GH Update Friday 5/23/08

General Hospital Update Friday 5/23/08


Written By Laurie
Pictures by Juanita and Clarissa's General Hospital Screencaps

Robin is at home and someone is knocking on the door. She thinks it’s Patrick but it’s Anna.

Patrick is at Jake’s filming his blog. Coleman is his cameraman. Patrick is venting and complaining.

Johnny and Lulu are together on the Zacchara property when they are interrupted by Lucky.

Carly and Sonny are in his office. Jason arrives. Carly tells Jason about Sonny leaving the mob.

Anna brings Robin some scones. Anna complains of back pain. She says she’s thinking of getting a “desk job.” Anna says she’s feeling old.

Back at Jake’s, Patrick continues to film his video blog. The women in the bar distract Coleman. He films them instead of Patrick. Patrick rattles on about “love.”

Johnny talks with Lucky about Lulu. He promises to “protect” her. Lulu comes out of hiding and confronts her brother.

Nikolas brings Claudia downstairs at Wyndemere. Claudia thanks Nik for his discretion. She tells Nik she can’t remember who tried to kill her.

At the coffee shop, Jason insists on taking Carly home. Sonny asks Jason to “take over the business.”

Back at Robin’s, Anna and Robin chat. Anna says she intends to settle down and “bake.” She says she wants “to be a proper grandmother.” Anna gets a call from Eli Love’s tour manager. Eli wants Anna to meet him in Rio. Anna declines and Robin is shocked.

Lulu defends her relationship with Johnny to her brother. Lucky says Lulu is heading for trouble.

At Wyndemere, Claudia and Nik discuss the shooting. Claudia discusses her family with Nik.

Sonny wants to sign over everything to Jason. Carly says Sonny will still have “enemies.” Carly and Sonny argue. Carly storms out of Sonny’s office.

Anna and Robin arrive at Jakes. Patrick is still there. Anna tells Patrick he doesn’t “have to marry Robin.”

Lucky says he won’t let Lulu end up like their mother. Lucky storms off. Lulu is upset by her brother’s words.

Claudia is still with Nik. She tells Nik about her childhood. Nik tells Claudia that he’s a “prince.” He tells her about his “isolated” childhood. Claudia calls Johnny “Nikky.”

Carly sees Jerry at the Metro Court. She fills Jerry in on Michael. Jerry offers to “track down” Jax.

Diane arrives at the coffee house. Max and Milo are discussing Max’s “love” for Carly.

Jason tells Sonny it’s impossible to “leave the business.” Sonny insists he will no longer “be a target” if he leaves the business. Jason disagrees and says there’s no going back. Diane comes into Sonny’s office with the paperwork.

Back at the hotel, Carly tells Jerry that Jax will return when he’s ready. Jerry tells Carly to have faith in Jax’s love. Jerry leaves the hotel. Carly asks Marty to give her the money from the hotel safe.

Johnny worries for Lulu’s safety as well as her sanity. Lulu says she wants to stay with Johnny.

At Wyndemere, Nik continues to tell Claudia about his family. Alfred says that Lucky is there for a visit. Claudia hides. Lucky tells Nik about his visit with Lulu.

At Jake’s, Anna says she’ll mind her own business about Robin’s marriage (or lack of). A fight breaks out between two men in the bar. Anna tries to break it up and one man pulls a knife on her. Anna looks annoyed. Anna beats the heck out of the man and his cohort. Anna gets a call from Eli Love. She accepts his invitation. Anna leaves but promises to return soon.

Diane presents Jason and Sonny with a “transfer of assets.” She advises them that they must be certain before signing the paperwork. Diane leaves Sonny’s office.

Max tells Diane that Milo was “wrong” about Carly. Max says he’s “moved on” from Carly.

Sonny says Jason wants him “to pay for what happened to Michael.” Jason says his own choices determined Michael’s fate.

Patrick takes Robin back to her place. He tells her about the blog. Robin insists on looking at Patrick’s blog. Robin is appalled that the blog was “shot at Jake’s.” Robin and Patrick agree not to view each other’s blogs.

At Wyndemere, Nik says Lulu is allowed to “make some bad choices.” Nik says Lulu is “stronger” than Laura. Lucky isn’t convinced. He wants Nik to “pressure” Johnny into leaving Lulu. Nik says he’ll try to help. Lucky leaves Wyndemere. Claudia wonders about Lulu’s mental health.

Lulu and Johnny get intimate.

At the coffee house, Jason insists that Sonny’s kids still “need protection.” Jason says Michael was always “a target.” He says the same is true of Sonny’s other kids. Sonny again asks Jason to take over the business.

Carly goes home and dismisses the nanny for the night. She tells Morgan she’s taking him on a trip. Morgan wonders if Michael will be with them.

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