GH Update Tuesday 5/20/08

General Hospital Update Tuesday 5/20/08


Written by Mandy
Pictures by Juanita and Clarissa's General Hospital Screencaps

In the car, Carly hands Sonny the papers and tells him that Morgan will never have to be in the line of fire again. Sonny thinks that she slept with him to get him to sign away his son.

On the plane, Jax and Kate share a kiss and Jax apologizes for taking advantage of her. Kate says that she wanted him to kiss her.

In the cabin, Liz tells Jason what a loving father he has been and tells him that she will always love him. Jason says that he can’t do it.

At Wyndemere, Claudia says that she never should have trusted Ian. Nikolas asks if she had Michael shot.

At the Haunted Star, Luke and Tracy watch the floor. Luke and Tracy talk about Luke’s investors. Luke says that the customers will come back, but Tracy says that they might not. Tracy suggests that she can call in an outbreak of an infectious disease to the health department. Tracy and Luke talk about their relationship. Luke tells everyone to go home and thanks them for showing up. Tracy suggests that they go home too, but Luke asks her if she is up for a challenge.

Trevor gets a call in the car and is happy to hear that something is done. Trevor says that Luke will find out what it is like to swim with the sharks.

In the cabin, Jason says that he has lost people before and talks about the people he lost. Liz tells Jason that he isn’t responsible for what happened to Michael, but he says that what happened to Michael is a direct result for his lifestyle.

At Wyndemere, Claudia tells “Johnny” that no one can know. Nikolas asks if she hired Ian to shoot Sonny and Claudia says that she couldn’t stand what Sonny did to him. Nikolas asks about Michael and Claudia says that she didn’t know that Michael was going to be there and that she didn’t mean to hurt Michael. Claudia apologizes for what happened to Michael. Alfred comes in and Nikolas says that he needs to get in touch with the police immediately.

On the plane, Kate tells Jax that she thinks that she lost Sonny forever. Jax tells Kate that she is beautiful and that he can connect with her. Kate says that she paid Ian $1 million to disappear. Jax says that he loves Carly, but he might have pushed her away. Kate says that she doesn’t like Carly, but tells Jax not to give up on his life with her.

In the car, Carly and Sonny argue about the papers and about what happened between them. Sonny tells Carly that signing Morgan away wouldn’t change the danger, but Carly says that it could save Morgan’s life to never be around Sonny again.

At the Haunted Star, Luke and Tracy dance by candlelight. Trevor walks in and Luke announces that they are closed for a private party. Trevor suggests that they play for the Alcazar piers and announces that they belong to Trevor. Trevor explains that if he wins, Luke will send Lulu out of town. Luke thinks that Anthony put Trevor up to it. Tracy tells Luke to go for it and he accepts Trevor’s terms. Trevor cuts the 5 of clubs and Luke cuts the 2 of hearts. The police come in and announce that he is under suspicion of money laundering. Lucky arrests Luke and Trevor.

In the car, Carly says that she wants to protect Morgan, but Sonny thinks that she wants to take Morgan away from him. Carly reminds Sonny that Michael was shot with a bullet that was meant for Sonny and that she wants to protect Morgan. Carly tells Sonny about the things that they did wrong with Michael. Carly says that they made Michael’s life a violent mess and now they have to do better. Sonny refuses to let her take his child. Carly says that she isn’t trying to punish him, but she wants to protect Morgan from what happened to Michael. Carly says that all she wants is to keep her baby safe and whole. Sonny opens the door and tells Carly to tell Morgan that his father will see him the following day. Sonny says that he isn’t going to fight with Carly and he is never giving up his children. Carly gets out of the car.

In the cabin, Liz says that she can’t stop Jason from blaming himself for what happened to Michael. Liz says that what hurts the most is that every time they get close to happiness he disappears from her life.

Carly goes inside and looks at the papers. She puts her purse and the papers down and sits on the bed. She looks at a picture of her, Jax and the boys. Carly starts to get undressed.

At Wyndemere, Alfred tells Nikolas that the phone lines are still down and Nikolas says that he has to notify the police immediately and asks Alfred to keep trying to get through. Alfred leaves and Nikolas walks back over to Claudia. She asks if she is dying.

