GH Update Wednesday 4/16/08

General Hospital Update Wednesday 4/16/08


Written by Mandy
Pictures by Juanita and Clarissa's General Hospital Screencaps

At Wyndemere, Nikolas watches Nadine sleep. She wakes up and he tells her how beautiful she is. He admits that he was frustrated because he couldn’t convince her to go upstairs with him. She wakes up from her dream and sees Nikolas standing there watching her with a cup of coffee in his hands.

In Michael’s room, Jax listens as Carly tells Michael a story about drifting away in the water. She tells him that he is going to come back because everyone loves him so much.

Jason walks into his penthouse and grabs the box with all of his pictures in it. He sits on the stairs. He looks at the box and pulls it closer to his chest.

At Wyndemere, Nadine tells Nikolas that the swelling has went down in her ankle. Nikolas says that she is limping and obviously in pain. Nikolas suggests that they should have some breakfast, but Nadine says that she will be late for work. Nadine tells Nikolas that she is going to the reopening of the Haunted Star to play blackjack that night. Nadine leaves.

Lulu stops by the Haunted Star to see Luke. Luke asks Lulu if she will be at the reopening and Lulu says that she will be there to see him. Luke suggests that she will be there to see Johnny and Lulu says that if Johnny wants to see her he knows where to find her.

At home, Claudia plays a few notes on the piano and Johnny walks in. Johnny tells her that she needs some lessons. Claudia reminds Johnny that she can handle herself with Jason and Sonny.

Ric goes to see Anthony in the institution. Ric announces that he has made progress in getting Anthony released. Ric suggests that the biggest obstacles in Anthony’s release are his children. Ric says that Johnny and Claudia want to keep Anthony locked up so that they can use the business to do whatever they want.

In Michael’s room, Jax suggests that Carly should go home and get some rest, but Carly says that she needs to be there with Michael. Jax offers to stay with Michael so she can go home and change her clothes and eat. Carly tells Jax that Michael could wake up and she needs to be there with him. She says that she isn’t leaving Michael again, but Jax says that she can’t stay with Michael for every second of the rest of his life. Carly tells Jax that Michael will wake up and when he does, she will be there.

Spinelli shows up at Jason’s penthouse with groceries. Jason tells him that they are going to find who shot Michael. Jason says that he hurt Michael and Spinelli reminds Jason that he was always protecting Michael. Jason says that Michael was never safe because of Jason’s choices and that Michael may never wake up.

At the nurse’s station, Epiphany confronts Liz about running off to handle another crisis. Epiphany and Liz discuss Michael’s shooting. Lucky walks up and asks Liz if she wants to go to the reopening of the Haunted Star with him. Liz accepts and Lucky asks if he can come by the house early to see the boys.

At the institution, Ric explains that Johnny doesn’t want Anthony released. Anthony claims that it is because of Claudia. Ric asks Anthony how much his release is worth to him. Anthony says that when he is free, Ric can name his price. Ric says that he is setting up a hearing. Ric asks Anthony not to discuss this with his family. Ric leaves and Anthony reaches up to scratch his nose.

At home, Claudia and Johnny argue about Michael’s shooting. Johnny says that he will go to Sonny and assure him that they are innocent.

At the Haunted Star, Lulu tells Luke that she and Johnny are over. Luke suggests that Johnny is involved with Michael’s shooting. Lulu and Luke discuss his opinions of Johnny.

In Michael’s room, Jax and Carly discuss what Patrick thinks about Michael’s case. Carly claims that Patrick doesn’t know Michael and that Michael will surprise everyone. Jax leaves to get Carly some coffee when he sees Alexis outside. Jax explains that the doctors think that Michael’s coma is permanent and he doesn’t know how to help Carly see the truth.

On the docks, Ian and Jerry discuss Michael’s shooting and Sonny’s reaction if he finds out who was responsible.

