GH Update Thursday 5/22/08

General Hospital Update Thursday 5/22/08


Written By Laurie
Pictures by Juanita and Clarissa's General Hospital Screencaps

Claudia is at Wyndemere nosing around. She looks at photos of Nikolas and Emily together.

Carly is at home when Kate arrives. Carly is hostile toward Kate. Kate asks Carly to reconsider her plan to take Morgan away from Sonny.

Diane and Sonny are in his office. Sonny is getting legal advice.

Robin and Kelly discuss her blog at GH. Patrick listens in on the conversation. Patrick interrupts the conversation.

Maxie is at Crimson. Spinelli arrives. Johnny arrives looking for Lulu.

Lulu goes to the Zacchara house to see Anthony. Anthony and Trevor discuss Luke’s situation. Anthony is upset that Trevor got Luke arrested. Anthony goes into his office to talk with Lulu. Lulu says she and Johnny are over.

Carly yells at Kate about the shooting. Kate says, “Morgan needs his father.” She thinks Carly is wrong to keep Sonny from Morgan.

Still at the coffee house, Diane tries to talk some sense into Sonny. She tells him not to do anything “drastic.” Sonny says he wants papers drawn up.

Nadine comes to Wyndemere to assist with Claudia. Nadine looks at Claudia’s wound. Nik notices that the pictures in the room have been moved. Nadine promises to be discreet regarding Claudia.

At Crimson, Maxie is stressed because Lulu is late for work. Johnny asks Maxie to “cover” for Lulu. When Maxie agrees, Johnny leaves. Spinelli appears to be jealous of Johnny.

Lulu tells Anthony she’s finished with Johnny. Anthony warns Lulu that he makes “the rule” for her to “follow.” He orders Lulu to “stay with” Johnny. This time Anthony threatens Lucky if Lulu doesn’t follow through. Lulu leaves. Trevor warns Anthony that Lulu is “unpredictable” like Luke.

Kate is still at Carly’s house. Kate says Carly wants “to punish” Sonny by taking Morgan from him. Carly warns Kate that Sonny will “replace” her soon. Kate leaves Carly’s house.

Diane tells Sonny to be patient and consider all his “options.” Sonny fears he will hurt Morgan by distancing himself. Diane suggests that Sonny discuss it with Carly. Sonny insists on doing things his way.

Back at GH, Robin says she started the blog to “reach out to other mothers.” Kelly tells Patrick that the blog is popular. Epiphany interrupts with a phone call for Robin. When Robin walks away, Patrick asks Kelly what Robin has “been saying about” him.

Back at Wyndemere, Nadine says Claudia needs stitches. Nadine advises Claudia to take it easy.

Spinelli goes to see Carly. She wants his help in finding Jax. Carly rattles on about why Jax left her.

Diane agrees to get Sonny’s paperwork in motion before she leaves the office. On her way out, Diane runs into Max. Max asks Diane to spend the weekend with him. Johnny arrives at the coffee house. Max sends Johnny in to see Sonny.

At GH, Patrick asks Kelly again what Robin is saying about him in the blog. Patrick asks for the blog address so he can see for himself. Patrick watches Robin’s video blog. Robin complains about her aches and pains. She also complains about Patrick. Patrick confronts Robin for “trashing” him on the blog. Patrick says he will turn the tables on Robin. He leaves.

At the coffee house, Max tells Diane about his friend’s cabin. Diane agrees to go away with Max.

Sonny denies knowing Claudia’s whereabouts. Johnny gets a call from Claudia. Johnny leaves Sonny’s office.

Spinelli is still at Carly’s. Carly tells Spinelli about the situation with Morgan. Spinelli finds some information about Jax. He says Jax is in Rome. Carly says Jax could only be visiting “one person” in Italy.

At Wyndemere, Claudia wonders if Nadine can be trusted. Claudia says Nadine has a romantic interest in Nik. Nik gets defensive when Claudia brings up Emily.

Johnny and Lulu meet on the Zacchara property. Lulu tells Johnny about Anthony’s latest threat.

Kate arrives at Crimson and talks with Maxie. Diane comes to see Kate. Diane is looking for some clothing samples for her weekend with Max. Diane advises Kate to stay out of the custody battle with Morgan.

Carly arrives at Sonny’s office. Sonny says he has a way to “keep Morgan and keep him safe.”

Robin is filming her blog at her apartment. She talks about how uninterested and “unreasonable” Patrick is being. Someone knocks at the door.

Patrick goes to Jake’s. Coleman films Patrick’s video blog. Patrick vents about his situation.

At Wyndemere, Claudia asks Nik about Emily. Nik opens up a little to Claudia about Emily.

Johnny and Lulu are still together. He promises to keep her safe.

At the coffee house, Carly says Sonny lives in a dangerous “world.” Sonny says things will be different because he’s leaving “the organization.”

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