GH Update Wednesday 5/28/08

General Hospital Update Wednesday 5/28/08


Written by Mandy
Pictures by Juanita and Clarissa's General Hospital Screencaps

Spinelli wakes up next to Maxie in her bed. Maxie wakes up.

At home, Anthony and Johnny talk about Claudia. Johnny says that Claudia is fine. Anthony gets upset.

At home, Carly opens the door and Jax asks her where she is going. Carly asks him where he has been.

Sonny walks into his office and finds Jason. Jason says that he will take over the business if Sonny gives up Michael and Morgan. Sonny tells Jason that he is trying to get out of the business so that he can protect his children. Sonny asks Jason when he decided that being loyal to Carly meant turning on Sonny.

At home, Carly tells Jax that she was going to see Michael. Jax says that he was just there. Jax says that he would like to talk about what is really going on. Carly asks if they should start with why he left or where he went.

At home, Anthony says that he is worried about Claudia’s welfare. Johnny says that Claudia called him and said she was fine. Trevor walks in and Johnny suggests that Claudia wanted to get away for a couple of days. Johnny says that Claudia is loyal to the family. Trevor tells Anthony that Claudia should be sent back to Italy. Johnny walks out. Trevor tells Anthony that Claudia is a problem and Anthony says that she won’t be for long.

Maxie checks on Spinelli. Spinelli asks Maxie how he got there and Maxie says that she invited him to stay over. Maxie tells Spinelli that after 6 times she was tired. Mac walks in and Spinelli hides. Mac pulls the blankets off of Spinelli. Spinelli gets up. Mac tells Spinelli to get out. Maxie tells Mac that she invited Spinelli. Spinelli leaves and Maxie tells Mac that she can sleep with whomever she wants.

On the docks, Sam brings Lucky breakfast. Sam and Lucky talk about Luke. Sam talks about finding a job working on a ship. Lucky and Sam talk about Cameron’s obsession with boats.

In his office, Sonny and Jason talk about Carly. Jason says that it is about Morgan because getting out of the business doesn’t mean that the violence is gone.

At home, Carly and Jax talk about her leaving him after putting Michael in the facility. Jax admits that he feels like an outsider. Jax says that she never confides in him and that he doesn’t want to be an after thought. Carly asks him if that is why he went to see Brenda.

Sam finds Spinelli on the docks. Spinelli says that he thinks he slept with Maxie.

At home, Maxie tells Mac that Spinelli isn’t her type. Maxie says that maybe she should get her own place. Maxie leaves.

At home, Carly says that she had Spinelli track Jax down because she wanted to talk to him. She says that he went to Rome and that is where Brenda lives. Jax says that he didn’t see Brenda. He says that he realized that he needed to talk to his wife.

In Sonny’s office, Jason tells Sonny that he needs to sign the papers. Sonny thinks that it will make Jason feel right about giving up Jake if Sonny gives up Michael and Morgan. Sonny says that he isn’t going to walk out on his son. Jason says that maybe Carly will change her mind if Sonny really does get a safe life after the business. Jason says that Carly is ready to run with Morgan and that if Sonny wants to see his son again, he needs to sign the papers. Sonny picks up his cell phone and calls Diane. Sonny tells Diane that he and Jason have reached an agreement.

Mac runs into Robin at the hospital. Mac says that Maxie threatened to move out if he interfered with her love life. Robin says that it is a good idea. Mac says that he found Maxie in bed with Spinelli. Mac asks Robin to talk to Maxie.

At Crimson, Maxie answers some calls. Sam walks in and asks her if she slept with Spinelli. Maxie says that she would never have sex with Spinelli because she likes him too much.

At home, Carly tells Jax that Michael is everywhere and she doesn’t know how to go on living without him. Carly says that she thought about taking Morgan and leaving so that she doesn’t have to see Michael everywhere. Carly says that she would give up everything and everyone to keep Morgan safe. Jax gets up and says that they both have a lot to think about. He walks out the door.

At home, Anthony tells Ric that he can make his own business decisions. Ric assures Anthony that he can handle Claudia. Anthony explains that Ric needs to convince Claudia to form an alliance against Johnny.

In Sonny’s office, Diane goes over the papers as Jason and Sonny sign them. Jason gives Diane the papers for Sonny to sign away his rights to Michael and Morgan. Sonny explains to Diane that signing those papers is part of the agreement. Sonny signs them and gives them to the notary. Sonny says that he wants to take the papers to Carly and leaves.

Robin goes to Crimson to see Maxie.

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