GH Update Tuesday 5/13/08

General Hospital Update Tuesday 5/13/08


Written by Mandy
Pictures by Juanita and Clarissa's General Hospital Screencaps

At the hospital, Robin asks Liz for pregnancy advice. Liz says that mostly motherhood is trial and error, but the books do help a little. Robin says that she is still having panic attacks and Patrick is not helping with them. Patrick walks up and hears her saying this and Robin realizes that he is standing behind her.

At the Haunted Star, Sam says that she won’t be able to buy chips and beer with the money that they made. Sam tells Luke that he cleans up well and Luke asks if it is enough to get Tracy back.

At the mansion, Tracy tells Edward to fire Alice because she is incompetent. Edward says that Alice is doing a fine job and refuses to fire her. Tracy asks if there is anyone she can depend on and walks into the living room to see Alan sitting on the couch. Alan says that she can always count on him for the truth. Alan says that Tracy is mad at Luke. Tracy admits that she is scared because the next bullet could have Luke’s name on it.

Sonny walks into Michael’s hospital room and asks Epiphany if she thinks that Michael knows that she is making him comfortable. Sonny tells Epiphany that they are putting Michael in a permanent care facility and Epiphany tells him that he is doing the right thing. Epiphany leaves and Sonny says that it feels like he is turning his back on Michael. Sonny sits by Michael’s bedside and talks to him about the facility. Mike walks in and says that he wanted to look in on Michael before he was transferred. Sonny says that he hasn’t been to the facility, but if Carly says that it is the best place for Michael, then it must be. Mike tells Sonny to check the place out for himself. Sonny says that he is going to the facility today and asks Mike to go too, but Mike suggests that Sonny should take Kate.

At Crimson, Kate yells at Lulu for leaving the layouts where people can see them. Spinelli walks in and asks when Maxie will be back. Kate explains that if Lulu excels at something she will be rewarded too.

At the hospital, Patrick asks Robin how he isn’t helping. Epiphany walks by and offers her opinions. Robin says that she was just comparing notes with other mothers about the day-to-day stuff. Robin asks how she is supposed to shave her legs when she can’t reach them and Liz starts to laugh. Patrick says that she doesn’t listen to anyone anyways, so it won’t matter if she finds the support that she is looking for.

At the Haunted Star, Luke and Sam talk about Tracy. Lucky walks in and says that they need to talk. Sam walks over and kisses Lucky and then leaves. Lucky confronts Luke about drinking. Luke thinks that Lucky is there to arrest him, but Lucky says that he is there to make sure it doesn’t come to that. Lucky says that he doesn’t want to fight with Luke. Luke says that he doesn’t live in a safe world, and that he likes a little danger around the edges. Luke says that he is going to go get his wife back and that he doesn’t want Lucky to do clean up detail. Lucky tells Luke to be careful and Luke agrees.

At Crimson, Kate asks Spinelli to see what he could find to further their goals. Spinelli explains that Sonny hasn’t found any peace since finding out that Ian shot Michael.

In Michael’s hospital room, Sonny says that Kate has her reasons for not being around and that he understands if Mike doesn’t want to go. Mike tells Sonny that Michael will always love him and that he needs to hold on to that love when he walks into the facility.

Spinelli walks into Coleman’s bar acting funny and orders an orange soda. Spinelli walks over to a table and sits his drink down and then decides to play a game of pool, but he throws the cue stick across the room. Spinelli explains to Coleman that he is trying to fall into the footsteps of Jason.

At the Quartermaine Mansion, Alan tells Tracy that she is being selfish. Edward and Alice watch from the doorway while Tracy yells at Alan. Luke shows up and Edward says that Tracy needs him. Alan says that Tracy wants Luke back. Tracy says that she wouldn’t take Luke back if he begged on both knees and Luke asks if she would if he limped in on 1 bad knee.

