GH Update Wednesday 4/23/08

General Hospital Update Wednesday 4/23/08


Written By Donna
Pictures by Juanita and Clarissa's General Hospital Screencaps

Nikolas sees Nadine by the horse stables. He is surprised to see her, but happy too. They admire the horses and talk about riding and equestrianism.

Carly talks to Michael telling him that Jax is having specialists flown in from Europe to check him out. She tells him she’s not giving up on him. Jason and Elizabeth are in Michael’s hospital room too, and they exchange longing glances.

Robin is in a big hurry and accidentally locks her keys in her apartment. She gets frustrated and screams.

Anthony Zacchara tells his “assistant” he wants to get out of his wheelchair as soon as possible. He is wheeled into his room at the mental health facility to find none other than his daughter, Claudia, sitting on his bed waiting to see him.

Nadine and Nikolas have a talk at the horse stables. She tells Nikolas that what he decides to do with his life and about his health is his own business. They then joke around a bit about Nadine’s gambling and her luck. Nikolas then offers to take Nadine for a ride on the horses around the property. Nadine is happy about this and says yes.

Patrick comes rushing to Robin’s side after hearing her scream. He says he was concerned because he heard her screaming and thought something was terribly wrong. Robin tells Patrick that she was screaming out of frustration because she locked her keys in her apartment. Patrick is relieved and finds it a bit funny that Robin got so emotional over locking her keys in her apartment. He asks her why she didn’t call the building’s “super” and Robin says because she should know how to pick a lock because of her mother’s being a spy. She also says she is not emotional and is not upset, even though Patrick can plainly see otherwise.

Claudia pretends to care about and show an interest in her father, Anthony Zacchara. Anthony tells her that Ric hired Logan Hayes to help look after him. Claudia says that she and Johnny hired Ric to help get Anthony released. Logan says that isn’t true. Claudia holds firm that she and Johnny spent a lot of money retaining Ric’s services and that they did indeed hire Ric to help Anthony get released.

Sam stops by the nurses’ station and starts flirting with Ian. Ian says he thought she had her last physical therapy appointment yesterday. Sam says that she did but she is having insurance issues, since she was fired from her TV show “Everyday Heroes”, when she got injured in the hit-and-run accident. Ian says he watched the show. Sam says he must be a fan, then. Sam suggests they re-do their previous evening together, which got interrupted. Ian cautiously asks why Sam has such a sudden interest in him.

Carly asks Elizabeth how Michael’s doing after she checks Michael’s chart and vital signs. Elizabeth tells Carly that Michael is still stable and that his vital signs are still strong. Carly asks Elizabeth to let Robin know that the specialists are coming in that evening. Elizabeth says ok, and she and Jason steal another longing glance before she leaves the room. Jason tells Carly she should get something to eat before the specialists arrive. Carly says no, because she won’t leave Michael. She then tells Jason that she can’t wait to get out of the hospital and have things get back to normal and that she can’t believe how quickly and easily everyone’s given up on Michael. Jason says that it’s not easy for any of them and he looks at Carly with concern. Carly looks at Jason in disbelief at what he’s thinking. Jason tries to explain to Carly that Michael isn’t getting better or making any improvements. Carly retorts that Jason got better from his head injury. Jason reminds her that he certainly did not, as he has permanent brain damage. Carly then asks Jason what he’s trying to say.

Patrick has the “super” let Robin back into her apartment. Now, Robin can’t remember where she put her keys! Patrick tells Robin that he thinks it’s charming and quite normal for her to experience these emotional moments and mood swings. Robin retorts that she is not emotional nor having mood swings, as she happily finds her keys. She gets ready to leave when Patrick asks her if she’s forgetting something. She turns around to find Patrick holding her purse.

Nikolas and Nadine share a fun and wild horseback ride. They have a friendly debate about Western vs. English-style riding. Nikolas says he wishes he could pass on his love of horses and being an equestrian to his son, Spencer. Nadine replies that he still can.

Sam and Ian are still talking at the nurses’ station. Sam tells Ian she’s trying no to think too much and that she believes she and Ian are kindred sprits. Ian and Sam agree to have drinks later.

Claudia tells Anthony again that she and Johnny hired Ric, that Trevor has been causing problems, that Ric was very expensive to retain, and that they got him a competency hearing in a few days. Logan tells Anthony that everything Claudia is saying is a lie. Ric enters the room and refutes all of Claudia’s claims. Anthony asks Ric to give him one good reason why he should believe him over his daughter.

Jason tells Carly to hear what the experts have to say and to take things from there. Carly says she just can’t imagine living her life without Michael.

Ric and Claudia argue over who is telling the truth and who has Anthony’s best interests at heart. A guard comes to escort Claudia off the premises, as she is in violation of the court order Ric filed, but before leaving, manages to tell Anthony that she thinks Ric is using him to get to Sonny and Trevor.

