GH Update Tuesday 4/22/08

General Hospital Update Tuesday 4/22/08


Written by Mandy
Pictures by Juanita and Clarissa's General Hospital Screencaps

Carly tells Robin and Patrick that she and Jax will find someone who cares about helping Michael and that the only long-term care Michael will get is the care she gives him when he wakes up and goes home with her.

At the nurse’s station, Jason and Sam discuss Ian’s possible involvement in Michael’s shooting.

In Anthony’s room, Johnny tells Anthony that he is back to his “sane” self and that is the reason that he won’t be getting out of the institution.

At the Zacchara home, Claudia tells Sonny that she doesn’t want anything to do with him. Sonny asks what Johnny is worth to her and how far she is willing to go to protect him.

In Anthony’s room, Anthony asks whose kid Johnny is because he doesn’t see reality. Anthony says that he is no longer confused and that he is on his way to being a free man. Ric and Logan walk into the room and Ric threatens to have Johnny arrested for violating a court order.

At the Zacchara home, Sonny says that he needs proof that Johnny wasn’t involved in Michael’s shooting. Claudia realizes that Sonny wants to use her as a human shield. Claudia asks Sonny if he cares if someone tries to shoot her and she tells him to use Kate as a human shield.

In Michael’s room, Jax tells Carly that two specialists will be there the following day. Carly asks Jax to tell Patrick and Robin. Jax walks out in the hall and talks to Robin and Patrick. Jax asks Robin and Patrick if they are absolutely certain that Michael’s case is hopeless. Jax says that he doesn’t know how to get Carly to stop fighting for Michael if he won’t recover.

At the nurse’s station, Sam tells Jason about Ian coming on to her. She says that maybe Ian does have something to hide. Spinelli calls Jason and tells him that he is in Ian’s closet and Jason says that he is on the way.

In Ian’s room, Maxie suggests that Ian has the wrong idea and claims that she is Kate’s assistant and that the magazine is having a feature about “real life hotties” and that the magazine is interested in using him for it. Ian says that he would be interested if he believed a word that was coming out of her lying mouth. Maxie says that she can leave her office number and he can get back to her about the photo shoot. Ian offers Maxie a drink. Maxie says that they can forget the whole thing. Ian asks Maxie why she is really there. Jason knocks on the door and Maxie comes up with a cover story. Ian says that the next time that Jason has questions for him he doesn’t need to send Maxie. Maxie tells Jason that Spinelli is in the closet.

In Anthony’s room, Ric explains that Logan is Anthony’s new bodyguard. Johnny says that Logan isn’t coming near Anthony. Ric explains the things that Anthony needs help with. Anthony tells Johnny to come visit anytime and says that Logan is his new bodyguard.

At the Zacchara home, Claudia suggests that Sonny wants her. Sonny says that he wants justice for his son and if he finds proof that the Zacchara family was involved god help them.

Outside Michael’s room, Robin and Patrick talk to Jax about what happens next. Jax asks Robin what kind of long-term help Michael would need. Robin and Patrick tell Jax that Shadybrook is a good facility and that there is no need to keep Michael there much longer because his organs are functioning fine. Robin tells Patrick why Michael’s case is so hard for her. She explains that she is terrified and Patrick comforts her.

Alexis meets Diane in Sonny’s office. Diane says that she isn’t paying for Alexis’ bad judgment. Alexis asks Diane if she is having an affair with Max. Diane explains that Sonny has forbidden Max to be with her.

At the nurse’s station, Liz asks Robin if she needs help finding a chart. Robin tells Liz that if all the love in the world couldn’t protect Michael, how is she supposed to keep her child safe.

In Michael’s room, Carly and Jax tell Michael about the specialists. Carly admits that she doesn’t know why Robin and Patrick would lie to them and leaves. Jax walks out and meets Sonny in the hall. Jax tells Sonny that Robin and Patrick want to move Michael to a regular room and that they are ready to release Michael into a permanent care facility. Sonny realizes that Michael’s condition isn’t going to change. Carly says that she still believes in Michael and asks if Sonny does.

