GH Update Monday 5/5/08

General Hospital Update Monday 5/5/08


Written by Mandy
Pictures by Juanita

At the Haunted Star, Luke and Anna gamble and strip. She tells him that she is a secret agent.

Spinelli and Jason talk in the car about how Ian got the money out of the Crimson account while Maxie hides and listens.

Claudia sits outside Anthony’s meeting and listens in. Logan walks up.

Outside Michael’s room, Carly pulls back from Sonny and says that she will never give up hope. Jax walks up and says that there is another option for Michael.

Robin, Patrick and Tracy walk into the Haunted Star and find Anna on a swing and Luke giving her shots.

At home, Johnny tells Anthony about Claudia and the things that she has done for the organization. Johnny tells Trevor and Ric that Anthony is in charge. Ric suggests that Trevor should sign over the waterfront piers to Anthony.

Outside the room, Claudia and Logan talk about him working for Anthony. The conversation changes to the Haunted Star reopening. Claudia starts to flirt with Logan.

In the car, Spinelli tells Jason that he wants to drive. Jason says that he isn’t tired and keeps turning down Spinelli’s offers to drive. Spinelli says that he was just trying to help. Jason hits the brakes.

At Crimson, Kate tells Lulu that she can’t have any more excuses. The phone rings and Lulu forwards the call to Kate. Lulu says that Ian is on the phone and Kate takes the call. Ian tells Kate that he is coming back to Port Charles, but he could keep going for more money.

Outside Michael’s room, Jax says that Michael’s diagnoses is clear and that he has contacted a long-term care facility. Carly gets upset and walks away.

At the Haunted Star, Luke asks Patrick if he wants to join. Patrick takes a drink and Robin tries to get Anna off the swing. Anna reaches back for a drink and grabs her back while claiming that she is fine.

Outside Michael’s room, Jax explains that he wanted to be prepared in case the specialist agreed with Patrick. Sonny asks about the facility, but Carly says that Michael isn’t going to the facility. Sonny asks Jax why he thinks that the facility is good for Michael.

On the phone, Kate tells Ian that she already gave him a million dollars and that he isn’t getting any more. Ian says that he will see her soon. Kate says that she isn’t available for blackmail. Claudia walks in to Crimson and says that she is there to see Lulu. Claudia asks about Logan.

In the car, Jason tells Spinelli that driving slow will attract attention. Spinelli tells Jason why he can’t drive faster or turn on the bright lights. Spinelli reviews the details of the case that they have on Ian. Spinelli hits the brakes and Maxie rolls out from under the blanket.

At the Haunted Star, Anna says that she is fine. Anna says that Robin should get home and tells Luke that she doesn’t get to see her daughter very often. Luke gives Anna the rest of the bottle. Anna leaves with Robin and Patrick. Luke asks Tracy if she wants a ride on the swing.

On the side of the road, Maxie says that her job is on the line if she doesn’t get the money back from Ian. Jason says that he wants the keys and tells Spinelli to get them. Spinelli tries to search Maxie and finally Maxie pulls the keys out of her blouse. Jason says that Maxie can wait there for the bus.

At home, Anthony says that Ric makes some good points. Trevor says that the FBI would get involved if Anthony acquired the piers since he just got out of the hospital. Anthony asks Johnny if they should take the piers or leave them with Trevor.

At Crimson, Claudia tells Lulu that she wants to make sure Logan takes good care of Anthony. Kate comes out and says that Claudia needs to leave Lulu alone. Kate says that she is going to check on Michael.

Outside Michael’s room, Jax tells Sonny and Carly about the facility. Sonny tells Jax that the facility sounds better than the ones that he checked out. Sonny tells Carly that everyone will feel better if Michael is getting cared for and as healthy as possible. Carly says that since Jax and Sonny have given up hope, why bother keeping Michael alive.

At Robin’s, Anna says that she is fine and that she just needs to soak in a hot bath. Robin tells Anna that a drinking contest isn’t going to change the fact that she will be a grandmother.

Jason tells Spinelli that he can stay with Maxie to wait for the bus. Maxie yells at Jason and says that all she wants is the money back. Spinelli gets in the car with Jason and leaves Maxie standing by the road.

At home, Johnny says that he has no use for Trevor, but Ric is out for revenge against Trevor. Johnny suggests that they leave the piers in Trevor’s name for now so that the FBI won’t be involved. Anthony tells Ric and Trevor to leave. They step out in the hall and Trevor says that Anthony humiliated Ric. Trevor asks Ric to get out of the Zacchara business and Ric says that he isn’t going to make it easier for Trevor. Anthony says that he is very proud of Johnny. Anthony tells Johnny that Ric will probably try to turn someone against him now, but assures Johnny that he would never turn on him.

At Crimson, Kate and Claudia argue about her “rights” to go see Michael. Lulu listens while Claudia yells at Kate. Claudia tells Kate not to go near Michael again. Kate tells Lulu that she can leave after she straightens her desk. Kate walks back in her office and starts to cry.

Outside Michael’s room, Jax asks Carly to look at the facility. Jax says that Carly is in denial. Carly says that she will not accept that Michael won’t wake up because it isn’t fair to Michael. Carly turns away. Jax suggests that they all get some sleep and that they can discuss it the following day, but Carly says that there is nothing to discuss and walks into Michael’s room. Sonny thanks Jax for checking out the facility. Sonny says that if he could make the situation right, he would and walks away. Jax walks into Michael’s room.

At home, Robin says that she needs her mom because she is scared. Robin says that the stretch marks seem to get bigger by the day. Anna says that she is scared of getting old. Anna tells Robin that it isn’t easy to raise a child alone.

Sonny walks into the Haunted Star and asks for a drink. Sonny asks Luke about Lucky’s coma. Sonny says that all the doctors are saying that Michael isn’t going to wake up. Sonny tells Luke about the facility that Jax checked out. Sonny admits that maybe Carly was right when she said it would be kinder to let Michael die.

In the car, Spinelli and Jason talk about Maxie. Spinelli says that he is in love with Maxie.

Maxie sits at the bus stop and hears someone coming. She sees Ian and hides.

At home, Robin and Anna talk about raising a child alone. Anna gives Robin a hypothetical situation and Robin says that she doesn’t know what to do. Robin becomes emotional and Patrick brings in dinner. Anna asks Patrick when he plans to marry Robin.

In the car, Spinelli tells Jason about how and when he fell in love with Maxie. Jason tells Spinelli to be careful.

At the bus stop, Maxie sends a text message and Ian grabs her.

In the car, Spinelli’s phone goes off.

Carly walks into Michael’s room and starts looking at objects on the bed and table. Jax walks in and Carly announces that she is bringing Michael home.

Luke keeps pouring Sonny drinks at the Haunted Star. Sonny asks if it would be fair to make Michael live for 20 years with a feeding tube. Sonny says that Michael is in perfect health, but can’t wake up. Luke says that it was easier with Lucky and the ventilator because he couldn’t breathe on his own. Claudia walks in and Luke asks if she is there to see him or Sonny.

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