GH Update Friday 5/2/08

General Hospital Update Friday 5/2/08


Written By Laurie
Pictures by Juanita

Patrick goes to see Robin. He denies he has feelings for Anna. Patrick says Anna is too old for him and she’s almost a grandmother. Anna comes up behind Patrick and kicks him to the floor.

Carly is at GH with Michael. Liz comes in to check Michael. Carly says Michael’s test results are due back soon.

Diane, Max, and Jason are with Sonny at his house. Diane says Jason has something going with Claudia. Jason says Claudia lied. Sonny warns Jason about Claudia.

Johnny and Claudia are at home waiting for their father to arrive.

Luke and Lulu are on the Haunted Star with Anthony. Luke warns Anthony about threatening Lulu. Anthony says Lulu has no “future” with Johnny.

Back at Robin’s, Patrick is in pain. Anna and Robin ignore him. Robin tells Anna that Patrick finds her attractive. Patrick puts his foot in his mouth many times over. He says Robin’s “hotness is temporarily on hold.” Patrick knows he’s in a losing situation so he leaves the apartment.

Back at Sonny’s, Diane tells Sonny what Claudia said on the stand. Diane says Claudia made it sound like she was on a date with Jason. Diane is upset with Sonny so she leaves the room. Max leaves Jason and Sonny alone to talk. Jason tells Sonny how he saved Claudia from the shooter. Sonny wonders “why” Jason bothered.

Back on the Haunted Star, Anthony says Johnny’s “life” is bad for a woman. He advises Lulu to “end things” with Johnny.

Back in Michael’s hospital room, Carly says she has “a few things to say” to Liz. Carly wonders if Michael’s situation makes Liz fear for Jake. Carly says she shouldn’t have "judged” Liz about Jake’s paternity secret. Carly says she’s sorry for judging Liz. She advises Liz to love and appreciate her kids. She says Liz should be “proud” of the decision she made to protect her kids. Liz leaves Michael’s room.

Maxie arrives at Jason’s to see Spinelli. She tells him about the missing money. Spinelli says he’s busy working on something for Jason. Maxie asks him to reconsider helping her.

Jason tells Sonny he’s not “dating” Claudia. Sonny says things will go from bad to worse. Sonny says he’s headed for the hospital. Sonny catches Max and Diane out in the hall in an embrace. Sonny says he may reconsider sending Max away if Diane can come up with an alibi for Jason when Jason “takes care of” Michael’s shooter. Sonny and Jason leave the house.

Back on the Haunted Star, Lulu says she doesn’t care what happens in the impending “mob war.” She says she has better things to do than care. Lulu goes into another part of the ship. Logan comes to get Anthony. Lulu wonders how long Logan has been on the ship. Logan and Anthony leave the ship. Luke doesn’t buy Lulu’s “I couldn’t care less” act.

Anna is still at Robin’s. They’re looking at baby clothes. Anna wonders “what exactly” a grandmother does. Anna leaves, claiming to need “air.”

On the Haunted Star, Lulu says she “saw Johnny shoot Sonny.” Tracy arrives and is glad to hear that Lulu is finished with Johnny. After Lulu leaves, Luke tells Tracy about Anthony. Tracy says Luke is “in over his head.”

Anthony has regained his position at the Zacchara house. Claudia claims to be on Anthony’s side. Anthony dismisses Logan. Trevor and Ric are there. Anthony wonders if Claudia is responsible for Michael’s shooting. Claudia says she isn’t.

Carly is still at GH with Michael. Sonny arrives.

Maxie looks around Jason’s penthouse. She finds the spare keys to the SUV. Jason comes home and wonders why Maxie is there. Maxie tells Jason about the missing money. Spinelli learns that the money was wired into Ian’s account.

On the Haunted Star, Tracy wants Luke to get out of his relationship with the Zacchara family. Luke says it’s his “decision.” Tracy indirectly calls Luke “old.” Anna arrives, “looking for some action.”

Johnny says Trevor “put out the hit on Sonny.” Trevor laughs at Johnny’s comment. Trevor says Ric may have been responsible. Anthony says none of it matters. He dismisses Trevor and Ric. Anthony apologizes to his kids. Johnny and Claudia pretend to be one with their father.

Still at the penthouse, Jason orders Spinelli to get the details on the money transfer. Maxie wants the money transferred back to the magazine. Jason tells Maxie to get lost. Maxie leaves the penthouse. Spinelli says Jason was too “harsh” with Maxie. Jason tells Spinelli to focus on Ian. Maxie is outside listening as Spinelli says they may have to take the SUV to look for Ian. Maxie has taken the keys to the SUV.

Carly and Sonny talk with Patrick at GH. Patrick says the specialists don’t expect Michael to come out of the coma. Patrick suggests that Michael just be cared for “physically.”

Tracy tells Anna that the casino has been “shut down.” Luke offers to “open up a few tables” for Anna. Tracy and Anna bicker. Tracy leaves the ship angry. Anna tells Luke she fears her new grandchild.

Patrick goes back to Robin’s. He tells Robin about Michael. Patrick says he wanted the specialists to find a way to help Michael.

Back at GH, Sonny and Carly are still with Michael. Sonny has accepted Michael’s fate. Carly is unwilling to give up. Sonny blames himself.

Spinelli tells Jason he planted “a tracking device” on Ian. He says Ian was recently at Sonny’s house. Jason says Ian and Kate were at Sonny’s at the same time. Spinelli learns that Ian made “an ATM withdrawal” near the Canadian boarder. Jason and Spinelli leave the penthouse in search of Ian.

Patrick tells Robin his feelings about “fatherhood.” He says he’s becoming less “detached” than he thought he would be. Robin reminds Patrick that not all children will end up like Michael. Tracy arrives. She tells Robin to “put a muzzle” on Anna.

Luke and Anna are drinking and gambling at the Haunted Star. Luke and Anna agree to each remove “a piece of clothing” if the dice lands on the “green thing.” The first time around, “green” is the winner. Anna and Luke each remove an article of clothing. Anna talks with Luke about becoming a grandmother. Luke understands Anna’s position. He advises her to stay true to herself.

Spinelli and Jason head to the SUV. Maxie is hiding in the trunk. Spinelli advises Jason to keep his feelings in check about Michael. Jason promises to let Ian live “long enough to find out who hired him.”

Claudia and Johnny advise their father on the business. Trevor and Ric are still at the Zacchara house. Anthony says there is no place in the business for a woman. Johnny pretends to agree with Anthony. Anthony dismisses Claudia.

Sonny and Carly sit with Michael at GH. Carly wonders if Michael knows they are with him. Carly believes Michael will wake up. She leaves the room, upset. Sonny follows and tries to comfort Carly.

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