At Crimson, Kate says that she has a question and Lulu says that she wants to work there, but she didn’t walk in a complete fashion freak like Maxie. Kate explains that she was wondering about Lulu’s relationship with Johnny. Kate says that maybe she could learn something from Lulu. Mike walks in to see Kate. Lulu leaves to take the mail out and Kate says that she and Sonny are over. Mike says that Sonny has never needed her more than right now.

Sonny walks into Michael’s room at the facility.

At Crimson, Kate explains what happened with Ian to Mike. Kate explains that she doesn’t want to see Sonny die, but she can’t help him because he won’t let her. Mike asks her to try because Sonny is going to the facility. Mike says that Sonny needs a little hope right now and Kate is the only one who can give that to him.

Sonny thanks the director of the facility for seeing him. The director explains that Carly chose the color of the room. Sonny tells the director that Michael always had the most creative imagination and tells her about Michael.

Patrick and Robin walk up to the nurse’s station. Liz gives Robin a website that might help her during her pregnancy and explains that it is full of helpful tips from other moms. Robin says that maybe she should do a video diary with her blog. Patrick asks her if it would be a better idea to share it with him and not strangers. Robin says that it wouldn’t be because he is a guy and she needs empathy from other pregnant women.

At the Quartermaine Mansion, Tracy tells Luke to leave, but Luke says that he isn’t going anywhere until she hears what he has to say. Edward and Alan tell Tracy to listen to Luke. Edward asks Luke to help Tracy through her time of need, but Tracy says that she is through needing anything from Luke. Luke tells Alice and Edward that he can take it from there and tells Alan that he can leave too. Tracy says that Alan is going to stay. Luke says that he wants his wife back and Tracy reminds him that he isn’t willing do what it takes to make that happen. Luke says that there is no one else anywhere for him. Luke says that they are a perfect match. Luke offers Tracy his broken body and battered heart and gives her a ring and asks her to wear it again.

At the Haunted Star, Johnny plays the piano and Lulu walks in. She asks him not to stop and tells him that she likes it when he plays. Johnny says that he does want to spend time with her, but he wishes it were because they chose it. Lulu assures him that her feelings for him are as real as it gets.

At Coleman’s, Spinelli takes tips from Coleman. Coleman takes Spinelli’s orange soda and pours him a shot. Coleman shows Spinelli how to do shots. Coleman says that Jason doesn’t try with women and he lets the woman talk. Patrick walks in and Spinelli asks for advice.

At the hospital, Sam and Lucky walk into Nikolas’ room to find him laying on the floor. Sam leaves to get a nurse and Lucky runs over to Nikolas.

At Coleman’s, Patrick tells Spinelli about women. Patrick explains that you should never talk about a past relationship or about the woman’s mother. Patrick expresses his thoughts about Robin’s pregnancy.

At home, Robin starts her video blog. She explains that she is so happy to be able to keep food down. Robin expresses her feelings about Patrick’s attraction to Anna.

In Nikolas’ room, Epiphany explains that she dispensed Nikolas’ last dose of medication about 30 minutes before Lucky and Sam found him on the floor. Sam pulls Lucky out of the room and tells him about Liz’s incident with a patient’s medication.

At the Haunted Star, Johnny and Lulu talk about her feelings for him. Lulu suggests that they just feel what they feel and kisses him. Johnny pulls back and Lulu turns around to see Anthony and Logan.

At the Quartermaine Mansion, Luke and Tracy talk about their differences and the Zacchara family. Luke tells Tracy that he will get out of the deal with the Zacchara’s as soon as he can. Tracy says that she is just trying to have his life and Luke tells her to leave that to him. Luke asks Tracy for a chance to treat her the way she deserves.

The director at the facility tells Sonny that he can stop by to see Michael whenever he would like. The director and Sonny discuss Michael’s condition. Sonny expresses his guilt for saving Kate’s life instead of Michael’s. Sonny says that he is fully responsible and that Kate doesn’t deserve this sort of thing because she isn’t responsible. Kate walks away. Sonny says that he doesn’t have anyone to talk to and that fits because neither does Michael.

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