GH Update Thursday 5/8/08

General Hospital Update Thursday 5/8/08


Written By Laurie
Pictures by Juanita and Clarissa's General Hospital Screencaps

At GH, Nadine goes to check on Nikolas. He has Emily’s ring in his hand. Nik wakes up and Nadine asks about the ring.

Jerry is at the PCPD with Alexis. She questions him about his involvement with Ian Devlin. Alexis wonders if Jerry was involved in Michael’s shooting.

Jason visits Claudia at the Zacchara house. Jason questions Claudia about Michael’s shooting. He asks her for “proof” that she’s innocent and Anthony is guilty.

At home, Morgan tries to wake Michael up. Carly intervenes. Sonny arrives and tells Morgan that Michael will never wake up. Carly is upset by what Sonny says to Morgan.

Back at GH, Nadine wonders how Nik kept the ring during his surgery. Nadine says Nik’s surgery went well.

Back at the PCPD, Jerry lies and says he didn’t know Ian. Jerry insists that he’s “changed.” Alexis is skeptical and calls Jerry ‘a liar.”

Jason wants proof that Anthony is responsible for Michael’s shooting. Claudia says she has no “proof.” Jason doesn’t believe Claudia.

At home, Carly tells Sonny he was “insensitive” for what he said to Morgan. Sonny says Carly is living in “denial” regarding Michael. Sonny thinks Morgan needs to hear the truth about his brother. Sonny says Carly is “living in a fantasy.” Carly is disappointed that Sonny has given up hope.

At GH, Nik wonders if Nadine is being straight with him about the surgery. Nadine admits that another week of waiting would have killed Nik. Nadine leaves Nik’s room.

Tracy meets with a man at the Metro Court bar. Tracy dismisses the man and Luke walks into the bar. Tracy is very unfriendly. Luke wants to “come home” to Tracy. Tracy is still upset about the Anna situation. Luke says it’s been a long time since he “cheated on” her.

Back at the PCPD, Alexis says Jerry will never “be rehabilitated.” Jerry insists he’s changed. Jerry says his “connection” to Jax is extremely “important” to him. Jerry insists he’s “a much better man than he was a year ago.” Jerry offers to “prove” himself to Alexis. At first Alexis refuses Jerry’s offer then she agrees to meet him later. Jerry leaves and Mac arrives. Alexis tells Mac that Jerry “knows something about Devlin.” She assures Mac that she will “find out what it is, one way or the other.”

At Carly’s house, Sonny insists he’s not out to “hurt” Carly. Sonny thinks it’s too difficult for Morgan to have Michael recovering at home. Sonny threatens to fight for guardianship of Michael. Carly dares Sonny to “do it.” Sonny urges Carly to be objective and understand that Michael is “already gone.” Sonny leaves.

Luke and Tracy are still at the hotel. Luke insists that he’s sincere and he thinks Tracy is “jealous” of Anna. Tracy laughs at the thought. Tracy says she won’t “compete” for Luke’s “attention.” She says Luke is “free” to do what he wants. Tracy storms off.

At home, Carly looks in on Michael. As she’s talking to Michael, Jason arrives.

Diane is waiting at the house when Sonny gets home. He tells her about the guardianship. Kate arrives in the middle of the conversation. She says Sonny’s idea is a bad one.

Luke visits Nik at GH. Nik asks Luke how life will go on without Emily. Nik apologizes then asks how Luke survived losing Laura. Luke admits life was difficult at first. He says he held on to false hope at first. He tells Nik he must “learn to accept the loss and deal with the pain.”

Jason is still visiting Carly at home. Carly tells him what Morgan did with Michael. Jason tries his best to be supportive. Carly says Sonny wants to take Michael away. Jason thinks Michael would be better off in a hospital.

Kate and Diane are still at Sonny’s house. They discuss Michael’s guardianship. Kate discourages Sonny from perusing the matter. Diane leaves so Sonny can make his decision. Sonny tells Kate about Morgan. Sonny says he wants to protect Morgan. Kate tells Sonny to “have some faith in Carly as a mother.”

Back at GH, Nik talks with Luke about “finding love.” Luke is sympathetic and encouraging. “Love is always the first time no matter how often it comes around,” Luke tells Nik. Luke leaves Nik’s hospital room.

Ric meets with Claudia in the Metro Court bar. Ric offers Claudia his “help” so she can get back into the family business.

At Sonny’s house, Kate is sympathetic toward Carly. Kate says Sonny must “trust” Carly regarding Michael. She says Carly will come to realize what’s best for Michael in time.

Still at home with Jason, Carly insists that Michael is better off at home. Jason feels guilty because he failed to keep Michael “safe.” Jason regrets making the choices over the years that resulted in Michael’s shooting. Jason pleads with Carly to do what’s best for Morgan. He thinks it would be better for Morgan to put Michael in a long-term care facility. Jason insists that Morgan needs normalcy at home. Carly refuses to “give up on” Michael.

At GH, Nadine comes in to check on Nikolas. He asks Nadine to put Emily’s ring in his bag.

At the Metro Court, Claudia says she’s a victim of her father’s “wants” as far as the business goes. Ric says he’ll help Claudia if she helps him. Claudia admits she’s tempted by Ric’s offer. Alexis and Jerry come into the bar.

Jason is still at Carly’s house. He goes upstairs to visit with Michael. He apologizes for the lies he told when Michael was young. Jason says he failed to “protect” Michael. He now realizes that he “never did anything good for” Michael. Jason promises to better by Jake.

Kate is still at Sonny’s house. Sonny gives in and says he will let Carly decide how Michael should be cared for. Sonny says he would be “out of control” without Kate’s help. Carly arrives. She tells Sonny Michael will be taken to the facility Jax recommended.

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