GH Update Friday 5/9/08

General Hospital Update Friday 5/9/08


Written By Laurie
Pictures by Juanita and Clarissa's General Hospital Screencaps

Carly is with Michael at the hospital. She talks with Michael about Morgan. Jax arrives and says a room is being held at the Aftercare Institute.

Jason and Spinelli meet on the docks. Jason says Ian told him “there’s more” before he died. Jason says Kate is their only “lead.”

Kate is at Sonny’s house. Sonny is grateful for Kate’s “love and support.”

Johnny and Claudia discuss Ian at home. Claudia is sure Ian said nothing about her involvement in the shooting. Anthony interrupts the conversation. He dismisses Claudia saying that women have no place in the “family business.” Claudia leaves the room, pretending to agree with her father.

Diane arrives at Kate’s office. Lulu is there. Diane goes through some clothing samples. Lulu says she can take pretty much anything. Diane is annoyed that Lulu is “indifferent” toward the clothes. Max arrives.

Carly wonders if they can postpone moving Michael for another week. Jax asks her to “tour the facility” instead. Carly agrees. Jax leaves Michael’s room. Carly tells Michael she’ll be back soon.

Back on the pier, Spinelli tells Jason about Ian’s visit with Kate. Spinelli says he put the money back into Kate’s account. Spinelli wonders why Kate would “bankroll” Ian’s “getaway.”

Kate and Sonny discuss Michael’s shooting. Sonny says Jason blames him. He says his “trust” with Jason “is gone.” Sonny thinks there’s more to Ian than meets the eye. Kate says Sonny should “let it go and move on.” Sonny wants to know “who else was involved” in the shooting.

Johnny is discussing business at the Zacchara house with Trevor and Anthony. Johnny and Trevor disagree on a proposal from South America. Johnny gets angry and leaves the room. Anthony says he knows how to give Johnny the “guidance” he “needs.”

Kate finally arrives at her office. Kate sends Lulu off to get coffee. Diane tells Kate she’s “in love” with a dress. Poor Max thought she was referring to him at first. Kate wonders what Max wants. Max asks Kate to convince Sonny to let him date Diane.

Sonny arrives at GH to see Michael. Epiphany is in Michael’s room. Epiphany gives Sonny a lecture on his chosen way of life. Epiphany leaves Michael’s room.

Spinelli is still with Jason on the pier. Jason and Spinelli try to figure out why Kate paid off Ian. Spinelli wonders what Sonny’s reaction will be when he finds out the truth.

Kate is amused with Max’s request. Max continues to plead his case. Diane chimes in and insists that she can keep her personal life “separate” from her work.

Lulu is on the pier when two men confront her. They tell her Anthony wants to “talk” to her.

Jax and Carly arrive at the new facility. Carly says, “it’s nice.” Jax says the room can be fixed up when Michael arrives. Carly talks with the doctor in charge.

Sonny is still at GH with Michael. Sonny recounts how “difficult” Michael’s life has been because of his profession. Sonny apologizes because Michael paid for his “mistakes.” Sonny breaks down as he tells Michael about the new facility. Sonny apologizes “for the life he took from” Michael.

Still at Kate’s office, Max apologizes about asking Kate for help. Diane tells Max they shouldn’t “involve” Kate. Max heads back to Sonny’s house. Diane discourages Kate from “getting involved in Sonny’s business.”

Lulu is brought to Anthony’s home. Anthony says Johnny ”needs somebody like” Lulu “in his life.” Anthony says Johnny is too emotional. He calls Lulu “cute and spunky.” Anthony says Luke “will pay the price” if Lulu fails to “cooperate.”

Carly and Jax are still with the doctor at the long-term care facility. Carly wants to tour the facility and meet the staff.

Jason and Sonny are at GH with Michael. Sonny leaves Jason alone with Michael. Jason talks to Michael about the tension between himself and Sonny. Jason resents it that Sonny chose to “save Kate instead of” Michael.

Claudia meets Jerry on the pier. Jerry is annoyed and he wonders why Claudia keeps making “excuses” to meet with him. Claudia says she wants nothing more to do with Jerry since Jason suspects nothing about their involvement. Jerry says he has other ideas.

Anthony says Luke has done a bad job of “covering his tracks” regarding the money laundering on the Haunted Star. Anthony says he’ll turn Luke in if Lulu fails to reconcile with Johnny.

Diane goes to Sonny’s house. Max is there alone. Diane pretends to be disappointed. The two of them plan to head upstairs. Max gets nervous and guilty. Diane tells him to “stop talking.” Diane says she knows what she’s “doing.” Max still has reservations. He worries that Diane may get into trouble if Sonny finds them together.

Jason is still at GH with Michael. He talks with Michael about the new facility. Jason tells Michael he’s “worried about” Carly. Jason feels guilty and emotional.

Carly and Jax are still in Michael’s new facility. Carly worries about how “personally” Michael will be cared for. Carly tells Jax the “place is not right for Michael.”

Johnny finds Lulu waiting in his car. She suggests they go for a drive.

Jerry is still with Claudia. He threatens to tell Jason about Claudia’s “role” in the shooting. He says Claudia must be at his “beck and call” in order for him to stay quiet. Jerry wants Claudia to “be available to facilitate future transactions” with her family for him. Claudia says she’s out of the family business so she is of no use to Jerry. Jerry grabs Claudia’s arm and advises her to get back into the business as soon as possible or he’ll spill all to Jason. Jerry says Claudia will remain “friendly” with him if she knows what’s good for her. “From now on, your life is in my hands,” Jerry tells Claudia.

Jax and Carly argue. She says she doesn’t like the staff at the facility. She says she “hates” Michael’s room. Carly starts to destroy the room. Jax stops her. Carly has a melt down.

Kate tries to reach Jax by phone. Jason arrives at Kate’s office. He confronts Kate about the money she gave Ian. Sonny arrives and overhears what Jason has said.

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