GH Update Tuesday 4/29/08

General Hospital Update Tuesday 4/29/08


Written by Mandy
Pictures by Juanita

In the hospital morgue, Spinelli and Maxie walk into a room and tell someone that the man is still alive.

On the docks, Lulu confronts Johnny about shooting Sonny. Johnny explains that if she hadn’t walked in, he would have blown Sonny’s head off.

At his home, Sonny tells Kate that it is a miracle that the bullet hit his gun and not him. Kate tells Sonny that he has to call the cops.

At the cabin, Jason tells Anthony’s henchman to let go of Claudia, but the man says that he will kill her. Claudia hits the man and Jason grabs him.

At the Haunted Star, Luke greets Diane. Diane says that she is a cautious gambler and Luke tries to change her mind with a drink. Diane asks if Max is there and Luke says that he will tell Max that she is looking for him, if he arrives. Lucky and Sam arrive and Luke tells them to choose a table and he will give them some chips. Lucky and Sam move over to the craps table. Nikolas and Nadine arrive and so does Ric. Ric meets with Logan. Logan realizes that Ric wants him to spy on Anthony.

In the morgue, Maxie makes sure that Spinelli is alright and helps him up. Maxie says that the body isn’t Ian and that she doesn’t know where Ian is and that he must have disappeared.

On the docks, Johnny and Lulu argue about Sonny. Johnny says that he is sorry that he picked her up the first night and Lulu angrily walks away after saying that she will be a lot better off without him.

At his home, Sonny tells Kate that Johnny wouldn’t be convicted because he held Johnny captive for days. Kate tells Sonny that he should tell Johnny that it is everyone’s best interest to hold up the truce. Sonny says that the truce ended when Michael was shot and that he isn’t going to the police. Sonny says that he is going to kill Johnny and walks out.

At the cabin, Jason asks the man who sent him. Claudia shoots the man and Jason says that he wanted the man alive so that he could question him, but realizes that Claudia wanted the man dead so that Jason couldn’t question him.

At the Haunted Star, Sam gets excited when she wins. Johnny walks in and sees Ric and Logan talking. Luke walks over to Johnny and they talk about business. Tracy walks up and asks Johnny why he is there. She tries to hurry Johnny out the door and Luke says that they need to talk about business. Luke convinces Tracy to go have a drink. Johnny and Luke talk about the new deposit and they leave. Logan and Ric talk about Anthony. Sam collects her winnings and tells Lucky that she is a skilled player. She admits that her hip is bothering her a little bit because her medication isn’t working much anymore. Nikolas and Nadine discuss gambling tricks. Nikolas says that they can talk about it at his house later.

At his home, Sonny and Kate discuss what he wants. She thinks that he wants a mob war and he says that he wants whoever shot Michael to pay. Kate tells Sonny that he can’t leap to conclusions. Sonny says that it is about vengeance, but she suggests that it is about self-destruction. Kate thinks that Sonny is trying to drive her away.

Spinelli and Maxie get to Jason’s penthouse and talk about where Ian might have been. Spinelli explains that he put a tracking device in Ian’s pocket.

At the cabin, Claudia suggests that Jason suspects that she set the whole thing up. Jason says that he wanted to get some answers from the man and Claudia says that the man was going to rape her and kill her on her father’s orders and that she didn’t think he deserved to live. Jason asks her what she is going to do with the body.

At the Haunted Star, Nikolas and Nadine say goodbye to Luke and leave. Sam and Lucky keep playing craps. Ric and Logan talk about when Anthony returns home. Ric explains that he hired Logan because he is good at thinking on his feet and that there is no love lost between him and the Zaccharas. Jerry talks to Sam about Alexis’ winnings on the night of the reopening of the Haunted Star. Alexis walks in with Mac and Detective Harper and announces that the Haunted Star is going to be closed until further notice.

On the docks, Nikolas and Nadine talk about the gambling. The conversation changes to checkers and Spencer. Nikolas explains that he is meeting with Alexis the following day to make arrangements for his estate in case something happens during the surgery. Nikolas admits that he wants to live, but he can’t imagine what life will be like when Emily is gone for good.

At the penthouse, Spinelli and Maxie argue about how long it is taking to find Ian. Maxie takes a drink of Spinelli’s drink while he continues to compliment her.

At the cabin, Jason and Claudia argue about what to do with the body. Claudia suggests that they drop the body in the lake and Jason tells her to go ahead. She asks him to help because they both left their fingerprints in the room. Claudia says that she will owe him and that she always pays her debts. They start moving the body.

