GH Update Monday 4/28/08

General Hospital Update Monday 4/28/08


Written By Donna
Pictures by Juanita

At Jake’s Bar, Patrick, who is waiting for Robin and her mother, Anna to arrive, tells Coleman the bartender that he thinks Anna’s “hot”. He doesn’t know that Robin is nearby listening to this. Coleman spies her and says a loud “Hi Robin!” prompting Patrick to stop what he was saying about Anna.

Mac, Maxie, Spinelli, and Dr. Ian Devlin are at the docks. Maxie and Spinelli are trying to stop Dr Devlin from hopping a ship out of Port Charles, as they have determined that he is the one who shot Michael Corinthos. In order to create a diversion, Spinelli feigns illness and drops to the ground in “pain”. Mac and Maxie beg Dr. Devlin to help Spinelli, but he is hesitant, distracted, and reluctant. Devlin finally responds and enter Jerry Jax, who “advises” Devlin to help Spinelli and whispers to him that it would be unwise to leave town.

Meanwhile, Jason and Claudia are in an abandoned cabin in the woods hiding out and trying to avoid the gunfire from Anthony Zacchara’s henchman.

Lulu walks into Sonny’s living room just in time to see Johnny Zacchara shoot Sonny. She watches in horror and total shock. Lulu runs to aid Sonny who stirs and reveals that his gun deflected the bullet and he is not harmed, saying, “I guess I wasn’t meant to die tonight” as Johnny looks on in shock.

Back at Jake’s, Patrick stammers to cover his tracks about what Robin heard him say about her mother. Robin says she knows most men find her mother to be a super-hot, super-spy, fantasy woman, but that she thought Patrick would be the exception to the rule. Coleman tells Robin that since she got pregnant that he thinks she’s the one who’s “hot”.  Patrick takes offense to this and pushes Coleman telling him not to mess with his “Baby-Momma”.

At the docks, Dr. Devlin misses his boat while tending to an “ailing” Spinelli. Dr. Devlin looks nervous, scared, and distracted.

Morgan calls General Hospital from his home phone and asks to speak to his brother Michael. Jax walks in and tries to explain what’s going on and tells him that Michael can’t talk to him right now. Mercedes, the nanny, enters and tells Jax that all Morgan has been doing is asking about when he can see Michael and asks Jax if it’s possible for Morgan to visit his brother in the hospital. Jax says not just yet.

Jason and Claudia are hiding behind a turned-over chair when they notice that the gunfire suddenly stopped. Claudia tells Jason that Anthony’s trying to kill them and that he is the one who sent the shooter after Michael.

Back at Sonny’s, Johnny demands to know where his sister is. Sonny says that for all he knows, she could already be dead. Johnny points his gun at Sonny. Lulu screams for Johnny to stop. Sonny says that Johnny will have to kill Lulu to get to him, as she is standing in front of Sonny. Johnny says that if Claudia is dead, then he will kill Sonny and he then leaves.

Robin asks Patrick how he really feels about her “hot” mom.  Patrick says he thinks Anna’s beautiful, but he loves Robin. Robin asks if Patrick loves her even though she’s boring.

Max and Diane meet for drinks at the Metro Court Bar, on the premise that Max has summoned Diane for “legal advice”. Diane tells Max that even though she thinks he’s incredible, he needs to “man-up” to Sonny about their relationship.

Jason and Claudia argue over whether or not she has proof that Anthony had anything to do with Michael’s shooting. Claudia then tells Jason that he’s very organized, discreet, and intelligent, and asks him why he hasn’t whacked Sonny and taken over his business.

Sonny tells Lulu that she has spent the last six months defending Johnny and that she has no idea what she’s talking about. Lulu says that she doesn’t want anyone else to get hurt and tells Sonny that she knows he’d never hurt a woman. Sonny responds by telling Lulu that if Claudia Zacchara had anything to do with Michael’s shooting, he would not hesitate to kill her.  Lulu then asks Sonny if he did anything to Claudia and if not, why he would let Johnny think he had. Sonny says that he wanted to see just how far Johnny would go and now he knows.

At General Hospital, Nurse Leyla is getting ready to tend to Spinelli. Maxie is with Spinelli and Dr. Devlin is there also. Leyla prepares to give Spinelli a shot at which time Spinelli jumps and gets very nervous. Leyla explains that Dr. Devlin ordered a sedative for Spinelli, which is what is in the shot. Maxie distracts them by saying they don’t even know what’s wrong with Spinelli yet. Dr. Devlin says he’s ordered tests and that Dr Behar will be taking over. Dr. Devlin then orders Leyla to get all of his charts arranged in ascending order-now. This prompts Leyla to leave without giving Spinelli the sedative shot. Dr. Devlin tries to leave, but Spinelli jumps him from behind and Maxie helps by stabbing Dr. Devlin with the sedative shot that Leyla left out.

Meanwhile, back at Jake’s, Patrick tells Robin they only have problems when she over-complicates things. Robin says, “…so you do have a crush on my mother…” to which Patrick replies, no. He says he’s a man, he thinks she’s hot and that’s it. Right then, Kelly and Lainey walk in and having overheard Patrick’s declaration of Anna’s “hotness”, Kelly says, “Ouch! That’s gotta hurt!”

At Jax and Carly’s house, Jax reads Morgan a bedtime story. Morgan says he wants his mother. Jax explains that she’s with Michael at the hospital. Jax sends Morgan upstairs with Mercedes to get him ready for bed. Jerry then arrives and asks Jax about Michael’s condition. Jax explains how Michael is in a permanent coma and will never wake up. He then tells Jerry that he doesn’t know how he and Carly will survive if they lose Michael.

