GH Update Friday 5/16/08

General Hospital Update Friday 5/16/08


Written By Laurie
Pictures by Juanita and Clarissa's General Hospital Screencaps

Jax and Kate are on a plane on route to the party.

Carly and Jax arrive at the institute with Michael. Jason is there.

Anthony sits at home and looks outside at the rain. Johnny comes into the room. Anthony wants Johnny to watch over Claudia. Anthony says he know Claudia hired the shooter.

Jerry and Claudia are on the pier. Jerry has just stabbed Claudia and he’s about to slit her throat. He hears someone so he kicks Claudia into the water instead. Alexis arrives and wonders what Jerry is up to.

Nikolas is at Wyndemere. Alfred welcomes him home. Spencer runs in to see Nikolas. Nik tells Spencer he’s all better.

Jerry is insulted that Alexis suspects him of being “up to no good.” He denies doing anything wrong. Alexis says she heard a “splash” but Jerry covers with a story about throwing food in the water. Jerry tells Alexis about his business plan and his visit with Anthony. Alexis is skeptical of Jerry. Alexis leaves. Jerry insists on walking her to his car. Before he leaves the scene, Jerry looks at the water.

Back at the Zacchara house, Johnny and his dad discuss the shooting. Johnny says Claudia had nothing to do with it. Anthony thinks Johnny is protecting his sister.

Jax and Kate are still on the plane. Kate tells Jax about paying off Ian Devlin.

Michael is settled into his new room. The staff leaves Michael alone with Sonny, Carly, and Jason.

Lulu arrives at Wyndemere to see Nik. Lulu confides in Nik about love.

Johnny and Anthony discuss Ian’s visits with Claudia. Johnny insists the visits were due to Ian’s personal interest in Claudia. Trevor arrives at the house. Anthony asks Trevor if there is proof that Claudia hired the shooter.

Lucky arrives at GH to see Liz. Liz asks Lucky if he can watch Jake. Lucky says he has plans with Sam. He offers to change them.

Jason talks with Michael at the institute. Carly listens in on the conversation. Jason gets emotional. He gets up and leaves the room, walking past Sonny and Carly without saying anything.

Trevor says he thinks Claudia was behind the shooting. Johnny stands up for Claudia. Johnny says Trevor considers Claudia to be a threat. Johnny leaves the room but not before Anthony makes a threatening remark about Lulu.

Lulu is still at Wyndemere with Nik. She confides in him about Johnny. Nik advises his sister to stay away from Johnny. Lulu just wants advice on love. Nik tells Lulu about his love for Emily.

Lucky arrives at GH with the boys. Jake leaves the hospital with Lucky.

Jax and Kate arrive at the party. They meet Kate’s former boss, Warren, and the new editor of Couture.

Sonny sits with Michael in his new room. Sonny says he won’t be visiting much because Michael has “gone someplace.” Sonny insists that Michael was a “better” person than he is. Sonny blames himself for Michael’s mistakes. He says he “damaged” Michael. Sonny says he “will always love” Michael. He remembers Michael’s last words to him being “I love you, dad.”

Lulu meets with Johnny. Johnny tells Lulu about his father’s threat. Lulu isn’t afraid. Johnny says Lulu should “stay away from” him.

Trevor is still at the house with Anthony. Trevor says he doesn’t know much about Ian. He says Ian made “a few drug deals” in town. Trevor says he’s looking out for Anthony. They both hope Lulu will help keep Johnny under control.

Alexis is at Wyndemere visiting Nik. Alexis is worried about Nik. Nik says he’s ready to “move on” and “live” again.

Carly and Sonny are still with Michael. Sonny walks outside so Carly can be alone with her son. Carly talks with Michael.

Nik sits alone at Wyndemere listening to the storm. Alfred brings him tea but Nik says he’s going out.

Liz is out in the storm. She has a flat tire then locks herself out of her car.

Johnny and Lulu are still together on the Zacchara property. Johnny tries to talk Lulu into staying away from him. Lulu says she “trusts” Johnny. Johnny kisses Lulu.

Kate is talking with Warren at the party. Warren warns Kate against Sonny. Warren’s new editor talks with Kate. Jax approaches and talks up Kate.

Carly and Sonny head back home. They talk about Michael’s childhood.

Johnny and Lulu get intimate. Trevor watches through the window.

Liz is stranded in the rain. Jason happens upon her. Jason can’t get the car door open. Liz senses Jason is upset so she hugs him.

Jax and Kate are still at the party. They head for the dance floor. Kate compliments Jax.

On the car ride home, Carly has second thoughts about leaving Michael. Sonny comforts Carly as she cries. Sonny kisses Carly.

Nikolas finds Claudia wandering on his property in the rain. He mistakes her for Emily

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