GH Update Monday 4/14/08

General Hospital Update Monday 4/14/08


Written by Mandy
Pictures by Juanita and Clarissa's General Hospital Screencaps

At home, Johnny plays a song on the piano. Lulu walks in and listens to him. She asks what the song is called. Johnny tells her who wrote the piece. He asks her what she is doing there. Lulu explains that she wanted him to know that she made sure that no one would blame him for Michael’s shooting.

At Liz’s house, Jason tells Liz about Carly asking him to help her raise Michael. Jason explains that he promised to protect Michael. He admits that he can’t keep anyone safe and that he shouldn’t be anywhere near a child.

In Michael’s room, Carly and Claudia argue. Carly says that Michael has been hurt enough because of Sonny.

At the warehouse, Sonny stands there holding a gun at himself. He remembers Michael the night of the shooting. Sonny hears a noise and asks who is there. He is surprised to see Robin. Robin explains that Alexis called her to check on Sonny. Sonny says that he is a selfish bastard who got his son shot.

At home, Johnny asks Lulu about Michael. Lulu explains that she was trying to help.

At Sonny’s, Alexis confronts Diane about having sex with Max. Diane says that it is a good time for Alexis to leave. Alexis says that Diane is sleeping with a flunky.

At home, Liz suggests that they leave Port Charles. Jason explains that he can’t leave Michael right now. Jason admits that Liz and the kids would always be in the line of fire. Liz realizes that Jason is choosing a life with violence over her and the boys. Jason explains that he made that choice before he met her. He says that he refuses to be the reason that her or the boys die. Liz explains that she can’t stop loving him, even now.

In Michael’s room, Claudia tells Carly that she isn’t there to hurt Michael. Carly says that being close to Sonny is a dangerous thing. Claudia tells Carly that she is sorry about Michael and Carly tells her to get out. Jax walks in and asks Carly what is going on. Jax and Claudia argue over Johnny’s role in Michael’s shooting. Jax tells Claudia to leave before he calls security. Claudia leaves and Jax hugs Carly. Carly tells Jax that Michael is getting better.

At the warehouse, Sonny tells Robin that he wanted to show Michael that his business wasn’t all about violence. Robin tells Sonny that the gunman wasn’t aiming at Michael; Sonny tells Robin that he was the intended target. Robin tells Sonny that he can’t blame himself for wanting to be a good father. Sonny says that he grabbed Kate and not Michael. Robin tells Sonny that every child needs his father.

At his home, Johnny asks Lulu why she is there. Johnny and Lulu argue about their relationship. Johnny says that not everything he does is about her. Lulu tells him to have a nice life and leaves.

At her home, Liz tells Jason that she could never risk letting her boys get hurt. She explains that she doesn’t want it to be over and that she hopes there is some way that she can be with him again. Liz tells Jason that she accepts that he shouldn’t be around the kids, but why can’t they keep meeting. Jason explains that if she calls, he will meet her. She realizes that he isn’t going to call her. Jason tells Liz that he wants her and the boys to have a safe life and kisses her. Jason turns to leave. Liz asks Jason if there is anything she can do for him. He asks her to pray for Michael and leaves.

At Sonny’s, Alexis and Diane argue about Max. Alexis says that Max will never love anyone other than Carly.

In Michael’s room, Jax and Carly discuss Jason and Sonny. Carly says that she doesn’t want Sonny around Michael anymore. Carly tells Jax that when the shots were fired Sonny protected Kate and not Michael. Carly asks why she didn’t do more to protect her kids.

At the warehouse, Robin tells Sonny that no one should have to sit by their child’s bedside wondering if they will ever wake up. Robin says that Michael needs Sonny. Robin reminds Sonny that Carly used her pregnancy to work men. Sonny tells Robin that when he adopted Michael, he promised to keep him safe. Sonny says that he has failed his son in every way that matters.

At Sonny’s, Max says that Alexis has no right to judge him or Diane. Alexis and Diane argue about Jerry and Max. Diane says that it is time for Alexis to leave. Alexis reluctantly leaves. Max thanks Diane for defending him to Alexis. They start gathering their things. Max finds Diane’s panties and kisses her when she takes them. Diane says that she will call Max and leaves.

At the warehouse, Robin and Sonny discuss relationships. Robin reminds Sonny that Carly knew about his life before they got involved. Sonny suggests that the best thing for Michael is for Sonny to walk away. Robin asks Sonny if he was better off growing up without a father. Robin says that no one has the right to keep a father away from his child.

Outside Michael’s room, Carly and Jax talk about Michael’s condition. Carly says that Michael is getting better. Jason shows up. Jax thanks Jason for staying with Carly through Michael’s surgery. Jax goes back into Michael’s room. Jason tells Carly that she has to tell Jax what the doctor’s said, but she refuses.

At home, Claudia walks in and Johnny stops playing the piano. They discuss the past when he learned to play the piano. Claudia says that she went to see Michael because she thought that maybe it wouldn’t be that bad. She promises Johnny that she won’t let him pay for her mistakes. Claudia and Johnny discuss Carly’s reaction to seeing Claudia in Michael’s room. Johnny reminds Claudia that she didn’t hurt Michael on purpose. Johnny says that he isn’t going to let her go to Sonny and take responsibility. He says that no one can know that she was involved.

At the warehouse, Robin and Sonny talk about his life. Robin asks Sonny if he has thought about what Michael wants. Sonny says that Michael would want him to be at the hospital. Robin tells Sonny that he should be with Michael.

In Michael’s room, Carly tells Jax about Jason’s role in raising Michael. Jason explains that he used to read Michael books about other countries. Jax offers his seat to Jason. Jax says that he has some things to do and that he will be back soon. Jax watches Jason read a book to Michael.

At home, Claudia and Johnny discuss Michael’s shooting. Johnny says that Claudia doesn’t need to protect him anymore. Johnny and Claudia promise that no one can know they were involved for now. Johnny tells Claudia that she can’t go to the hospital anymore. Johnny explains that he and Lulu are over for good. Claudia asks whose choice it was and Johnny says that it doesn’t matter. Claudia picks up a bracelet off the floor and asks Johnny why Lulu was there.

Lulu arrives at Kelly’s. Logan tells Lulu that he wanted to surprise her.

Jax shows up at Liz’s house. Jax asks Liz about Michael’s surgery. Jax explains that Carly thinks that Michael is getting better and he wants to know if it is possible.

In Michael’s room, Carly and Jason discuss taking Michael somewhere special when he gets better. Carly and Jason discuss a trip they took to Florida. Sonny walks in and asks how Michael is doing. Sonny explains that he doesn’t want to fight and that all he wants is to see Michael. Carly says that she is never going to let Sonny hurt Michael again.

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