At the penthouse, Spinelli and Maxie discuss what they were doing in Ian’s room. Jason tells Maxie that she can go and Maxie says that she wants to know what is going on or she can call Mac.

At the Zacchara home, Claudia tells Johnny about Sonny’s visit. Johnny tells Claudia about the changes in Anthony’s condition. Claudia tells Johnny that if Anthony gets out, there will be nothing that can stop him.

At Sonny’s office, Alexis and Diane discuss her relationship with Max. Alexis says that she doesn’t regret her children, but she does regret sleeping with their fathers. Ric walks in.

At the Zacchara home, Johnny tells Claudia what is going on with Anthony. Claudia says that they will have to share power with Anthony and says that she isn’t scared of Anthony. Johnny suggests that she should go back to Italy.

At the penthouse, Spinelli tells Maxie that she should go. Maxie wants to know what is in it for her if she does leave. Maxie wants Carly to convince Lulu to quit her job. Maxie suggests that Spinelli should get her the Cotour layout and a permanent backdoor so she can see future layouts. Spinelli agrees and Maxie leaves. Spinelli apologizes to Jason.

Sam shows up at Ian’s room and he asks her what she is doing there. Sam thanks Ian for helping her to get back on her feet. Sam says that she thought there might be a way she could show her gratitude. Ian offers her a drink.

Outside Michael’s room, Sonny says that he doesn’t want to fight and that he is only there to see Michael. Carly says that she has to stay strong for Michael.

In Michael’s room, Sonny talks to Michael about what is going on and suggests that Michael isn’t really there. Sonny tells Michael that he hopes he is happy and not in pain. Sonny assures Michael that he will always love him.

At the nurse’s station, Robin and Liz talk about being a mom and how scared she is about her child lying in a bed with monitors breathing for it. Robin asks Liz not to tell Patrick, but she has realized that being a single mother is more than she bargained for. Liz assures Robin that she will do the best she can.

Outside Michael’s room, Carly and Sonny discuss what to do when Michael gets released and about the specialists. Carly says that Michael is going home with her and tells Sonny to leave. Sonny asks Jax to let him know what the doctors say and Jax agrees. Carly says that Michael is getting better and will be fine.

In Sonny’s office, Diane asks Ric why he is there. Ric asks where Sonny is and tells them that he is representing Anthony Zacchara to try to help him get released.

At the Zacchara home, Claudia and Johnny talk about why she should and shouldn’t leave. Johnny says that Anthony would hurt her, but not him.

In Ian’s room, he gives her a drink. Sam suggests that maybe Ian needs someone to talk to and Ian says that his world is complicated and he can’t trust just anyone. His phone rings and Claudia tells him that she is on her way over because they need to talk. Ian says that he has a previous commitment to attend to and that they will have to finish later.

Outside Michael’s room, Robin and Patrick tell Carly and Jax that they are going to run more tests so that the specialists will have new results that will help them with Michael’s case. Carly agrees to let them run more tests. Jax tells Carly that she can go home while Michael’s tests are run so that she can get some of Michael’s personal things and see Morgan and get some rest. Carly says that she can’t leave because Michael needs her.

In Sonny’s office, Diane and Alexis ask Ric why he is representing Anthony. Sonny walks in and Ric announces that he is representing Anthony Zacchara. Ric says that he expects Anthony to be released soon. Alexis suggests that Ric should reconsider his decision to represent Anthony and Ric leaves. Sonny tells Alexis that if Anthony gets released, things will get even uglier around there.

At the penthouse, Jason asks Spinelli to find other large deposits into Ian’s account. Jason explains that Sam thinks that Ian is finding something too. Jason says that the answers are in Ian’s bank account.

Ian opens his door for Johnny and Claudia. Johnny offers Ian a million dollars to leave town, but Ian refuses. Ian tells them that if Jason tries to kill him, he will make sure that Jason knows that he was working for Claudia.

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