GH Update Tuesday 4/15/08

General Hospital Update Tuesday 4/15/08


Written by Mandy
Pictures by Juanita and Clarissa's General Hospital Screencaps

Logan sets up a surprise for Lulu at Kelly’s. Lulu says that she can’t have dinner with Logan because it feels like a date. He explains that it was supposed to feel like a date and she says that she can’t do it anymore. Logan explains that this is his way of thanking her for staying by him through his coma. Lulu explains that she wanted to make things right as a friend because she doesn’t have romantic feelings for him anymore.

At home, Claudia confronts Johnny with Lulu’s bracelet. Johnny explains to Claudia that Lulu stopped by to let him know that she talked to Sonny and Carly for him. Johnny tells Claudia that Lulu gave him an alibi for Michael’s shooting and Claudia gives her opinion about it. Johnny explains his reaction to Claudia.

At Liz’s, Jax says that he can tell Carly is keeping something from him. He says that he wants to help Michael and Carly, but he doesn’t know how. He asks Liz what needs to be done for Michael. Liz explains that there is nothing anyone can do for Michael.

In Michael’s room, Jason convinces Carly not to yell at Sonny in the room. They walk out into the hall and Carly tells Sonny to stay away from Michael. Sonny tells Carly that he isn’t leaving his son.

Robin gets back to her place. Patrick looks through a book and Robin invites him to stay if he wants. Robin explains that she met with Sonny and listened to his grief for an hour. She explains what Sonny is going through and what Carly has said to Sonny since Michael got shot. Robin explains that she realized that she has been pushing Patrick out of the baby’s life. Robin asks Patrick if his feelings have changed about the baby.

At Kelly’s, Lulu tells Logan that he doesn’t deserve the back and forth relationship. Logan explains that Lulu might change her mind, but Lulu says that she isn’t changing her mind. She says that she likes him and that he is a great guy, but she won’t keep talking herself into an attraction that she doesn’t feel. She explains that things have changed over time and that they aren’t going to change back. Logan asks Lulu why she is blowing him off and suggests that it is about Johnny.

At home, Claudia and Johnny discuss his meeting with Lulu the night that Michael was shot. Johnny explains his meeting with Lulu. Claudia asks what is going on with Lulu and Johnny says that he cares about her, but Lulu is scared. Johnny admits that he likes knowing that Lulu is in his life. Claudia tells Johnny to keep Lulu in his life if he wants, but warns him not to fall in love because if he does, he might as well eat his gun.

At Liz’s, Jax insists that Michael’s case isn’t hopeless. Liz says that she isn’t a doctor and that she shouldn’t even be discussing the case with him. Jax assures her that he won’t mention her name to anyone and asks her to help him help Carly. Liz tells Jax that the damage to Michael’s brain is as serious as it gets. Liz explains that Patrick told Robin that Michael’s coma is permanent. Jax realizes that it means that Michael won’t wake up again and that Carly knows. He realizes that Carly is in denial.

Outside Michael’s room, Carly tells Sonny that she doesn’t want to hear his remorse. Jason tries to calm Carly down. Carly tells Sonny that she doesn’t care how sorry he is because she has heard it before. Sonny says that Michael would want him to be in the room. Jason tells Carly that Michael needs his father.

At home, Johnny and Claudia talk about love. Claudia and Johnny discuss Anthony’s insanity based on love. Johnny says that life is about taking a chance.

At Kelly’s, Lulu tells Logan that she might have a future with Johnny, but she doesn’t know that. Lulu explains her feelings about Johnny and Logan. Lulu tells Logan that it is over and that he needs to accept it.

At Liz’s, Jax admits that he doesn’t know how to help Carly. Liz explains that maybe Carly isn’t ready to hear the truth. Liz reminds Jax that sometimes denial is necessary. Liz tells Jax that there is no harm in Carly holding on to hope for a little longer. Jax thanks Liz and gets up to leave. Liz shows him out and admits that she could have made the same mistake that Carly did.

