GH Update Friday 4/25/08

General Hospital Update Friday 4/25/08


Written By Laurie
Pictures by Juanita and Clarissa's General Hospital Screencaps

Maxie and Spinelli are at Kate’s office. He removes his hand from her chest, embarrassed.

Anna arrives at Robin’s and is shocked about the baby.

Ric and Sonny are in Anthony’s hospital room. Sonny advises Ric to “walk away” from Anthony. Sonny promises Ric his “undying gratitude.”

Claudia and Jason are still trapped. She wonders why Jason is helping her.

At Robin’s, Anna wonders if she’s getting old. Anna asks Robin to refrain from using the word, “grandma.” Anna says she’s “thrilled” for Robin.

At Kate’s office, Spinelli apologizes to Maxie. Maxie tells Spinelli that Kate can’t know she tried the dress on. She asks Spinelli to unzip the dress for her.

Johnny and Lulu argue on the docks. Johnny says his father will come after Lulu.

Back in Anthony’s room, Ric is unimpressed with Sonny’s proposal. Sonny says Anthony is too dangerous to “let go.” Ric says he needs “power” that only Anthony can give him. Sonny says Ric will be sorry. Sonny storms out of the room.

Jason refuses to answer Claudia’s question. Jason barricades the door to the house.

Maxie examines the dress for damage at Kate’s office. Spinelli is all googely eyed when he looks at Maxie. Spinelli gets a tip that Ian is leaving town.

At Robin’s, Anna asks if Patrick is the baby’s father. Robin tells her mom about Stacey and her baby from the “night shift.” Robin tells all about how Stacey died after her child was born. She tells Anna how she tried to adopt the child. Robin tells Anna about her breakup with Patrick. She tells Anna about the night she spent with Patrick that resulted in her pregnancy.

Patrick and Ian are at GH. Ian says he’s leaving town. Ian advises Patrick to grab hold of his child and Robin. Ian gets on the elevator.

Johnny and Lulu are still having their disagreement. Lulu advises Johnny to get an attorney to fight Ric. Lulu tells Johnny to “choose” her over the family business.

Claudia wonders why no shots are being fired. Jason thinks it’s a trap.

Alexis and Kristina arrive at GH. Kristina fell and hit her head. Liz is at the desk. Kristina asks for “daddy Ric,” so Liz calls him.

Ric is still with Anthony. Anthony says he is in control of everything. Ric calls Anthony “a force to be reckoned with.” Liz calls Ric and tells him about Kristina. Ric heads for GH.

Kate arrives at Sonny’s house. She’s disappointed that he doesn’t have any guards on duty. Sonny says the Zacchara family wants to get rid of him.

Lulu and Johnny are still on the docks. Lulu calls Johnny “a coward” for choosing the family business. Johnny gets a call about Claudia. Lulu leaves.

Claudia tells Jason her dad want to “get rid of” her in order to gain “control.” She tells Jason her father never loved her. Claudia blames Trevor for her parents divorce.

Still at Kate’s office, Spinelli tries to locate Jason. Maxie suggests they have Mac arrest Ian. She tells Spinelli to provide some evidence against Ian. Lulu arrives. Maxie and Spinelli make excuses and leave the office.

Robin is still at home with her mom. They discuss Patrick and the baby. Robin tells Anna how she ended up telling Patrick that he’s the baby’s dad. Patrick arrives and is surprised to see Anna.

Kate is still at Sonny’s house. He tells her he won’t always be able to keep her “safe.” Kate says she has “already accepted” Sonny’s way of life. Kate wonders what happened to the “truce” with Anthony’s family. Sonny’s guard interrupts so Kate makes herself scarce.

Robin is still at home with Patrick and Anna. They decide to go to Jake’s. Anna goes to “freshen up.” Robin sends Patrick ahead to Jake’s. Anna says she has to leave to take care of a “priority.” She promises to return soon.

Ric arrives at GH. Liz fills him in on Kristina. Ric tells Liz he’s “representing” Anthony. Ric also tells Liz about Marianna’s betrayal.

Trevor goes to see Anthony. Anthony tells Trevor to watch out for Ric. Anthony says Claudia has been “dealt with.” Anthony offers to keep Trevor employed if he helps Ric. Trevor agrees.

Kate arrives at her office looking for Maxie. Lulu says Maxie went home sick. Kate sends Lulu to retrieve her PDA from Sonny’s.

Johnny arrives at Sonny’s, gun in hand. He’s looking for Claudia. Sonny badmouths Claudia.

Claudia and Jason are still hiding in the house. She accuses Anthony of sending the shooter who hurt Michael. Jason is angry to be stuck with Claudia. He promises to make the shooter “sorry they ever heard Michael’s name.”

Patrick is at Jake’s talking with Coleman. Patrick says Robin’s mom is “hot,” and Robin overhears.

Maxie meets Mac on the docks. Spinelli arrives and falls to his knees, pretending to be in pain. Ian is close by so Mac calls out for help.

Alexis talks with Ric at GH. She warns Ric against representing Anthony.

Claudia says revenge on the shooter won’t relieve Jason of his “pain.”

Johnny holds a gun on Sonny. He demands information on Claudia. Lulu arrives in time to see Johnny fire a shot at Sonny

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