Before she leaves the mental health facility, Claudia calls Jason and tells him she needs to meet with him out at the overlook as soon as possible because she has information on who shot Michael.

Anthony tells Ric that Claudia made some valid points and that maybe he’s placed too much trust in him.

Ian and Sam meet to have drinks and to “get to know each other better”. Sam fishes around for info on Ian’s past. Ian says that his past is not her concern, but her past is very interesting to him. He asks if she was involved with Jason Morgan. Sam says she was but that it’s over and in the past. Ian says he doesn’t think so- that he thinks she’s working with Jason Morgan to get info on him. He then throws Sam out.

Nikolas “sees” Emily and they briefly discuss his horse ride with Nadine. Nikolas tells Emily he wants to be with her.

Back at General Hospital, Robin discusses Michael’s case with the specialists. She tells them that she will not give her prognosis so as not to influence their findings but does tell them about Carly’s fragile state of denial. The specialists thank her and tell her that hey understand. Elizabeth escorts the specialists to Michael’s hospital room. Carly tells Jax that she doesn’t want Robin’s and Patrick’s negativity influencing the specialists. Jax assures Carly that the specialists will be unbiased with their prognosis but gently reminds her that there are no guarantees for how things will turn out. Carly promises Jax that she’ll listen to what the specialists have to say. The specialists then enter Michael’s hospital room to examine him.

Emily makes a plea to Nikolas that if he dies, Spencer, although loved and cared for, will miss out on not having his father around. Ian shows up and startles Nikolas. Ian tells Nikolas that he has gained access to a new experimental drug, that is illegal in this country, that will keep Nikolas alive and still allow him to “see” Emily, but it will cost him millions.

Meanwhile, Robin is back at her apartment when the doorbell rings. It’s Elizabeth with a box of baby items for her. Robin is embarrassed, as she completely forgot that she was coming over. Elizabeth says it’s perfectly ok and they share a nice visit. Robin asks if Elizabeth is all right and tells her that if she ever wants or needs to talk about Emily, she’s there for her. Elizabeth thanks Robin but then asks her about how she was able to get over breaking up with Jason.

Returning to General Hospital, the specialists tell Carly and Jax that it is too soon to make any recommendations and that more tests need to be conducted on Michael. They go on to tell Carly and Jax that Michael has received excellent care at General Hospital. Carly asks the specialists what the chances are of Michael waking up from his coma.

Ric tells Anthony that he is the one who got him released from the maximum-security prison. Anthony tells Ric that he knows he’s after power. Ric says yes, but not Anthony’s power, and says there’s enough power to go around. Anthony warns Ric not to mess with Johnny. Ric then asks, “What about Claudia?” Anthony replies, “She’s all mine!”

As Claudia is driving, she phones Jason who is waiting for her at the overlook. The brakes on her car fail and she crashes as Jason watches from the overlook.

Elizabeth tells Robin something she’s told absolutely no one else- that she and Jason had been seeing each other in secret and were committed to each other until Michael got shot- then everything changed. She tells Robin she’s having a hard time dealing with her life without Jason. She asks Robin how she got over Jason. Robin tells Elizabeth that it wasn’t easy and that it took her moving to Paris and finding love with Patrick to get over Jason. Elizabeth says that Patrick is a great guy and that he’s safe and stable. Patrick walks in and asks what they’ve been talking about.

Back at the stables, Nikolas tells Ian that he thought there was no cure for the disease he is afflicted with. Ian says that this new illegal medication will shrink the size of Nikolas’ brain tumor, will eliminate the need for surgery, and will still allow him to “see” Emily- but with a hefty price tag. Nikolas simply replies no to a perplexed Ian.

Meanwhile, back at General Hospital, the specialists tell Carly and Jax that they feel it is unlikely that Michael will make a full recovery and that permanent damage has occurred to Michael’s brain. Carly tells Jax that even if Michael awakes and is different and not perfect, as she’d hoped, she believes that Michael will get better and that when he wakes up and is released from the hospital, she intends to take care of him at home herself. Jax says nothing, but looks very concerned and frustrated.

At the mental health facility, Logan puts Anthony back in his bed. Anthony asks Logan why he defended Ric Lansing and what makes him so sure that he’s telling the truth. Logan tells Anthony that he’s heard Johnny saying how much he hates his father. Anthony tells Logan to be nice. Logan asks if he means be nice to Johnny and Anthony says no- that he means be nice to Claudia because she is the last person you’d want as an enemy. Logan nods and leaves. One of Anthony’s henchmen comes in and says that although Claudia’s brakes failed, she survived the car crash and was pulled to safety by Jason Morgan. Anthony smiles, says he’ll kill two birds with one stone and order a hit on Jason and Claudia to be shot!

Meanwhile, at the overlook, after witnessing the car crash, Jason pulls Claudia from the wreckage and asks what happened. She tells him that her brakes went out. Just then, gunfire erupts and Jason pulls Claudia to safety behind a barrier. “I guess they want to finish the job,” Claudia spurts out.

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