GH Update Thursday 4/24/08

General Hospital Update Thursday 4/24/08


Written By Laurie
Pictures by Juanita

Robin is at home with Patrick. He thinks Liz and Robin were discussing him. Robin says Liz encouraged her. Robin gets a call from her mom.

Ian is with Nik and Emily. Nik wants to cut his ties with Ian. Ian is “desperate” for Nik’s money.

Claudia and Jason are being shot at in what looks like the middle of nowhere.

Sonny is in his office. Alexis arrives and comments on Sonny’s lack of guards. Alexis and Sonny discuss Michael. Sonny says he’s trying to be “hopeful.” Alexis has concerns about Ric.

Robin is at home talking on the phone with Anna. Patrick is there. She loses the call. Robin says her mom doesn’t know about the baby. Robin fears Anna may be coming for a visit soon.

Maxie and Lulu are working at Kate’s. Kate comments on Maxie’s vocabulary. Kate leaves the girls to their work. Spinelli arrives. Both girls are happy to see him.

Back in his office, Sonny listens to Alexis’ proposal. Alexis worries that Anthony will be released thanks to Ric. Alexis wants Sonny to talk to Ric. She thinks some “gratitude” will go “a long way” with Ric. Diane arrives. She wants to discuss Max.

Ric is visiting Anthony. Ric tries to prepare Anthony for his upcoming hearing. Johnny arrives looking for Claudia.

Claudia and Jason are trapped in a remote area. Shots are being fired at them. Claudia thinks Anthony is behind the attack. Jason tries to get Claudia to quiet down. Claudia is nervous.

Anthony tells Johnny that Claudia “left a while ago.” Logan is in the room with Anthony. Anthony demands “respect” from Johnny. Johnny lies that he and Claudia retained Ric to free Anthony. Johnny says he wants the family to unite. Johnny leaves.

In his office, Sonny is upset that Diane is “distracted” by Max. Diane is offended. Alexis calls Dian “obsessed.” Diane and Alexis bicker. Sonny is against Dian’s affair with Max.

At Kate’s office, the girls argue over Spinelli. It seems Spinelli has come to see Kate about a computer assignment. Kate dismissed Spinelli when she learns he has nothing for her. Spinelli leaves. The girls get into another argument. They drop Kate’s phone book, causing the pages to go everywhere.

Ian claims he only wants to “help” Nik. Nik calls Ian “an insult” to the medical profession. Nik says he’s sorry he ever did business with Ian. Ian leaves. Emily is happy with Nik’s decision. Nik says he must “have the surgery.” He’s clearly afraid of what his life will become without Emily.

At home, Robin tells Patrick he mom will be “shocked” to be a grandmother. Patrick thinks Robin is over reacting.

Sonny comes to Kate’s office. Sonny tells Kate she’s too good for him.

Jason and Claudia are still trapped by the gunman.

Spinelli arrives at the coffee house looking for Jason. Diane is there. Diane wonders what Spinelli needs help with. “Women,” answers Spinelli. It seems that Spinelli needs advice on love. He wants to “claim the woman” of his “dreams.” Diane tries to advise Spinelli. She tells him to be “strong and powerful.” Diane tells Spinelli to “seize the day.” Spinelli runs out of the office, inspired.

In her office, Kate tells Sonny she is drawn to him. She says she wants to “stand by” him. Sonny feels guilty about Michael’s condition. He says nobody can help. Sonny leaves Kate’s office.

Emily tries to help Nik get ready to reclaim his life. Nik isn’t ready to let go of Emily.

Dr. Devlin arrives at GH. Nadine is at the desk. Ian asks if Nik has left him any messages. Nadine tells Ian she has “several” problems with him. She calls him on his lack of “respect” for the nursing staff. Nadine lets it slip that she knows about the drugs. Ian threatens Nadine then walks away from the desk.

Jason shields Claudia from the shooter. Jason wants Claudia to run and distract the shooter. Claudia does as Jason suggests. A shot is fired at Claudia’s car and it explodes.

Kate gets ready to leave her office for the day. Maxie is making phone calls. Kate orders Maxie to reorganize her phone book.

Lulu meets Johnny on the docks. Johnny tells Lulu about Anthony.

Ric is still with Anthony. Anthony dismisses Logan from the room. Anthony wonders if he can trust Ric. Sonny arrives and wants to talk to Ric.

Claudia and Jason find shelter in a nearby house. Claudia is in a panic.

Anna arrives at Robin’s. Thinking it’s Patrick at the door, Robin lets it slip about the baby.

Nik goes to GH to see Nadine. Nik teases Nadine about her bag of tricks. Nadine tells Nik that Ian was looking for him. Nik says he’s finished with Ian. Nik tells Nadine he’s ready for the surgery.

In Kate’s office, Maxie tries on the dress for the magazine opening. Spinelli arrives. He carries on about “seizing his grapes before they wither.” Spinelli accidentally touches Maxie’s chest.

On the docks, Johnny says he and Lulu “are over.”

Jason and Claudia barricade the doors and windows. Claudia thinks they are doomed. Claudia wonders why Jason is trying to save her.

Sonny talks to Ric about the dangers of Anthony. Ric says Sonny is pulling “the brother card” to suit himself. Sonny warns Ric to cut his ties with Anthony.

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