GH Update Monday 4/21/08

General Hospital Update Monday 4/21/08


Written by Mandy
Pictures by Juanita and Clarissa's General Hospital Screencaps

In Michael’s room, Jax watches as Carly talks to Michael. She turns his head and tries to get him to respond.

At the warehouse, Kate confronts Sonny about walking around without guards. Kate tells Sonny that he doesn’t have to oversee every shipment. Sonny tells her that it is his fault that Michael got shot.

At the penthouse, Jason asks Nikolas why he was paying Ian so much money. Nikolas explains that he did it to be able to see Emily.

In the locker room at the hospital, Jerry threatens to shoot Ian. Jerry points the gun towards the lower part of Ian’s body and turns his head. Jerry realizes that there are no bullets in the gun. Ian tells Jerry to show discretion. Jerry explains that he will shoot Ian in the head before Ian can tell Sonny about his involvement in Michael’s shooting.

At the penthouse, Nikolas tells Jason about his “visions” of Emily and that Ian was providing him with an experimental drug to allow him to keep seeing Emily. Jason asks Nikolas if he knows who Ian is working for.

At the Zacchara home, Johnny gives Ric a paper and confronts him about seeing Anthony. Claudia tells Ric that Anthony deserves to burn in hell for what he has done and that he is twisted and sadistic. Claudia tells Ric that he won’t live to regret it if Anthony gets released. Claudia asks how much Anthony is paying Ric. Ric assures Johnny and Claudia that Anthony has changed. Johnny explains that Anthony will stay locked up no matter what.

At the warehouse, Kate suggests that Sonny might be after revenge and not justice. She tells him to talk to Michael’s doctors. Sonny says that he has to do this on his own, but Kate doesn’t understand why. Kate tells Sonny that what happened to Michael was an accident. Sonny explains that he can’t let it go. Kate tells Sonny that avenging Michael’s shooting will make things worse for everyone around him.

In Michael’s room, Patrick tells Carly and Jax that there has been no change in Michael’s condition. Patrick explains that Michael’s eyes are open, but he isn’t responding. Carly tells Patrick that Michael is getting better. Patrick explains that any doctor that examines Michael will give them the same answers and leaves. Carly tells Jax that she wants someone there who is familiar with Michael’s injuries and who is committed to helping Michael to make progress. Carly thinks that Michael opening his eyes is a sign that he is coming back. She tells Jax that they can’t give up on Michael.

Spinelli sneaks into the nurse’s station and starts doing something on the computer. Sam catches him and asks what he is doing. Spinelli explains that he is just looking for an update on Michael for Jason. Sam explains that the doctors are doing everything they can for Michael and all they can do is wait. Maxie gets off the elevator and tells Spinelli that she has been looking for him. Maxie tells Spinelli that she has an emergency.

At the penthouse, Nikolas and Jason discuss Ian. Nikolas leaves.

At the warehouse, Kate reminds Sonny that he has other children too. Sonny explains that if he doesn’t retaliate, it will be a sign of weakness. They argue and Diane walks in. Kate leaves. Diane tells Sonny that he should stop seeing Kate. Sonny confronts Diane about her relationship with Max.

At the Zacchara home, Ric tells Claudia the changes in her father’s condition. Ric tells Claudia and Johnny that they should prepare for Anthony’s impending release. Claudia explains that the best thing for everyone would be to leave Anthony where he is and Johnny agrees. Ric explains that he had the court suspend their visitations with Anthony. Ric leaves and Johnny says that he will make sure that Anthony doesn’t get released.

Ric visits Anthony in the institution. They talk about the view from Anthony’s room. Anthony says that he wants to be with his family and Ric explains that Johnny and Claudia are planning to keep him locked up for the rest of his life.

At the Zacchara home, Claudia and Johnny discuss Ric’s reasons for wanting Anthony to be released. Johnny and Claudia discuss the possibility of Anthony getting released and what he will do when he is.

At the warehouse, Sonny calls Max in. Sonny asks Max if he is sleeping with Diane and Max says that it was the best sex of his life. Diane says that it is none of Sonny’s business.