At the Haunted Star, Luke and Tracy discuss the reopening. Luke tells Tracy that she will have to buy in just like everyone else. Tracy reminds Luke about what the doctor’s told him to do to make sure that he isn’t going to have another heart attack. Luke tells her to relax. Johnny walks in and Luke says that if anyone dies that night it will probably be his business partner.

At the penthouse, Jason plays a game of pool while Spinelli tries to find evidence of who shot Michael. Jason says that whoever shot Michael needs to pay. Jason opens the door to see Claudia standing there. Claudia tells Jason that they need to talk about who shot Michael.

Outside Michael’s room, Jax and Alexis discuss Carly’s reaction to Michael’s condition. Alexis reminds Jax that she was in Carly’s position and she handled it the same way that Carly is. Alexis tells Jax to let Carly find her own way through it.

At the nurse’s station, Nadine asks Liz what time the Haunted Star is opening. Liz asks Nadine if she is going and Nadine replies that she loves to gamble. Liz says that she will see Nadine there. Nadine asks Leyla to teach her how to play blackjack. Nadine tells Leyla about what happened at Wyndemere. Epiphany tells Nadine her opinion about a casino.

Lulu shows up at Wyndemere and asks Nikolas to go to the Haunted Star reopening with her. Nikolas realizes that it is about Johnny.

At the Haunted Star, Luke and Johnny discuss the reopening and about Michael’s shooting. Tracy asks Johnny to stay away from Lulu.

At Jason’s penthouse, Claudia asks Jason to make sure that Johnny leaves a meeting with Sonny alive. Jason suggests that Johnny wanted revenge on Sonny, but Claudia claims that it wasn’t the Zacchara’s that were responsible. Jason tells Claudia that Sonny won’t act without proof, but once they get the proof, they are going to go after the shooter and nothing will stop them.

In Michael’s room, Carly shows him things from his past. Jax comes back with a bag and Carly tells him that she is showing Michael some memories. Epiphany comes in to change Michael’s bandages and Carly and Jax go out in the hallway. Jax suggests that Carly go home for a little time and reminds her that Morgan needs his mother.

At the reopening of the Haunted Star, Luke gives a speech and tells everyone to have a wonderful time. Tracy takes Luke’s drink so he orders another. He runs into Alexis and she says that she is there to have a good time. Jerry runs into Alexis and gives her some chips. Nadine and Leyla show up together and head for a table. Liz and Lucky show up and she agrees to keep her eyes on Luke. Lucky thanks her for letting him see the boys. Sam shows up alone and turns away when she sees Liz and Lucky. Lucky tells Sam that he asked Liz to come because she’s a nurse and Luke might need one. Lucky assures Sam that he wants to be with her. Ric walks in and orders a drink. Liz and Ric talk about Marianna. Alexis and Jerry discuss where he learned to gamble and Alexis places a bet. Jerry sees Ian walk in and Alexis asks him if something is wrong. Nadine and Leyla discuss what people like about gambling. Ric helps Nadine choose where to place her bet. Nikolas walks in while Nadine is jumping around because she won.

Outside Michael’s room, Carly tells Jax that Bobbie said that Morgan was doing fine with Mercedes. Jax explains that Morgan is confused and scared because he knows that something is going on, but he doesn’t know what. Jax says that Carly has to tell Morgan the truth.

Johnny meets Lulu at the docks, and Johnny offers to take Lulu to the reopening of the Haunted Star. Logan comes across them.

Claudia walks into the Haunted Star and is greeted by Luke. Tracy walks over and hits Luke. Alexis leaves Jerry to see Sam. Nadine and Leyla thank Ric for his opinion. Ric sees Claudia across the room. Jerry tells Claudia that Ian is there too.

At the penthouse, Jason and Spinelli look through the security footage and find no leads. Spinelli says that he has accessed some new footage and they go over it. Jason and Spinelli find a picture of doctor id tags in a window of a car leaving the area.

At the Haunted Star, Claudia and Jerry watch Ian across the room.

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