Outside Michael’s room, Jason reminds Carly and Sonny that they have all failed Michael and that fighting about it isn’t going to help. Carly turns to look at Michael. Jason reminds them that nothing can change what happened and that Michael needs them. Jason grabs his coat and leaves and Carly turns to look at Sonny.

At Kelly’s, Logan tells Lulu that he won’t keep banging his head against a wall for a girl that doesn’t want him. He tells her that she can’t make it better and that he won’t put her on the spot again. Lulu says that she will clean up and Logan leaves.

At home, Claudia tells Johnny that she has had experiences with love and devastation. Claudia explains what happened with her mother. Claudia explains that her mother was ruined because she loved a man who threw her away. Claudia tells Johnny that she could only love someone who could stand by her no matter what and that she could trust and that man doesn’t exist. Claudia tells Johnny that love is a losing proposition. She says that she is the person that he can always trust and leaves.

Outside Michael’s room, Carly tells Sonny that she knows Michael loves him. Carly tells Sonny to go in and tell Michael to fight. Carly walks away.

At the nurse’s station, Jax tells a nurse that he doesn’t need to speak with Patrick anymore. Carly walks up and tells Jax that Sonny is with Michael because Jason talked her into letting Sonny see him. Jax says that Jason was right.

In Michael’s room, Sonny talks to Michael about what is going on with Carly. Sonny admits that he let Michael down by not protecting him. Sonny asks if Michael wondered why Sonny didn’t save him. Sonny says that he failed Michael in the worst possible way and that Michael will not fail himself. Sonny asks Michael to wake up and come back to them. Sonny says that he and Carly need Michael and that Michael has to choose to live.

At Robin’s, Patrick admits that he has been paying attention to fathers with their children. Robin claims that she is fat and that Patrick is thinking about it.

At the nurse’s station, Carly says that she is to blame for Michael’s shooting more than Sonny. Jax tells Carly that Michael needs his parents to be acting together. Jax says that the best thing for Michael is for Carly and Sonny to get along while they are in the hospital.

In Michael’s room, Sonny tells Michael that he is as strong as Carly. Carly and Jax walk in and Sonny gets up. Sonny says that he will come back the next day. Carly explains that he can come back whenever he wants and that they can deal with what is going on with them later because all that matters right now is Michael.

At Robin’s, Patrick assures Robin that she isn’t fat. Patrick tells her that she glides across the room like poetry in motion. Patrick tells her that she is more beautiful than ever and kisses her.

Claudia confronts Jason on the docks about his driving. Claudia starts to flirt with Jason.

Sonny gets home and has a drink. Kate comes in and admits that she is worried about him. Kate says that she shouldn’t have showed up. Sonny assures her that he doesn’t blame her and he doesn’t regret saving her life. They both admit that they don’t know how to fix this. Kate offers to hold Sonny.

In Michael’s room, Jax apologizes to Michael for not being there. Jax reminds Michael of all the things that Michael did to help him and says that he loves being Michael’s stepfather. Jax says that it has been a pleasure watching Michael grow up. Carly asks Jax why it sounds like he is saying goodbye to Michael.

Patrick and Robin lay on her couch covered with a blanket talking about their relationship. They admit that they still love each other. Robin says that if they just love each other everything else will work itself out. Patrick tells Robin that she really is more beautiful than ever, but she suggests that he just likes her bigger chest. They start kissing.

On the docks, Claudia asks Jason about Michael. Claudia says that she was with Carly when she got the call about Michael. Claudia says that people in their line of business shouldn’t have children.

In Michael’s room, Carly says that it is easy to think that Michael isn’t going to recover, but he is getting stronger. Carly says that Jax has to believe in her and Michael. Jax tells Carly that if she believes that Michael is coming back then he does too.

At Sonny’s, Kate and Sonny talk about his visit with Michael. Sonny swears that he will never abandon Michael.

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