the office.

Meanwhile, Jax and Kate argue in her office. Kate blames Carly while Jax blames Sonny. Kate says Sonny shouldn’t have lost custody of Morgan. Jax leaves.

Diane and Jason discuss business at the office. Diane suggests Jason “update” his will. Max interrupts to say the shipment has arrived.

At the Zacchara house, Trevor informs Anthony that one of Sonny’s ships has “exploded.” Anthony says if they are patient, Jason will soon be “history.”

Jax goes to the Metro Court. He discusses business with Marty. Kate arrives. She apologizes to Jax.

Spinelli prepares to leave Sam’s place. He thanks Sam for her help. Sam fills Lucky in on Spinelli’s situation.

Johnny arrives at Crimson. Maxie asks Johnny to repay her the favor. She asks Johnny to escort her to a party.

Jax and Kate talk at the hotel. Carly arrives in time to see Jax holding Kate’s hand. Carly says Jax must choose between her and Kate.

Still at the Zacchara house, Trevor warns Anthony not to “provoke” Jason. Ric insinuates that Jason is too dumb to be a threat. Anthony says time will tell.

Jason goes to the docks with Diane, Max, and Bernie. Diane warns Jason about an alibi and then leaves. Max wonders what the next step is. Jason says he will “respond” to Anthony’s attack.

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