GH Update Monday 5/12/08

General Hospital Update Monday 5/12/08


Written by Mandy
Pictures by Juanita and Clarissa's General Hospital Screencaps

Carly pulls back and realizes that she made a big mess. She starts to pick up the room and says that she wants it to be nice for Michael.

At Crimson, Sonny orders Jason to apologize to Kate, but Kate says that it isn’t necessary. Sonny says that there is no way that Kate would help the man who shot Michael.

Lulu tells Johnny that she was on her way to the office and two of Johnny’s men threatened her. Lulu says that Anthony wasn’t happy with the fact that she and Johnny wouldn’t work. Lulu says that Anthony threatened Luke’s freedom.

At the Haunted Star, Sam and Luke tell some men about “The Dead Man’s Hand” and Sam moves all in and wins the hand. Tracy walks in and Luke decides to stay out of the next hand. Tracy explains that Lucky called and said that Luke was in trouble.

On the docks, Claudia says that she and Jerry are involved in it together and Jerry says that he could make arrangements to disappear. They discuss each other’s siblings. Claudia tells Jerry to leave Johnny out of it. They end up kissing.

In the room at the facility, Carly says that the need to have the damages put on the month’s bill. Carly says that the facility is what is best for Michael and that Jax was right all along. Carly breaks down in tears when she says that the facility can take care of Michael better than she can.

At Crimson, Sonny yells at Jason for blaming Kate. Kate says that Jason needs to leave and that she needs to talk to Sonny in private. Jason leaves and Sonny apologizes for Jason’s accusations. Kate tells Sonny that she paid Ian $1 million to leave town.

At the hospital, Nadine stops in to see Nikolas. Nadine turns over Nikolas’ hand and sees Emily’s ring. She realizes that Emily came back.

At the Haunted Star, Luke and Tracy argue about what he is doing. Luke grabs Tracy’s arm to stop her from leaving.

On the docks, Alexis walks by as Jerry and Claudia share a kiss. Claudia says that she and Jerry are business acquaintances.

At the facility, Carly apologizes for the damages. Carly agrees that the facility is the best thing for Michael. Carly says that she needs to talk to Sonny about the details and apologizes to the director for being so rude.

At Crimson, Kate explains that Sonny is determined to punish himself for what happened to Michael and that she gave Ian the money because she loves him and that what happened to Michael should count for something. Kate explains that Ian showed up and confessed to her after Sonny told her that he wouldn’t change his life.

At the hospital, Patrick and Robin walk in and Nikolas asks Nadine to stay. Nikolas asks how the surgery went.

At the Haunted Star, Luke and Tracy argue about Anna. Detective Harper walks in and tells them that they are in violation of a court order. Sam announces that it is a private game. Detective Harper takes information from Tracy and says that he needs information from everyone inside. Tracy asks Detective Harper to arrest Luke and leaves.

In the car, Johnny suggests that he and Lulu need to pretend that they are involved together so that they can figure out what to do about Anthony. Lulu says that she doesn’t have to pretend because she still cares about him.

On the docks, Jerry and Claudia explain that they were in negotiations for a possible new business. Claudia walks away and Alexis tells Jerry to get another attorney if he gets involved with Claudia.

Jason walks into Michael’s hospital room and explains what happened with Ian to Michael. Jason explains that he should have let Carly go get Michael from the warehouse.

At Crimson, Kate and Sonny talk about Ian. Kate explains that Ian threatened Sonny’s life if she didn’t pay him. Kate says that Sonny would have been convicted of murder if he would have killed Ian. Kate tells Sonny that it has to stop and that is why she paid Ian to go away. Sonny says that it wasn’t her call to make.

In Nikolas’ room, Patrick tells Nikolas that the surgery was a complete success. Nikolas thanks Patrick and Robin and they leave. Nadine says that she thinks that she might be responsible for him. Nadine says that it is obvious that Nikolas is already counting down the years ahead of him without Emily.

On the docks, Jerry assures Alexis that he isn’t going to sleep with Claudia. Alexis tries to walk away, but Jerry stops her. Jerry says that there is no reason for Alexis to be jealous. Alexis assures Jerry that they don’t have a relationship. Jerry walks away after Alexis assures him that she doesn’t care about his relationship with Claudia.

In the car, Johnny tells Lulu that they are going to a train station so that she can get out of town, but Lulu assures him that they have to trick Anthony. Lulu asks why Johnny would throw away the entire family business. Johnny says that he is doing it to save both of their lives. Lulu and Johnny ask each other if they can handle it.

In Michael’s hospital room, Carly and Jason talk about the facility. Carly says that Michael will get excellent care at the facility and that he will be moved soon. She explains that she doesn’t know how to send her son away.

At Crimson, Kate and Sonny argue about her paying Ian to leave town. Kate says that Sonny didn’t want justice, he wanted revenge and she was trying to protect him. Sonny says that she protected the man who shot Michael and that is betrayal. Sonny walks out. Jax walks in and finds Kate crying. Kate claims that she has allergies and Jax hands her a tissue. Jax asks her why she has been crying her eyes out. Kate says that she and Sonny are over.

In Michael’s hospital room, Carly rants about Kate and Jason asks about the facility. Carly says that the place will be great after the repairs are done and explains that she tore the room apart.

At the Haunted Star, Sonny walks in and pours a drink. Claudia comes out and asks if Sonny is looking for trouble.

Johnny and Lulu walk in to see Anthony while holding hands. Johnny and Anthony argue and Anthony tells Lulu that she should be scared. Lulu says that there is nothing that will keep her and Johnny apart.

On the docks, Luke meets Alexis. Alexis rants about men. Alexis asks about the attraction to a woman like Claudia. Luke tells Alexis that it sounds like she caught her man with his hand in Claudia Zacchara’s cookie jar. Alexis explains that Jerry isn’t her man. She grabs her stuff and says that all men are jerks. Luke asks Alexis why she called him. Alexis explains that the investigation says that the Haunted Star made over $500,000 in 2 hours on the night of the raid. Alexis says that she will look the other way right now, but she won’t protect him if he does it again. Alexis runs off and tells Luke not to call her again after he compares her to Tracy.

At the Haunted Star, Sonny pours drinks for him and Claudia. Sonny says that he respects Kate because she doesn’t understand him.

At Crimson, Kate says that she made a choice and that Sonny finds it unacceptable. Kate says that it is between her and Sonny and that it is over. Jax says that he wishes he could do something.

In Michael’s hospital room, Carly tells Jason that she is having Michael’s room at the facility painted blue and they talk about Florida. Carly talks about Michael and Morgan building sand castles and wonders if Morgan remembers it. Jason tries to comfort Carly.

At the Zacchara home, Johnny tells Anthony that he isn’t asking permission to be with Lulu. Johnny and Lulu share a kiss after Anthony leaves the room.

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