GH Update Wednesday 5/7/08

General Hospital Update Wednesday 5/7/08


Written by Mandy
Pictures by Juanita and Clarissa's General Hospital Screencaps

In the park, Nikolas sees a couple walk past kissing. He looks over and sees Emily sitting next to him.

At the PCPD, Alexis walks in to see Jason. Alexis says that she knows what happened and that Jason protected Maxie. Alexis asks what Ian said before he died.

At home, Claudia sees the report of Ian’s shooting. She calls Jerry and says that they need to meet. They agree to meet at the docks.

In Michael’s hospital room, Carly tells him that he is going to be going home that day. She says that she will take care of him. She says that he will get stronger and come back to them. Jax walks in and asks Carly not to do it.

In the park, Nikolas tells Emily that he is having the surgery. He says that he wants to see her face and hear her voice for a little longer. They talk about their past. She tells him about practicing kissing with a pillow. Emily assures him that she will always love him. He starts to cry and Emily tells him to hold on to his memories of her. She tells him to have faith that good things lay ahead for him. She says that she prays that he will have a long and happy life and that when he dies as an old man, she will be waiting for him.

At the nurse’s station, Liz and Epiphany talk about a patient. Liz says that she is only working a half shift for the day because of Jake’s first birthday. Liz tells Robin about the things that Cameron helped her do for the party. Patrick walks up and Liz invites him to join the party, since Lucky is out of town.

At the PCPD, Jason tells Alexis that he has nothing to say without his attorney and she reminds him that she taught him that when she was his attorney. She tells him that she wants a simple statement and asks him if Ian named his accomplice. Diane walks in and Alexis admits that she is holding Jason in the hopes of him announcing Ian’ s accomplice.

At home, Claudia and Anthony talk about her hiring someone to kill Sonny. Anthony says that it was a crucial mistake and lucky for her, he can cover for her.

In Michael’s hospital room, Jax and Carly argue about what is best for Michael. Carly says that she is doing what is right for Michael and Jax tells her that she will never have time for Morgan. Bobbie and two paramedics walk in. Carly tells Michael that they are going home.

In the park, Lulu gets things ready for the party and sees Spinelli taking pictures. Spinelli and Kate discuss the surprise that Lulu got the time off from work for Jake’s birthday. Spinelli explains that he is taking photos for Jason, but Lulu says that Jason can’t have anything to do with Jake ever again.

At home, Claudia denies her role in the hit on Sonny and Anthony says something about what Sonny did to Johnny. Claudia says that it’s a good idea to honor the truce. Anthony explains that Trevor told him that she slept with Sonny. Johnny walks in and Anthony leaves. Claudia says that she hates Anthony and that it is hard to pretend that she doesn’t. Claudia says that all that matters is that she and Johnny stick together.

At home, Carly and Jax wait inside for the paramedics to bring Michael inside. Jax says that Carly can still change her mind, but she says that Michael belongs at home. Carly says that she is not sending her kid away.

At the nurses’ station, Epiphany says that she would like Layla to be in the operating room for Nikolas’ surgery. Leyla assures Epiphany that she and Patrick are over. Nadine says that she would like to be involved with the surgery, but Epiphany says no.

In the waiting area, Robin and Patrick talk about the things that Anna said. Robin tells Patrick that he shouldn’t pay attention to the things that Anna said about marriage. Robin says that they are never going to get married and that the subject has never crossed their minds. Patrick explains that he got a replacement doctor for Nikolas’ surgery out of concern for her. Robin says that she is going to be going to Jake’s birthday party.

In the park, Spinelli says that he is going to take pictures for Jason so that Jason can see the event. The conversation turns to Michael’s shooting. Lulu tells Spinelli to stay away from Jake because it is the best thing for Jake and Jason. Spinelli leaves.

At the PCPD, Alexis explains to Diane that Jason is the only person who heard Ian’s last words. Alexis says that Jason does the same thing that got Michael shot and then sits down and apologizes to Jason.

In Michael’s room, Carly thanks them for bringing Michael upstairs and Jax walks them out. Carly talks to Michael. She says that she and Morgan need him so much. Jax walks in and tells Carly that Morgan is coming up the walk with Mercedes.

In the operating room, Patrick says that the surgery is a good reason for him not to go to Jake’s birthday party. Patrick assures Nikolas that they are going to get him through the surgery. Nikolas sees Emily before the surgery starts and she tells him that she loves him. Tears roll down his face.

At the PCPD, Alexis tells Jason that if he kills Ian’s accomplice, he will only escalate the violence and that Morgan and Kristina will be the next in the line of fire. Alexis leaves. Diane asks Jason if Ian said anything and Jason says that it isn’t anything that she needs to know. Diane assures Jason that he isn’t responsible for Michael’s shooting. Diane says that he will be released in 20 minutes. Jason says that Sonny doesn’t know he’s in lock up. Jason assures Diane that he shot Ian to save Maxie. Diane leaves the room.

Claudia and Jerry meet and talk about what Alexis knows about Ian’s shooting. Jerry tells Claudia that the only way to save her life is to run.

At home, Carly tells Morgan that Michael is home from the hospital and that the ambulance brought him home. Carly tells Morgan that Michael is sleeping so that he can heal and that they can’t wake him up. Carly takes Morgan upstairs to see Michael. Jax and Mercedes talk about Morgan. Carly and Morgan walk into Michael’s room. Morgan asks if he and Michael can play when Michael wakes up. Carly says that Michael will need to rest for a while to get better and that the machines are helping. Carly tells Morgan that when Michael wakes up, they will play together.

Nikolas’ surgery begins and Patrick says that the tumor would have killed Nikolas in a week.

Liz and the boys arrive at the park for the party. Robin shows up and Liz gives her Jake. Lulu looks through the trees to find Spinelli and finds Johnny instead.

At the PCPD, Jason says that he doesn’t want Spinelli taking pictures of Jake. Mac comes in and says that Jason is free. Mac says that Spinelli is the reason that Maxie almost died, but Spinelli says that he would never harm Maxie. Spinelli and Jason leave after running into Jerry. Alexis and Jerry walk into the interrogation room. Alexis asks about Jerry’s association with Ian.

At home, Carly tells Jax that Morgan understands what is going on with Michael. Carly says that hopefully Michael will wake up soon. Carly says that Jax can go back to work at the hotel and that he can hire someone else to help out since she can’t do it. Carly says that it can only get better from here. Morgan walks into Michael’s room and asks Michael to wake up and play a game with him.

Nikolas is transferred to a recovery room. Nadine waits outside and asks Leyla about Nikolas’ surgery. Leyla says that if Nikolas had waited another week, he would have died. Emily’s engagement ring is in Nikolas’ hand.

At the PCPD, Alexis and Jerry discuss his business dealings in the same places as Ian’s. Alexis asks Jerry if he had anything to do with Michael’s shooting.

Claudia returns home to see Jason sitting on the couch. Jason says that she knows who sent Michael’s shooter.

In the park, Johnny says that he was walking through the park and saw a birthday party going on. Johnny walks away. Cameron opens his present while Robin spends time with Jake. Patrick walks up and announces that Nikolas should make a full recovery. Cameron helps Liz blow out the candles on the cake.

In Michael’s room, Morgan puts the game in Michael’s hand and tries to wake him up. Carly walks in and sees Morgan shaking Michael’s arm.

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