At the PCPD, Lucky and Luke talk about how this happened. Alexis walks up and says that she wants to talk to Luke. Luke tells Alexis that he has been framed. Tracy tells Mac that he needs to be get a bail hearing for Luke so that she can get him out of there. Mac announces that Luke is facing serious charges and that there will be no bail. Lucky and Trevor talk about foolish fathers and Ric walks in. Ric announces that he is there to protect the Zacchara’s interest in the Haunted Star. Ric says that Trevor can rot.

At Wyndemere, Nikolas tells Claudia how she is doing. She asks him why he is helping her and Nikolas asks her if she knows who he is. Claudia recognizes him and they talk about what happened the night of the Black and White Ball. Nikolas tells Claudia that the business must be great, and it is interesting when innocent people get hurt.

In the cabin, Liz tells Jason that she knows she is being selfish by wanting to be with him. She admits that it kills her to know that Jason won’t be the life with her and the boys. Jason comforts her and she asks him not to make her love him even more when she knows that they will never be together.

Carly gets out of the shower to see that Jax is home. Carly starts crying and Jax comforts her. Carly says that she is okay, but she needs him and they start kissing. They lie down on the bed and start undressing.

At the Haunted Star, Sonny shows up and starts calling for Luke. Sonny pours himself a drink and turns around to see Kate walk in.

In the cabin, Jason asks how he can make it easier for Liz. Jason apologizes, but Liz tells him that she loves him the way he is. They profess their love for each other and Jason admits that he wishes he could spend the rest of his life with her, but he can’t. Jason leaves. Liz blows out a candle.

At the Haunted Star, Kate says that she didn’t think Sonny should be alone. Sonny tells Kate that she is beautiful and Kate tells Sonny that she went to a party. Sonny tells Kate that taking Michael to the institute was like a funeral. Sonny tells Kate that he and Carly always do the wrong thing.

At home, Carly lays awake while Jax sleeps. Carly gets out of bed and picks up the papers. She leaves the bedroom after looking at Jax.

Jason and Liz head back to the car. Liz thanks Jason and Jason says that she saved him. They profess their love and share a kiss. Liz gets in the car and leaves.

Jax wakes up and rolls over to find Carly gone. He sits up and looks around. He calls for Carly.

At the Haunted Star, Kate and Sonny talk about what happened between him and Carly. Sonny says that Carly told him to give up Morgan. Sonny says that Carly wants him to sign papers giving up his parental rights to Michael and Morgan. Sonny explains that he refused. Kate tells Sonny that Carly is trying to punish him for what happened to Michael and that it is wrong. Sonny admits that sometimes he thinks he should do it, but Kate tells him that he shouldn’t do it.

At Wyndemere, Nikolas tells Claudia that her fever is coming down and that he doesn’t want her dead. Claudia tries to figure out why Nikolas is being hostile towards her. Nikolas says that the hostility comes from killing people and moving on. Claudia says that she hasn’t killed anyone and that someone tried to kill her. Nikolas asks her what she did for someone to want to kill her.

At the PCPD, Mac and Luke discuss how much money the Haunted Star really made. Ric announces that the Zacchara family denies any knowledge of illegal activities. Alexis tells Trevor that he is free to go. Luke tries to get Alexis to release him. Tracy walks up and tells Trevor to leave or she will hurt him in ways that haven’t been invented. Tracy says that Luke’s lawyer will be there soon. Alexis says that she has no problem releasing Luke on his own recognizance because she doesn’t consider him a flight risk.

At the Haunted Star, Kate tells Sonny that the only way that Carly can hide the fact that Morgan is Sonny’s child would be to change all of their names. Kate and Sonny talk about Carly’s impulses. Kate tells Sonny that he is a good father. Kate tells Sonny that it would be wrong for him to give up Morgan. Sonny admits that he wishes he would have done things differently and Kate agrees with him. Kate leaves.

Jason goes home and sits down. He looks up at the picture of Michael and walks over to it. Jason opens the door to find Carly there. Carly says that she did something that he won’t like.

At Wyndemere, Nikolas and Claudia argue about what she might have done for someone to want revenge on her. Nikolas tells Claudia that one way or another she will pay for what she did to Michael.

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