GH Update Tuesday 5/27/08

General Hospital Update Tuesday 5/27/08


Written by Mandy
Pictures by Juanita and Clarissa's General Hospital Screencaps

Robin and Patrick talk about their blogs on her couch. Robin says that it is a good idea to watch the blogs together, but Patrick says that it isn’t a good idea.

At home, Carly tells Morgan that they are going on an adventure by themselves. Spinelli shows up and asks where they are going. Carly says that Spinelli is going to help them get where they are going.

In his office, Sonny and Jason argue about what handing over the business means. Jason tells Sonny that leaving the business doesn’t change the violence. Sonny thinks that Jason is worried about what Jake will know about his father after Sonny starts a life with Kate and his children.

Robin and Patrick watch his blog on her couch. Robin watches intently and Patrick tries to be distracted. Robin says that he can be insensitive sometimes, but other times he can be great and take care of her. She says that she is happy that he vented his feelings. Robin says that she should have been taking care of him. Robin tells Patrick that if he needs to vent his feelings out in cyber space, she is all for it.

In the garden shed, Lulu and Johnny talk about their relationship. Lulu and Johnny talk about the possibility that Anthony will catch onto them double crossing him.

At home, Anthony and Trevor talk about Johnny’s relationship with Lulu. Anthony tells Logan to get out of the room. Trevor tells Anthony not to threaten Lulu in public because it will come back to haunt him.

At home, Carly tells Spinelli that she needs to get Morgan out of town and that they need to start over with new identities. Carly asks Spinelli to find her a town that has no connections to Sonny and get her and Morgan new identities that can’t be traced by Sonny.

In his office, Sonny says that he has a chance to be happy, but Jason doesn’t think so because Michael is in the facility. Jason asks Sonny if he will ever think about Michael laying there in the institution and reminds Sonny that they did this to Michael. Jason gets a call from Spinelli. Spinelli tells Jason that Carly needs him immediately. Jason hangs up and tells Sonny that he has to pay for what he has done and that neither of them get to have a nice life.

At her apartment, Patrick tells Robin that he did get carried away with his blog. He explains that he didn’t say much about the positive aspects of the pregnancy and that he thinks he can try to help out with the baby. Patrick says that he is really looking forward to meeting the baby.

Diane meets Sonny in his office. Sonny says that Jason won’t agree to what he wants. Diane tells Sonny that Jason made a strong argument. Sonny explains to Diane why he wants Jason to take over. Diane thinks that Jason doesn’t want to take over, but Sonny says that he has to because Sonny needs out.

At home, Carly tells Spinelli about where she would like to go. Jason walks in and Carly tells Spinelli to stop stalling. Carly tells Jason that if he can’t get Sonny to sign over his rights to the boys, he cannot change her mind. Jason tells Spinelli to leave. Carly says that Jason can’t talk her out of it and that she needs him to help her.

At her apartment, Robin and Patrick talk about Anna’s reaction to being a grandmother. Robin tells Patrick that there are no expectations and that it is okay that he doesn’t know what he wants. They share a kiss and Patrick puts his hand on her stomach.

In the garden shed, Johnny explains that he is afraid that Lulu will get hurt. Lulu and Johnny talk about what she can handle when it comes to Anthony, Trevor and Ric. Lulu explains that she has learned a lot from Luke about manipulation. They share a kiss, but are interrupted by Trevor knocking.

Diane walks out of Sonny’s office. She tells Max that she has a lot of paperwork to do, but she is free for the evening and asks Max if he would like to join her at her house. Milo walks up and says that they are busy.

At her house, Carly and Jason talk about how she is reacting. Carly says that the only way to keep Morgan away from Sonny and safe is to run. Carly explains that Jax has left her. Jason asks her if Jax might come back and Carly says that she doesn’t know, but Jax made his choice and now she is going to make hers.

Spinelli walks into Crimson and asks Maxie for advice. Maxie tells Spinelli that she is on a deadline. Spinelli turns to leave and Maxie stops him. Spinelli explains that Carly, Sonny and Jason are always arguing. Spinelli says that he doesn’t know how to help them. Maxie tells Spinelli that they have to figure it out on their own. Sonny walks in and Spinelli tries to talk to Sonny about the situation. Sonny calls for Kate. Spinelli says that it might do some good to give up his rights to the boys. Sonny slams Spinelli up against the wall and Maxie yells for Kate. Kate tells Sonny to stop. Kate tells Sonny to let Spinelli go. Sonny lets go and Maxie yells at Sonny. Kate tells Maxie to take Spinelli home and they get on the elevator. Kate asks Sonny why he attacked Spinelli. Sonny says that it was because Spinelli said something about his children. Sonny apologizes for what he did to Spinelli and Michael.

