GH Update Friday 4/18/08

General Hospital Update Friday 4/18/08


Written By Laurie
Pictures by Juanita and Clarissa's General Hospital Screencaps

Spinelli is researching Dr. Devlin at Jason’s.

Claudia is at home with Johnny discussing business. Alexis arrives to question Claudia and Johnny.

Carly visits with Michael at GH. She promises Michael things will get back to normal. Jax arrives and Carly tells him to leave if he doesn’t believe in Michael’s recovery.

Sonny goes to see Anthony Z.

Back at GH, Jax says Carly needs to be realistic about Michael. Carly refuses to “give up” on her son.

At GH, Nadine and Leyla discuss the opening. Nadine says Nikolas seemed different at the opening.

At GH, Nikolas discusses his medication and surgery with Ian.

At Jason’s, Spinelli doesn’t think Ian is guilty of anything. Jason is suspicious of Ian. Spinelli fills Jason in on Ian’s background. Jason leaves Spinelli to his research.

At the Z house, Alexis questions Johnny and Claudia. She wonders if Trevor is responsible for Michael’s shooting. Alexis points out that Johnny and Claudia “might want Sonny dead.”

Sonny tries to converse with Anthony Z. Sonny wonders what drove Anthony Z “mad.”

Back at GH, Nik and Ian discuss the “experimental drug.” Nik asks Ian about other such drugs. Ian leaves, promising to check into more medication for Nik. Nik approaches Nadine who chastises him for working with Ian.

Lulu and Maxie are at Kate’s office. They bicker as usual. Maxie is clearly in charge of the office. Maxie promises to take Johnny away from Lulu. Kate approaches the girls and tells them to answer the ringing phone.

At the Z house, Claudia tells Alexis of her alibi. She asks Alexis about her own alibi. Johnny insists he has “no idea” who shot Michael. Alexis leaves.

Anthony tells Sonny how “terrible” the shooting was. Anthony says he and Sonny are alike. Sonny challenges Anthony to “kill” him if he can.

Kate is on the phone at her office. She sends Lulu out of the room. Kate asks Maxie her opinion on an article. Kate leaves so Lulu and Maxie argue again. Diane arrives.

Jax does his best to comfort Carly at GH. Carly says she needs Jax’ support. Carly truly believes Michael will recover. Jax steps out to talk to Jerry. Jax tells Jerry about Michael’s prognosis.

At the Z house, Johnny thinks the shooter should be turned over to Sonny. Trevor arrives. Trevor says he has an alibi for the time of the shooting. Ian arrives.

At Jason’s, Spinelli finds information about Ian’s finances. Sonny arrives so Spinelli retreats upstairs. Sonny tells Jason he wants no more guards.

Ric goes to see Anthony Z. Ric says Anthony is now “a ward of the court.” Ric has arranged for Anthony to be transferred to a hospital near Port Charles with no guards. Anthony is happy with the news. He sits up in bed suddenly. Ric is startled.

Jax watches Carly from outside of Michael’s room. Jerry is still with Jax. Jax is frustrated and Jerry is sympathetic. Jax admits he’s “afraid for Carly.”

At the Z house, Claudia tells Ian she’s busy at the moment. Trevor wonders why Ian has paid Claudia a house call. Ian covers then leaves. Trevor insults Claudia and calls her “an embarrassment.” Trevor reminds everyone that he owns the waterfront property.

Anthony tells Ric to help him move his legs. Anthony is able to do everything but stand up on his own. Anthony promises Ric “the money and the power” to do what he wants. Anthony warns Ric that Claudia is dangerous.

At Jason’s, Sonny says his plan is to “draw” the shooter “out.” Sonny promises to find the responsible party. He apologizes for blaming Jason. Sonny leaves. Spinelli runs downstairs and claims to have found information about Ian.

At the Z house, Claudia talks to Jerry on the phone. She tells Jerry to “shut Ian up.” Jerry is offended when Claudia threatens to expose his involvement in the shooting. Johnny comes in and questions Claudia about Ian. Johnny thinks Ian is the shooter.

Ian arrives at GH. He pulls Nik aside to discuss other medications. Nadine is upset to see Nik and Ian together. Nik thanks Nadine for the fun he had at the opening.

Back at Kate’s office, Maxie and Lulu bicker over Johnny again. Alexis arrives. Diane is still in with Kate looking at shoe samples. Alexis goes into Kate’s office. Alexis looks at shoe samples. Alexis and Diane bicker over the shoe samples.

Sonny arrives at the coffee warehouse. Max arrives and is upset that Sonny doesn’t want any more guards. Max blames himself for Michael’s condition. Max rattles on about feeling guilty. He casually mentions that he slept with Diane as a way of acting out.

Nik goes to Jason’s penthouse. Jason asks why Nik paid Ian ten million dollars.

Ian is at GH taking a shower. Jerry appears with a warning about how “dangerous” the shower can be. Jerry has a gun pointed at Ian.

Anthony’s guard gets him prepared for his transfer. Anthony tells his guard to “follow Claudia.”

At the Z house, Claudia tries to play off Ian’s visit to Johnny. She admits to working with Ian “before.” Claudia admits that Ian was the shooter. Ric arrives. He tells Claudia and Johnny that Anthony is “a ward of the court” and he may soon be “free.”

At the warehouse, Sonny is surprised by Max’s news. Max tries to explain. Sonny says the affair with Diane is wrong and it must stop. Kate arrives. Max walks away. Kate is worried for Sonny.

Back at GH, Jax offers his support to Carly. He credits Jerry for his change of heart. Suddenly Michael opens his eyes.

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