GH Update Thursday 5/15/08

General Hospital Update Thursday 5/15/08


Written By Laurie
Pictures by Juanita and Clarissa's General Hospital Screencaps

Maxie, Lulu, and Kate are at the Crimson office discussing Kate’s “charity gala.” Maxie and Lulu learn of Kate’s breakup with Sonny.

Max is at Sonny’s office. Sonny arrives. Milo follows. Sonny gets upset that Max and Milo are guarding him. Max says it was Jason’s idea.

At home, Johnny and Claudia discuss their father’s demise.

Jason is at GH with Michael. Liz arrives to check on Michael. Sonny calls and orders Jason to the coffee house.

Jax and Carly arrive at GH. Bobbie gives Carly Michael’s paperwork for his transfer.

Nikolas is at GH packing his bags when Nadine arrives. She tells Nik he should be in bed.

Kate discusses her breakup with the girls. Maxie and Lulu try to lend their support.

Liz remains in Michael’s hospital room. She tells Michael that he helped her make a decision about her own children. Carly, Max, and Bobbie arrive. Liz leaves the room. Carly explains the move to Michael. Bobbie has a few words with Michael.

Still at home, Claudia and Johnny continue to discuss Anthony. Claudia says Jason is the man for the job. Johnny is hesitant that Jason will discover Claudia’s role in the shooting. Jerry arrives at the Zacchara house to see Claudia.

Jason arrives at the coffee house so Max and Milo fill him in. Sonny and Jason discuss Ian. Jason fills Sonny in on Ian’s drug running. Jason assumes that Ian “acted alone.” Sonny thinks Jason blames him for Michael’s shooting.

Nik and Nadine disagree about him leaving the hospital.

Kate assures the girls that she’s staying in Port Charles permanently. The girls continue to make arrangements for Kate’s party in Manhattan. Spinelli arrives.

Claudia introduces Johnny to Jerry. Jerry tells Johnny that he and Claudia shared a kiss. He says he and Claudia are doing “business” together.

Jax and Carly are still at GH. Carly says Sonny will drive her back home after she gets Michael settled in. Jax is disappointed that he’s not included in Michael’s move.

At the coffee house, Sonny says he knows everyone blames him for the shooting. Sonny wants Jason to “admit” that he’s to blame. Jason says the blame falls on all three of them – Sonny, Carly, and himself.

Claudia tells Johnny the kiss meant nothing. Johnny doesn’t care for Jerry. Ric arrives with Anthony. Claudia leaves the room. Ric tells Anthony that Jerry “is a sociopath.” Ric wonders what Alexis will think about Jerry working with the Zacchara family.

Still at the magazine office, Lulu and Maxie continue making Kate’s arrangements. Spinelli is still at the Crimson office. Spinelli tries to impress the girls. He gets jealous when Maxie talks about her trip to Manhattan and the designer she spent time with.

At GH, Jax has an emotional talk with Michael. He promises to be a good stepfather to Morgan. Carly looks at the custody papers. Sonny arrives at the hospital. Jax leaves Carly and Sonny to take care of Michael’s transfer.

Back at the Zacchara house, Jerry says he wants to “lease” Trevor’s waterfront property. Anthony suggests that Jerry contact Sonny for property instead. Jerry says he’s willing to be an “associate” if Anthony needs him. Ric pulls Jerry aside. Ric threatens to tell Alexis what Jerry is back to his old ways. Jerry suggests that Ric is the pot to his kettle.

Back at Kate’s office, Spinelli cautions Maxie about the designer she worked with in Manhattan. Just then, the designer calls Maxie on the phone. Jax arrives and goes in to see Kate.

At GH, the paramedics move Michael out of his room. Carly and Sonny follow.

Liz and Leyla are at the desk as Michael is shuttled by.

The paramedics put Michael in the ambulance. Carly and Sonny ride with him.

Nadine is frustrated about Nik. She vents to Leyla. Nik heads out of the hospital.

Claudia meets with Jerry on the pier. She’s not happy with him. Jerry is disappointed in Claudia. He says she has no power. Claudia wants Jerry to help her “frame” Anthony for Michael’s shooting.

Jason goes to see Michael’s new facility. He talks with the doctor in charge.

Sonny and Carly are in the ambulance with Michael.

Ric is still at the Zacchara house with Anthony. Anthony questions Ric about Jerry. Ric says he’s not happy with Jerry dating Alexis. Anthony wants Ric to “handle” Claudia.

On the pier, Jerry warns Claudia against framing her father. He says it will attract too much attention. Claudia wants to convince Jason that Anthony is responsible for the shooting. She promises Jerry the piers once the job is done. Jerry pulls out a knife and stabs Claudia.

Jax and Kate discuss the party at the Crimson office. Jax tells Kate how Carly and Sonny are taking care of Michael’s move. Jax offers to take Kate to the party.

Liz returns to Michael’s room at GH. Cassius is there. Liz says she’ll pack the rest of Michael’s things. Cassius leaves.

Jason is still at the institute. He leaves a book for Michael.

Sonny and Carly are silent in the ambulance.

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