At the coffee shop, Diane tells Milo that she isn’t just flirting with Max. Milo tries to get Diane to see that she and Max could make mistakes because of each other. Max tells Milo to sit down and shut up. Diane tells Max to attend to whatever business Bernie has him doing and then meet her at her house. Max puts Milo into a headlock.

Trevor walks into the garden shed and says that Anthony is going to use Johnny’s weaknesses against him. Johnny says that he can handle his father. Trevor says that Lulu should disappear and that Trevor can help her. Lulu suggests that she tell Anthony that Trevor is going behind Anthony’s back. Trevor walks out and says that Anthony is waiting for Johnny. Johnny and Lulu share a kiss and Johnny leaves with Trevor.

At home, Carly and Jason talk about what will happen if she goes into hiding. Jason says that running isn’t what is best for her or Morgan.

Lulu waits in the garden shed and puts on some makeup. Logan walks in and says that he came to investigate after he saw Johnny and Trevor cross the lawn. Logan realizes that Lulu is sleeping with Johnny.

Johnny and Trevor walk into Anthony’s office. Johnny explains that he likes his privacy so he meets Lulu in the garden shed. Johnny asks Anthony if he framed Luke. Anthony suggests that Lulu is a bad influence. Johnny says that if Lulu is causing problems for Anthony, maybe Johnny shouldn’t see her anymore.

Maxie takes Spinelli to her home. Maxie explains that Spinelli has to spend the night there so that she can take care of him. Maxie checks to see if Spinelli has a concussion and then rants about Sonny. Maxie tries to help Spinelli to relax by massaging his back and telling he was a hero. Maxie says that she is his for the rest of the night.

At Crimson, Sonny and Kate talk about Carly. Sonny says that he is trying to keep his children safe. Sonny says that he doesn’t understand how his best friend and the mother of his children could have no faith in him.

At home, Carly says that Sonny can’t stop her from seeing Michael. Jason and Carly argue about her going into hiding. Carly says that she would rather Morgan losing his school and his home than have him lose his life or end up like Michael. Jason tells Carly to think about what she is doing. Carly says that she has to keep Morgan away from Sonny. Jason asks Carly if he can get Sonny to give up his rights to Morgan, if she will stay.

In the garden shed, Lulu and Logan talk about her relationship with Johnny. Logan tells Lulu that she doesn’t know whom she is dealing with. Logan tells Lulu that Anthony and Johnny are exactly the same and that sooner or later someone will die. Logan says that he doesn’t want her to die.

Anthony tells Trevor that he needs some time alone with Johnny. Anthony suggests that Trevor has been playing Johnny. Anthony makes fish faces to Johnny. Anthony says that Johnny loves Lulu and would do anything to save her. Anthony says that he will leave Lulu alone as long as Johnny is faithful to him.

Maxie and Spinelli talk about his condition. Maxie tells Spinelli that he is a knight in shining armor. Spinelli tells Maxie that she has done a lot to help him. Maxie says that she is going to go change. Maxie says that she is going to be staying with him the whole night.

At Crimson, Kate and Sonny talk about what happened to Michael. Sonny apologizes for getting so angry with her for what she did. Sonny admits that he knows that she was trying to protect him, but he doesn’t agree with it. Kate tells Sonny to give Carly and Jason some time to grieve and that maybe Carly will change her mind. Kate says that Sonny and Carly being on good terms is what is best for the children. Kate tells Sonny to have faith. They admit their love for each other.

At her home, Jason tells Carly to think about what is best for Morgan. Carly says that Sonny will never sign the papers. Jason says that he might be able to get Sonny to sign the papers. Jason asks Carly to give him some time to work it out before she runs and that he will call her. Jason leaves and Carly stands in her living room.

At her apartment, Patrick and Robin talk about her cravings. Robin grabs her stomach and tells Patrick to keep talking to the baby. She tells him that the baby is responding to his voice by kicking. Patrick puts his hand on her stomach and feels the baby kick.

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