GH Update Monday 5/19/08

General Hospital Update Monday 5/19/08


Written By Mandy
Pictures by Juanita and Clarissa's General Hospital Screencaps

Jason and Elizabeth embrace in the rain. Jason apologizes and Liz says that he can’t keep the pain bottled up inside of him.

Nikolas catches Claudia and asks if there is someone else out there with her.

Jax and Kate get a drink at a business event. Kate tells Jax that she isn’t going to use his friendship to get over Sonny.

Carly cries on Sonny’s shoulder in the car. They start kissing.

At Wyndemere, Nikolas tells Alfred to get some towels and blankets. Nikolas says that he found her on the docks. Nikolas asks Alfred to get Claudia some dry clothes. Nikolas sees Claudia’s wound and realizes that it is bleeding.

Johnny and Lulu start kissing and taking clothes off in the garden shed. Trevor watches from outside the window and comes inside. Trevor tells Johnny that Lulu will hurt him.

Liz and Jason go inside of a cabin. Liz lights a candle when the lights don’t come on. She grabs a towel to put over him and turns to light a fire, but he stops her and says that he will do it. Liz says that she wants to take care of him for once.

Carly and Sonny start undressing in the car while kissing. They have sex.

Jax and Kate wait on the plane for clearance to land the plane. Kate thanks Jax for going to the Crimson party with her. Jax says that he doesn’t know how everyone is going to get on with their lives with Michael being in a different city.

Liz and Jason talk about Michael being transferred to the institute.

Trevor claims that he is trying to help Johnny, but Johnny suggests that Trevor is trying to control him. Trevor reminds Johnny of the things he has done to help him. Lulu tells Trevor that Johnny doesn’t owe him anything. Trevor tells Johnny that if he ever wants to run the business again, he has to end his relationship with Lulu. Lulu says that Trevor is still using Johnny. Trevor says that Anthony blackmailed Lulu into sleeping with Johnny.

At Wyndemere, Nikolas tries to stop the bleeding from Claudia’s stomach. Claudia wakes up and says that she was stabbed and thrown into the harbor. Claudia asks Nikolas for a drink to take the edge off. Nikolas tells her to keep pressure on the wound and Nikolas gets up to get her a drink. Claudia asks Nikolas why he is helping her, when most people would leave her on the docks. Claudia introduces herself to Nikolas and tells him that everyone wants her dead.

In the garden shed, Lulu claims that Trevor is lying. Trevor brings up Lulu’s deal with Anthony. Trevor says that as long as Johnny and Lulu are together, Anthony can control Johnny.

At Wyndemere, Alfred brings Nikolas supplies to clean up Claudia’s wound. Nikolas tells Claudia to take another drink before he continues to clean up the wound. Nikolas and Claudia talk about Emily. Claudia tells Nikolas to get it over with. She screams when Nikolas pours some peroxide on the wound.

At the cabin, Liz tells Jason about the research she did on Michael’s case. Jason says that he promised to protect Michael and didn’t.

In the car, Sonny and Carly finish having sex and Carly realizes what she did. Sonny says that Jax never has to know about what happened. Sonny agrees that it shouldn’t have happened. Carly and Sonny talk about Michael and about how they failed to keep him safe. Sonny tells Carly that she and the boys mean everything to him.

In the garden shed, Trevor asks Johnny why he is giving Anthony ammunition. Lulu says that she is not going to defend her relationship with Johnny to Trevor. Trevor says that no matter what, Lulu is a liability. Trevor tells Lulu that Anthony is very dangerous. Trevor suggests paying Lulu off so that she can get away from Anthony. Johnny orders Trevor out.

At Wyndemere, Nikolas and Claudia talk about her wound. Claudia tells Nikolas that no one can know what happened.

At the cabin, Jason and Liz talk about the night they met at Jake’s. Liz tries to convince Jason that he was doing what he thought was best with Michael. Jason claims that he was being selfish and it cost Michael his life.

On the plane, Jax tells Kate about how the boys reacted to him being involved with Carly. Kate says that they are both outsiders. Kate and Jax talk about her paying Ian to leave town.

In the car, Carly tells Sonny that she loves him, but she realizes that it was selfish of her to fall for him. Sonny tells Carly that she is a wonderful mother. Sonny says that he would do anything to bring Michael back. Carly says that Michael would want Morgan to be safe and that there is a way to protect Morgan that they couldn’t protect Michael. Carly tells Sonny that Morgan would be safer if he wasn’t Sonny’s child. Carly says that she can’t lose another child. Carly says that the only way to keep Morgan and Kristina safe is for Sonny to stay away from them.

At the cabin, Liz and Jason talk about a parent’s love for their children. Jason tells Liz that he never knew how important a child’s first steps and first words were until he missed them with Jake. Jason says that he wanted to raise Michael as his son, but he wasn’t.

In the garden shed, Lulu tells Trevor that she isn’t leaving town. Trevor says that if Lulu cared about Johnny, she would leave because she will get hurt. Trevor tries to convince Johnny that Anthony is trying to control him. Trevor asks Johnny to send Lulu away and leaves. Lulu and Johnny talk about the things that Trevor said.

At Wyndemere, Claudia starts to wake up and Nikolas grabs a cloth to try to cool her down. Claudia says that all men want her. Nikolas thinks that Sonny might have stabbed her and Claudia says that she hates Sonny. Claudia says that Sonny would hate her more if he knew the truth and asks “Johnny” to promise not to tell Sonny.

In the garden shed, Lulu and Johnny argue about Anthony. Johnny and Lulu embrace and Johnny says that he wishes he knew how to keep her safe.

In the car, Trevor makes a phone call about having Luke arrested.

At Wyndemere, Claudia tells “Johnny” that everything has been handled. Claudia says that she never should have trusted Ian and that she didn’t know Ian was going to shoot Michael.

At the cabin, Jason tells Liz about the things that Michael taught him. Jason says that he is grateful that Liz would do anything to protect Jake and that Lucky would too. Liz asks Jason to stop punishing himself because that isn’t what Jake or Michael would want.

On the plane, Jax and Kate talk about Sonny’s life. Kate and Jax talk about Carly’s actions. Jax says that Sonny doesn’t deserve Kate. Kate and Jax share a kiss.

In the car, Carly tells Sonny that they can protect Morgan because if Morgan isn’t around Sonny, then he can’t get caught in the crossfire. Sonny and Carly talk about what Morgan would want. Sonny agrees that Morgan is better off without Sonny as his father, but there isn’t anything they can do to change it. Carly picks up her purse and gives Sonny the papers. Carly says that if Sonny wants to keep Morgan safe, he will sign away his parental rights.

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