GH Update Thursday 4/17/08

General Hospital Update Thursday 4/17/08


Written By Laurie
Pictures by Juanita and Clarissa's General Hospital Screencaps

Everyone is at the Haunted Star opening. Tracy wonders who Luke is “watching.”

Jerry and Claudia discuss Ian. They are both uncomfortable that Ian is at the opening.

Alexis talks with Sam.

Sonny comes to the opening and Luke greets him.

Carly and Jax are at GH with Michael. Jax wants Carly to go home to Morgan.

Lulu, Johnny, and Logan share an uncomfortable moment on the docks.

At Jason’s, Spinelli views the video tapes from the night of the shooting and notices a doctor’s car driving past the coffee warehouse.

Back on the Haunted Star, Luke reminds Sonny that the ship is “neutral territory.” Ric approaches Sonny. Ric wonders what Sonny is “trying to prove.”

Back at GH, Jax talks to Carly about his lonely childhood. He worries for Morgan and tries to convince Carly to go home. Carly finally agrees with Jax.

Patrick and Robin get ready to go to the opening together.

On the docks, Lulu questions Johnny about Claudia. Johnny leaves Lulu alone with Logan. Lulu agrees to attend the opening with Logan as his friend.

At Jason’s, Spinelli wonders if Sonny has any enemies who are doctors. Jason tells Spinelli about AJ being Michael’s “biological father.”

At the opening, Ric presses Sonny for answers. Johnny arrives and is greeted by Luke. Sonny and Johnny exchange looks. Claudia approaches Johnny. Ian and Jerry exchange looks.

Jax takes Carly home. Carly remembers yelling at Michael. Morgan comes down to see Carly.

Spinelli asks Jason why he named Michael after Sonny. Jason tells Spinelli about Carly’s difficulty with Michael after he was born. Jason shares all about the time he spent with Michael when Carly left.

Lulu and Logan arrive at the opening. She approaches Nikolas and Nadine. Lulu takes Nik aside.

Patrick and Robin arrive at the opening. Robin notices the arrival of Kate and Maxie. Kate sees Sonny across the room. Kate has a concerned look on her face. Kate and Maxie discuss the magazine. Robin gets nauseous so Patrick tries to help.

Johnny approaches Sonny and tells him he’s sorry about Michael. Ric, Claudia, Alexis, and Jerry are close by. Sonny promises to make the guilty party “pay.”

Claudia talks with Luke about the opening. Luke stresses that the ship must remain neutral territory.

Johnny approaches Lulu. Maxie interrupts and Johnny walks away. Lulu and Maxie bicker.

Kate approaches Sonny. She asks him to leave the opening with her. Sonny and Kate leave the party as Claudia watches.

At home, Carly has a talk with Morgan. She explains about Michael’s “accident.” Carly tells Morgan that Michael will get better.

At Jason’s, Spinelli is able to trace the doctor’s car to a leasing company.

Sonny and Kate have a discussion on the docks. Kate wonders why Sonny came to the opening. Sonny tries to shut Kate out and she gets upset.

Diane arrives at the opening. She speaks with Luke and Tracy. Diane heads in Max’s direction but Alexis stops her. Diane finds her way to a smiling Max. Jerry offers to take Alexis for a walk.

Maxie flirts with Johnny. Johnny gives Maxie some chips to start her off. Lulu watches and isn’t happy with what she sees.

On the docks, Sonny tells Kate he’s using the opening to forget his problems. Kate says Sonny is punishing himself for the accident. Sonny tells Kate to go back in and “launch the magazine.”

Lulu talks to Liz at the opening. Lulu keeps an eye on Johnny and Maxie.

Sam and Lucky are together at the opening.

Robin places a bet with Patrick’s help. She wins and tells Patrick she’s ready to go home.

At home, Carly tells Jax she’s heading back to GH. Jax wants Carly to “face what the doctors are saying.” Carly resents that Jax spoke with Liz about Michael’s condition.

At Jason’s, Spinelli runs a trace on the lease car. Spinelli says Jason is “not responsible” for Michael’s shooting. He wonders why Jason feels the need to keep the “peace” between Sonny and Carly. Jason is upset that Sonny chose to protect Kate over Michael.

Patrick takes Robin home. Patrick insists he enjoyed his evening with Robin. Patrick says he loves seeing Robin “happy.”

Jason says Sonny “made a terrible mistake.” Jason has mixed feelings about Michael’s recovery. Spinelli connects Ian’s name to the lease car.

Claudia talks to Ian at the opening. Kate and Sonny return. Milo is close by. Sonny continues to place large bets.

Still at the opening, Diane kisses Max off in a corner where Sonny can’t see them.

Lulu approaches Maxie about pushing the magazine. She does her best to pull Maxie and Johnny apart. Johnny goes outside with Lulu as Claudia follows.

At home, Jax and Carly disagree about Michael’s recovery. Carly is upset that Jax went to Texas in the first place. She accuses him of deserting her and making her deal with the situation on her own.

At home, Robin and Patrick discuss her pregnancy. Patrick seems happy with the situation.

Spinelli and Jason wonder if Ian is the “shooter.” Jason tells Spinelli to investigate Ian.

Back at the opening, Nadine and Nikolas are gambling. Leyla is close by. Nadine wins her bet.

Jerry wants to split his winnings with Alexis. Jerry drops a $5,000 chip on the floor. They both drop to the floor to retrieve the chip.

Max and Diane are still together. Max gets down on the floor to retrieve something for Diane. Max sees Alexis kissing Jerry.

Kate is suspicious when she notices that both Sonny and Claudia have disappeared.

Johnny and Lulu argue outside. Lulu calls Johnny on flirting with Maxie. Lulu kisses Johnny. Claudia witnesses the kiss.

Carly insists on leaving home and returning to GH. She’s mad that Jax doesn’t seem to believe in Michael. Carly leaves the house and heads for the hospital.

Sonny is at GH, visiting Michael. Sonny promises Michael he will kill the person who shot him.

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