GH Update Wednesday 5/14/08

General Hospital Update Wednesday 5/14/08


Written by Mandy
Pictures by Juanita and Clarissa's General Hospital Screencaps

Liz walks into Nikolas’ room. Nikolas explains that the last thing he remembers was Epiphany giving him some medication to prevent seizures. Liz explains that something similar happened to one of her patients. The doctor leaves to see Dr. Ford. Nikolas asks what is going on and Sam says that there is something bad going on in the hospital.

At the Haunted Star, Logan takes Anthony down the steps. Lulu says that Luke isn’t there. Lulu says that she and Johnny are together and that they aren’t going to hide their feelings.

At Coleman’s, Spinelli goes over notes on his computer. A woman walks in and Spinelli says that he could use a little practice. Coleman tries to stop him, but Spinelli walks over to her.

In Michael’s hospital room, Jason talks to Michael about the facility. Jason’s phone rings and Coleman tells him that Spinelli is in for some serious problems.

In Nikolas’ room, Liz explains what happened to the other patient. Liz says that she was worried about Michael the day it happened and thought that she might have done something wrong and mixed up the medication, but now she doesn’t think so because Epiphany would never do something like that.

At the Haunted Star, Johnny says that he isn’t talking about his relationship with anyone. Lulu says that Johnny is worth the risk. Lulu asks Logan why he is wasting his life pushing Anthony around.

At home, Claudia looks for something. She finds it and Rick walks in. She says that Anthony isn’t there. Ric says that he was trying to spend time with her. Claudia says that she has thought about Ric’s offer. Claudia pours Ric and herself drinks. Ric and Claudia talk about his offer.

At Coleman’s, Spinelli orders drinks for himself and the lady. Spinelli walks back to the table and asks her about what she needs and wants. She says that she has skills and talents that he has never dreamed of. Jason walks in and Spinelli gets up to get the drinks. Coleman explains that Patrick gave Spinelli tips about picking up women. Spinelli returns to the table with drinks.

At home, Carly tells Jax that she is going to see Michael and that Bobbie is going to make arrangements to have Michael moved to the facility. She explains that she doesn’t know how to tell Morgan. Jax says that he wants to talk to her about something. She says that she doesn’t want to fight anymore. Jax says that the boys will be better off without Sonny in their lives.

At the Haunted Star, Johnny says that Lulu’s problem with Anthony is understandable after all he put her through. Anthony says that the business will belong to Johnny some day and that they should both respect it. Anthony says that Lulu is trouble. Lulu says that Anthony isn’t going to keep Lulu away from Johnny. Lulu and Johnny leave. Anthony says that he is concerned because Logan is jealous of Johnny.

At home, Claudia and Ric talk about their similarities and about her feelings for being thrown out of the family business. Ric asks her what is best for her. Ric tells Claudia that if she convinces Anthony that he needs Ric and not Trevor, Ric will show her how grateful he can be.

At Coleman’s, Spinelli says that he doesn’t know what the lady is talking about. The lady says that he is sweet and tells him that it will be $200. Jason walks up and pays the lady and tells her that Spinelli isn’t interested. The lady leaves and Coleman says that she is a hooker. Spinelli sits down and Coleman gets him an orange soda. Spinelli tells Jason that he is a wimp and asks for Jason’s secrets.

At home, Carly says that she can’t just decide if Sonny is out of the children’s lives. Carly says that Sonny would never agree to sign the papers, but Jax says that Sonny will agree that the boys will be safer.

Liz walks into Nikolas’ room; Sam and Lucky talk about what could be wrong with the pills. Sam says that her last prescription was filled at the hospital and did absolutely nothing. Liz says that Ian talked about the possibility of counterfeit drugs. Nikolas says that Ian is corrupt and that he knows it. Nikolas says that he was Ian’s best customer.

Johnny and Lulu show up at a small cottage and talk about faking the romance.

