GH Update Wednesday 4/30/08

General Hospital Update Wednesday 4/30/08


Written by Mandy
Pictures by Juanita

Maxie arrives at the Crimson office talking on the phone and asks why Lulu is there early. Lulu says that she is doing her job.

At the Haunted Star, Luke receives another deposit and says that the problems with the cops will be taken care of in no time. Luke starts pulling money out of a box and Tracy walks in.

Claudia meets Johnny on the docks. Johnny says that he almost killed Sonny the previous night because he thought that Sonny had done something with her. Claudia says that someone tried to kill her, but it wasn’t Sonny.

In Anthony’s room, Logan tells Anthony that he got into a bar fight. Ric walks in and tells Anthony what they can expect during the hearing. Trevor walks in and says that Anthony has to worry about his children.

On the docks, Claudia tells Johnny about what happened to her. Johnny and Claudia agree that Anthony can’t be released.

In his room, Anthony and Ric argue about “their plan” and Trevor agrees with Anthony. Ric realizes that Anthony is going to pit him against Trevor.

Outside the courtroom, Alexis admits to Diane that she is nervous. Diane offers to sit second chair to help Alexis, but Alexis says that she is doing it herself. Diane tells Alexis that there is a good chance that Anthony will walk out of there a free man.

At Crimson, Maxie tells Lulu to answer the phone. Lulu gives Kate an update on the morning over the phone. Maxie says that there was a problem with the mock-ups and that she has it covered. Kate walks in and says that if Maxie did have it covered they would be there already. Kate tells Maxie that her desk should be as organized as Lulu’s. Kate asks Lulu to get someone on the phone and get her the mock-ups and asks Maxie to get her coffee. Lulu tells Maxie what kind of coffee to get for Kate.

At the Haunted Star, Tracy tells Luke that he is going to get himself put in jail. Lucky walks in and says that he is there to let Luke know that Anthony’s hearing is getting ready to start and that maybe it’s a good idea if Luke leaves town.

Liz gets to the nurse’s station and apologizes to Epiphany. Liz says that it won’t happen again. Epiphany says that she understand because she was a single mother too.

Nikolas and Nadine meet at Wyndemere to go horseback riding. Nikolas says that Emily didn’t show up the previous night and Nadine tells him that Emily will show up.

In Anthony’s room, Ric says that he isn’t interested in competing with Trevor. Anthony says that Ric has a chance to humiliate Trevor by being a better lawyer in court. Ric agrees to do it and says that he will be the one to get Anthony released. Ric leaves.

In the courtroom, Alexis and Diane talk about the case. Diane suggests that Alexis should appoint her special council. Diane says that Alexis needs her.

On the docks, Johnny and Claudia talk about the hearing and leave.

At Crimson, Maxie asks Lulu for a stapler. Kate comes in and Maxie says that she got her desk organized. Maxie gives Kate some bags and the mock-ups. Lulu tells Kate that she has an important email and gives Kate a file. Lulu follows Kate into the other room and Maxie deletes the email. Maxie and Kate go into Kate’s office to call someone about a photo shoot while Lulu tries to recover the email.

At the nurse’s station, Lucky walks up and Liz is worried that he went to Audrey’s to see the boys and they weren’t there. She explains that the boys are in daycare because Jake was up all night. Lucky offers to take the boys for a day, but Liz tells him that she will be fine.

At the Haunted Star, Luke and Tracy talk about Lucky’s warning. Sam walks in and proposes that she come play cards for Luke.

In the courtroom, Diane gives Alexis a piece of paper. Spinelli walks in and says that he is there as the eyes and ears of Jason and Sonny. Alexis watches as Claudia and Johnny walk in followed by Anthony, Logan, Ric and Trevor. The judge comes in and Alexis announces that Diane will be co-council and Ric says the same about Trevor. The judge starts to speak and Spinelli jumps up saying that he objects.

At the nurse’s station, Lucky and Liz discuss the boys. Liz invites Lucky for dinner.

At Wyndemere, Nikolas and Nadine talk about the race. Nadine offers to cook dinner for him since he won the race.

At Crimson, Lulu says that she did not delete the email and that Maxie did. Maxie says that she can call Spinelli and he can retrieve the email.

At the Haunted Star, Sam explains that she is no longer working for Everyday Heroes. Sam says that she needs a job and that she can play any card game there is and that she is always the most comfortable on a ship. She says that she can play for the house and suggests that she gets a standard cut. Luke tells Sam that she starts as soon as the Haunted Star is able to open again and he wants all of her assets on display. Sam thanks him and leaves.

In the courtroom, Spinelli says that he knows the consequences of Anthony being released. The judge says to have Spinelli escorted out. Spinelli leaves and Alexis assures the judge that Spinelli wasn’t one of her witnesses. Alexis asks for a continuance so that she can prove that Anthony is a killer like Spinelli said.

At Wyndemere, Nadine says that she is a pretty good cook. Nikolas says that he wants her to cook for him, but not that night. Nikolas thanks her for being a true friend.

Sam walks into the nurse’s station and tells Epiphany that her pain medication isn’t working. Dr. Ford yells at Liz for not dispensing the medication like she was supposed to and tells Liz about the mistakes that she made.

At Crimson, Kate says that she will be back after her meeting and that she wants the email to be waiting. Maxie says that she left Spinelli a message. Kate says that if Lulu and Maxie don’t recover the email, they are both fired. Maxie calls Spinelli and tells him that if he isn’t at the Crimson office immediately she will never speak to him again. Lulu tells Maxie that there is the proof that Maxie is using Spinelli.

At the Haunted Star, Luke and Tracy talk about his decisions. Tracy tells Luke that he can do whatever he wants, but she won’t be at his funeral.

In the courtroom, Alexis tells the judge about Anthony. Ric tells the judge that Anthony was ill during the black and white ball, but that he is fully sane now and that all Anthony wants is to go home and spend time with his children.

Nikolas walks into the ballroom at Wyndemere and sees Emily.

At the nurse’s station, Liz says that she gave the medication as it was prescribed and Dr. Ford says that she made an error. Dr. Ford suggests that she has done this before and covered it up by denying it. Dr. Ford says that this incident will be on Liz’s permanent record.

Spinelli gets to Crimson and Maxie tells him that Lulu threatened her. Lulu says that Maxie has never been a friend to Spinelli. Maxie and Lulu argue about who is jealous and who is using him. Maxie pulls Spinelli into a kiss.

At the Haunted Star, Luke admits that he doesn’t know how to stop taking risks. Tracy says that what if she and Lulu have to pay the consequences. Luke says that Lulu will have to learn the consequences on her own and that Tracy wants him to be financially dependant on her. Luke says that he doesn’t need Tracy’s bank account and that he really loves Tracy.

In the courtroom, Alexis calls Claudia to testify. Claudia tells the court that her father sent her to Italy when she was 16 and that he was already starting to get sick before she left, but he has seemed sane since she has returned. Alexis asks Claudia if Anthony has ever threatened her life and Claudia looks at Anthony.

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