GH Update Thursday 5/1/08

General Hospital Update Thursday 5/1/08


Written By Laurie
Pictures by Juanita

Maxie, Lulu and Spinelli are at Kate’s office. Maxie kisses Spinelli to make Lulu jealous. Lulu says Maxie is using Spinelli.

Nikolas and Emily meet at Wyndemere. They agree to share a dance.

Tracy and Luke are on the Haunted Star. Luke has told Tracy he loves her. Tracy says she feels the same way. She brings up some of Luke’s shortcomings. Luke calls them “the match from Hell.” Tracy wants Luke to “sever” his mob ties.

Claudia is on the stand during Anthony’s hearing. Jason is in the courtroom. So are Ric and Trevor. Alexis asks if Anthony “threatened’ Claudia’s life. Claudia won’t answer the question. Claudia says Anthony had nothing to do with her recent “car trouble.”

Nik and Emily share a last dance at Wyndemere.

At Kate’s, Spinelli tells Lulu she’s wrong about Maxie. Spinelli calls Maxie “loyal and intelligent.” Lulu tries again to warn Spinelli that Maxie is “using” him. Lulu brings up all of Maxie’s past mistakes.

Sonny arrives at the Haunted Star. Luke tells Tracy he will continue to “choose” his own business “associates.” Tracy leaves the ship. Sonny says Tracy is right about the Zacchara family.

In court, Claudia denies that anything shady was done to her car. Claudia claims she spent the previous evening on “a little date.” Diane starts questioning Claudia. Diane asks if Anthony has “threatened” Claudia. Claudia answers that he hasn’t.

Back on the Haunted Star, Luke wonders if Sonny’s “warning’ is a “threat.” They discuss Anthony’s hearing. Sonny says things will get worse if Anthony is set free. Luke says it’s his “problem.” Sonny offers Luke his help if necessary. Sonny leaves.

The judge rules that Anthony be “released from protective custody immediately.”

Nik and Emily continue to dance at Wyndemere. Finally they stop. Emily says they shared many “good times” together. Nik regrets some of his past choices. He wonders if Emily would still be alive if he had done things differently. Emily says there is no use thinking back on past decisions. Emily says it was their love that really mattered.

Trevor and Ric bicker in the courtroom. Anthony is satisfied with the judge’s decision. Logan offers to take Anthony on his way. Johnny and Claudia offer their congratulations to Anthony on his way out.

Spinelli restores the deleted email at Kate’s office. Kate is still upset. Kate sends Spinelli on his way. Lulu hugs Spinelli before he leaves. Ian calls Kate. He says he’ll “contact” Kate again if need be. Sonny arrives at Kate’s office. Kate quickly ends her phone call. Kate says she’s standing by Sonny even though she doesn’t “understand” him. Sonny says he just came from seeing Michael. He feels like Michael’s situation is hopeless.

Ric and Trevor are still in the courtroom. Trevor calls Ric on his bad judgment regarding using Anthony for “revenge.” Trevor tells Ric to “sever ties” with Anthony. Ric says Anthony “owes” him. Ric warns Trevor to watch his back. Ric leaves the courtroom.

Nikolas and Emily are still together. Nik doesn’t want to move forward. Emily tries to encourage him. Emily says Nik must raise his child and try to find love again.

Max and Sonny arrive at the house. They discuss business problems in Puerto Rico. Sonny yells at Max. Jason comes in and announces that Anthony is free. Diane arrives. Sonny blames Anthony’s freedom on Diane’s affair with Max. Diane insists she is still on her “game.” Sonny says Max will be sent to Puerto Rico “permanently.”

Claudia and Johnny argue when they arrive at home. Johnny blames Claudia for setting their father “free.” Claudia says she could do nothing to “stop” Anthony’s freedom. Claudia says her decision will keep her alive. She claims to still want to “destroy” Anthony.

Logan brings Anthony to the Haunted Star. Logan goes outside. Luke finds Anthony on the Haunted Star.

Maxie is with Kate in her office. Maxie says there’s 1 million dollars missing from the magazine’s account. She suggests having Spinelli research it.

Back at Sonny’s, Diane argues with Sonny about her affair with Max. Max sets Sonny straight as well. Max says Sonny shouldn’t interfere in his personal life.

At home, Claudia and Johnny agree to pretend they are at odds.

Anthony talks with Luke on the Haunted Star. They discuss Johnny. Lulu arrives.

Nik and Emily are together at Wyndemere. Nik promises to keep Emily alive in his heart forever. Next we see a montage of scenes with Emily and Nikolas over the years. Emily walks away leaving Nikolas alone.

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