In Michael’s room, Carly tells Michael that he is doing good by opening his eyes. Carly asks Michael to keep fighting to come back to her. Sam knocks on the door and asks Carly if she needs coffee or anything else. Carly explains that she doesn’t want Sam’s pity, but Sam says that she is concerned about Michael. Carly says that Michael is getting better and that he is doing fine.

Jax shows up at the penthouse to see Jason. Jax says that he is concerned about how Carly is taking the news that Michael will never wake up. Jax tells Jason that Michael opened his eyes. Jax asks Jason to try to get through to Carly since he can’t.

At the Zacchara home, Claudia and Johnny talk about the day that Anthony sent her away. Johnny assures Claudia that he won’t let Anthony hurt her. Kate walks in and Johnny leaves. Claudia asks Kate what she wants.

At the warehouse, Sonny tells Diane that he has control over whatever affects Max’s work. Sonny compares Diane and Alexis. Diane says that if Sonny had taken precautions, Alexis wouldn’t have gotten pregnant. Sonny forbids Max to sleep with, date, or be around Diane. Diane starts yelling at Sonny, but he answers his cell phone. Sonny and Max leave and Diane follows them yelling and begs Max to call her.

At the penthouse, Jason and Jax discuss Carly. Jax tells Jason that Morgan is scared and confused and that he needs Carly. Jax and Jason discuss what Morgan understands. Jax says that Carly needs to face the reality of Michael’s situation and the only person who can get her to do that is Jason.

Spinelli and Maxie break into a hotel room. Spinelli starts to look around and Maxie tells him that she needs his help to break into the database of Cotoure so that Crimson will have an advantage. Spinelli hides and Ian comes in to see Maxie standing in his room.

In Michael’s room, Jax and Carly talk about Michael. Robin and Patrick walk in and Patrick announces that Robin is taking over Michael’s case until another doctor is found. Patrick gives Carly a list of specialists and Robin says that they are going to move Michael to a regular room.

At the warehouse, Ric walks around and Logan walks in. Ric tells Logan that he has a business proposition. Ric explains that Logan is qualified to protect a client.

In Anthony’s room, a nurse comes in and gives Anthony his meds. They discuss Anthony’s children. Johnny walks up and Anthony introduces him to the nurse. Anthony tells Johnny that he has changed.

At the Zacchara home, Kate and Claudia argue. Kate explains that Sonny is counting on the gunman trying to shoot him again. Kate tells Claudia that if anything happens to Sonny, she will generate bad publicity and claim that Claudia and Johnny are murderers. Sonny walks in and tells Claudia to back off of Kate.

In Michael’s room, Robin tells Carly that Michael doesn’t need the constant monitoring. Carly claims that Michael is getting stronger and Patrick assures Carly that Robin didn’t say that. Carly tells Patrick to stay out of it because he gave up on Michael. Robin tells Carly that they have done everything they can for Michael and that Michael could be released by the end of the week and they should think about Michael’s long term care.

At the nurse’s station, Jason bumps into Sam and she asks about Michael. Jason tells Sam that Michael opened his eyes, but it was only a reflex and that the doctors don’t think that Michael will come out of the coma. Sam explains that she went to see if Carly needed anything and that Carly said that she didn’t need Sam’s pity. Sam tells Jason to let her know if there is anything she can do. Jason asks her about Ian. Sam tells Jason what she knows about Ian and tells him that Ian and Patrick went to medical school together.

In Ian’s room, Ian recognizes Maxie. Ian asks her what she is doing in his room and asks her to entertain him. Spinelli stays hidden.

At the warehouse, Logan and Ric talk about Anthony. Ric explains the “job” to Logan. Logan accepts the job.

In Anthony’s room, Johnny and Anthony discuss Ric’s motives for helping him. Anthony tells Johnny not to push him and that he will kill Claudia if he isn’t welcomed home with open arms.

At the Zacchara home, Claudia tells Sonny and Kate that they don’t get to boss her around. Sonny tells Kate to go and she leaves. Sonny asks Claudia if she has dinner plans and asks her out on a date.

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