Sonny gets heated with Lulu. He asks her why she was at his house and says he thinks it’s because she was following Johnny. Lulu tells him that that isn’t true and that she was there to pick up Kate’s PDA. Sonny says thank god she did because it saved his life. Lulu says that what Johnny did was wrong. Sonny says that his and Johnny’s lives are wrong. He warns Lulu that if she’s around Johnny, she’s a target and he doesn’t want her to get caught in the crossfire, but there are no guarantees, that innocent people get hurt- just look at Michael. Sonny then says that Lulu is just a kid and she needs to shut her mouth and stay out of the way of things. He further says that he will kill Johnny because it’s what he does. Lulu leaves upset.

Spinelli and Maxie debate over what to do with the sedated Dr. Devlin. They agree to move him to a padded room in the psych ward. Actually getting him there is another story.

Back at the abandoned cabin, Jason tells Claudia to stop talking or he’ll leave. Claudia says that he’s just mad because he knows she’s right. She tells Jason that he does everything for Sonny and if Jason asks for just one thing in return, Sonny refuses.

At Jake’s, Kelly and Lainey join Robin and Patrick and Coleman suggests that he put the ladies’ drinks on Patrick’s tab to which they readily agree. The conversation stays on the topic of Robin’s mother Anna’s “hotness”. Patrick says he stands by what he said earlier that he’s a man, he’s human, and he thinks Anna’s hot. He then leaves. Lainey tells Robin that her situation isn’t dire, as it is actually quite normal for a guy to think his girlfriend’s mom is “hot”.

Cassius sees Leyla at the nurses’ station sorting out all of Dr. Devlin’s charts and asks if he can assist her to which she says yes. Epiphany comes to the nurses’ station and asks why Dr. Devlin’s charts are everywhere. Leyla tells Epiphany that that’s what Dr. Devlin ordered her to do. Meanwhile, a disguised Spinelli and Maxie, dressed in scrubs and masks, are trying to move Dr. Devlin to the psych ward on a covered gurney. They go right past the nurses’ station and Epiphany, Leyla, and Cassius all wonder out loud what Spinelli is doing?

Meanwhile, Claudia tells Jason that Sonny’s too selfish to return his loyalty and that she thinks he’s too good of a man to work for Sonny. Jason gets angry and leaves.

Back at Jax and Carly’s house, Jax tells Jerry that Carly is in denial about Michael’s condition. Jerry says he can’t blame her as Michael is her child. Jax says he’s worried about how this is affecting Morgan. Morgan comes downstairs and Jax takes him upstairs to put him to bed. Alexis arrives and Jerry answers the door.

Sonny has his gun pointing at himself on a table. Kat walks in and is upset with Lulu for not picking up her PDA. Sonny says it’s not Lulu’s fault because she saw something that distracted her. Kate asks what happened. Sonny says that Michael’s been shot, he yelled at Lulu, and his life is basically a mess. Kate holds Sonny and consoles him. Sonny cries and says he doesn’t deserve her. They share a passionate kiss.

Robin commiserates with Kelly and Lainey about Patrick’s feelings for her mother. Lainey says that it’s very common for a guy to find traits attractive in his girlfriend’s mother, as it is usually traits both the mother and girlfriend. Robin says that that would make sense- if she was anything like her mother, but instead she thinks she’s fat, pregnant, and boring.

Back at the Metro Court Bar, Diane tells Max he needs to stand up to Sonny or he’ll always be a bodyguard. Max says that “Mr. C’s” been under a lot of pressure lately. Diane says exactly and that’s why Sonny should worry about his own problems and leave her and Max alone. Max says that they need their jobs. Diane tells Max to “man-up” or else as she runs her foot up his leg. They leave together.

At Jax and Carly’s house, Alexis explains to Jerry that Jax asked her there to discuss a legal matter. Jerry and Alexis flirt and banter over glasses of wine.

Spinelli and Maxie bring Dr. Devlin to the morgue at General Hospital in order to give Spinelli time to hack the hospital’s computer system and get a padded room in the psych ward to hold Dr. Devlin. Much to their surprise, Epiphany is hot on their trail and walks in on them. She asks them what they think they’re doing. Maxie pretends that she and Spinelli were “getting romantic” and this was the only private place they could get away to. Epiphany tells them to not touch the computer, respect the dead bodies around them, and get out- now!

Johnny responds to Lulu’s phone call asking him to meet her on the docks. He asks her what she wants. She asks him how she’s supposed to forget that he tried to kill Sonny.

Back at Jax and Carly’s house, Jax comes downstairs to greet Alexis- Jerry has gone. Alexis asks how everything’s going, and Jax tells her that Carly is in denial about Michael and that Morgan keeps asking for his mother and brother. He tells Alexis he wants her to draw up legal documents renouncing Sonny as Michael’s and Morgan’s father and says that he wants to adopt both boys.

Sonny and Kate make love in his bedroom. Sonny explains to Kate that he can’t let what happened to Michael go. He then tells a stunned Kate that Johnny tried to kill him earlier that night and that it was either by a freak accident or a mistake that he’s still alive.

On the docks, Lulu tells Johnny that Sonny doesn’t have Claudia. Johnny asks what makes her so sure. Johnny then makes it clear to Lulu that he wants Sonny dead and the only reason he stopped shooting at him earlier that night was because of Lulu being there.

Back in the General Hospital morgue, Spinelli and Maxie hear a saw and rush into the morgue screaming, “Don’t do it! Stop” and Spinelli yells, “It’s alive!”

Claudia hides as she hears someone approaching. One of Anthony’s henchmen comes in and he and Claudia start fighting. He grabs her and it looks like he’s won, when Jason comes back with his gun in hand ordering the henchman to leave Claudia alone.

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