At the Haunted Star, Logan admits that he doesn’t like Johnny, but he does respect Lulu’s choice. Logan says that he is proving himself to Anthony and that he hopes to move up in the organization. Anthony says that Logan can move up if he doesn’t cause trouble for Johnny and Lulu. Claudia shows up and Anthony tells Logan to leave them alone. Claudia sits down and Anthony asks her what she needs and what he can do for her.

At Coleman’s, Spinelli tells Jason that even with Patrick’s advice, he is lost. Spinelli says that Maxie is on a trip to New York with a designer on orders from Kate. Spinelli apologizes to Jason and asks about Michael. Jason says that they are moving Michael to the facility the following day.

At home, Carly says that the worst mistake she ever made was loving Sonny. Carly and Jax talk about her intentions with her kids. Carly says that she put her kids in the line of fire everyday. Carly says that she knew the violence surrounding Sonny and she asked him to be the father of her children anyways and that she was wrong. Carly says that she had a choice, but her kids didn’t and that having Sonny as their father puts them in danger everyday. Carly agrees that Sonny can’t be Morgan and Michael’s father anymore because she has to protect Morgan from what happened to Michael.

In Nikolas’ room, Nikolas confesses to having hallucinations of Emily and that Ian got him illegal drugs so he could keep having them. Nikolas tells them how much he was paying Ian.

Epiphany monitors Michael. Carly thanks her for doing everything she has for Michael. Epiphany leaves. Carly and Jax tell Michael about what will happen at the facility. Carly says that she has to tell Michael something about Sonny.

Lulu and Johnny talk about their relationship away from his father. Johnny realizes that Lulu is with him to prove that she isn’t afraid.

At the Haunted Star, Claudia says that she wants Anthony to trust her and make her part of the business, but it won’t happen. Anthony says that he is protecting her from becoming a cold, bitter woman like her mother was. Anthony tells Claudia about her mother. Claudia asks him if he is going to send her away again. Anthony says that he wants her close to him. Jason walks in.

Jax watches Carly talking to Michael from outside the room. In Michael’s room, Carly tells Michael about Sonny. Carly tells Michael that he is such a good person because Sonny was such a good father. Carly tells Michael that she is going to ask Sonny to sign papers to quit being Michael and Morgan’s father.

Lulu says that she is terrified because of how he makes her feel. She explains that she doesn’t love him, but she could if she let herself. Lulu tells Johnny about Laura falling in love with Luke and about the rape. Johnny asks her if she is afraid he will do that to her.

At the Haunted Star, Claudia tells Jason that they can still have their meeting. Logan walks in and Anthony tells Claudia that they are leaving. Claudia tells Anthony that she can’t. Anthony and Logan leave. Claudia tells Jason that he has really great timing.

In Michael’s room, Jax tells Carly that Alexis is on the way. Jax leaves to meet Alexis at the elevator. Carly walks back over to Michael. Carly says that she will put Michael and Morgan above what she wants and do whatever she can to protect them.

Alexis gets off the elevator and gives Jax the papers. Alexis says that it is a bad idea, but Jax says that it is a good idea and that it is for Morgan’s safety. Alexis says that Jax will make the situation worse.

Anthony gets home and Ric says that the audit came back clean. Anthony asks Ric how much time he spends with Claudia. Anthony says to share all the information with Claudia and gain her trust to “create” a faithful daughter.

At the Haunted Star, Jason says that he was looking for Luke and turns to leave. Claudia stops him and says that she is convinced that Anthony was responsible for her brake lines being cut. Jason tells her that if she comes up with proof, they will talk about him taking her father out and leaves.

Lulu tells Johnny that she isn’t afraid he would hurt her physically. She explains that Laura took Luke back after the rape and that Laura went crazy. Lulu says that she is afraid of that happening to her. Lulu explains that she is afraid that she will get lost and not find her way back if she lets herself love him. Johnny says that he feels the same way. Lulu says that she likes the edge and they share a kiss.

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