At his home, Kate and Sonny discuss the possibility of a life change for him. Sonny tells her that Michael shot her because he grew up with Sonny as a role model. Kate says that he can give his other children something better and Sonny says that he believed it. Kate tells him not to give up faith, but he says that it’s not going to change. He tells her that his business is his reality and that his life really is terrible and that it won’t ever change.

On the docks, Nadine and Nikolas talk about him seeing Emily. Nikolas explains that Emily was with him when he decided to have the surgery. He admits that the hardest part is knowing that Emily will really be gone and that he hopes he can see her again before the surgery so that he can say goodbye to her. Nikolas thanks Nadine for not saying that Emily wasn’t really there. Nadine says that maybe Emily will visit him that night if he doesn’t have guests and she leaves.

At the Haunted Star, Luke confronts Alexis about shutting down the casino. Alexis claims that that have reason to believe that the Haunted Star is a venue for mob activity and that the patrons are at risk of being innocent victims of violence. Diane walks over and says that there are no legal grounds to shut down the casino. Detective Harper informs Diane that they are shutting it down on suspicion of money laundering. Diane tells Luke that she tried and Mac tells Luke to open up the books because they need to account for every penny. Luke apologizes to his patrons. Ric walks over to Alexis and they talk about the violence.

At the penthouse, Spinelli and Maxie talk about their views of the world. Maxie says that Spinelli is fun to be around. Lulu shows up and asks Spinelli if he wants to hang out. Maxie says that she and Spinelli are busy.

At his home, Sonny and Kate talk about the truce. Kate says that he could honor the truce. Sonny thinks that she wants him to forget that Michael was shot. Kate tells him that violence doesn’t solve anything. Sonny says that she is making things worse right now. Kate tells Sonny that he can do anything that he sets his mind to. Sonny tells her that he can’t control his enemies and that he can’t keep the people he loves safe. Kate tells him that he can choose to not escalate the violence, but Sonny says that he can’t do this right now because he has to be somewhere. Sonny tells her that she can stay there until he gets back, but he has to go and leaves.

At the penthouse, Lulu tells Maxie to leave. Maxie tells Lulu that she and Spinelli are busy. Maxie asks Spinelli if he would like Lulu to stay and help them and Spinelli tells Lulu that he would love to share her company when the project is over. Maxie and Lulu step outside.

On the docks, Johnny has his henchmen bring Logan to him. Logan and Johnny discuss Anthony. Johnny asks what Anthony did with Claudia and Logan says that he doesn’t know. Johnny punches Logan.

At Jason’s bike, he says that he needs to check the bike to make sure it isn’t rigged to explode. Jason and Claudia argue. Jason starts checking the bike while Claudia hides by a tree.

Sonny walks into the Haunted Star and Luke informs him that Alexis had the place shut down. Sonny hopes that Luke hasn’t been laundering money for Johnny and Luke says that he got the first deposit that day. Sonny says that Johnny tried to kill him and Lulu was there when Johnny pulled the trigger.

At Sonny’s, Kate looks at Sonny’s holster. Ian knocks on the door and says that he was looking for her. Ian confesses to shooting Michael.

At the penthouse, Spinelli listens as Lulu confronts Maxie about using him. Lulu and Maxie argue about who is manipulating Spinelli. Spinelli’s computer starts going off and he runs over to it. Maxie and Lulu keep arguing about Spinelli. Maxie thinks that Lulu is jealous. Maxie goes back inside and Spinelli tells Maxie that they should know Ian’s whereabouts any moment. Maxie runs over to Spinelli and hugs him while telling him how amazing he is. Lulu walks away.

On the docks, Logan and Johnny start fighting. Johnny says that if anything happens to Claudia, Ric will die and Anthony will stay locked up forever.

At Jason’s bike, he says that he can’t find any explosives. Claudia starts moving closer to the bike and Jason tells her to back up. She climbs on the bike behind him and says that they live or die together. They leave on the bike.

At the Haunted Star, Luke and Sonny discuss the possibility of Johnny being the person who shot Michael. Sonny tells Luke that he is going to retaliate against Johnny for trying to kill him. Luke thanks Sonny for the warning. Sonny explains that he only said something because Lulu is close to Johnny. Sonny says that he wouldn’t wish having a child shot on anyone, especially Luke.

At Sonny’s, Kate asks Ian why he would shoot Michael. Ian says that Sonny wants revenge and that he doesn’t want to die. Ian says that if Kate gives him a million dollars that night, he will disappear. Kate suggests that she can go to the police and asks him if he plans to kill her too. Ian says that if he killed her, the number of people looking for him would increase and he wants to live. He asks if they have a deal or if he should leave a letter letting everyone know that Sonny killed him. Kate agrees to wire him the money and asks him where he wants it.

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