GH Update Friday 4/11/08

General Hospital Update Friday 4/11/08


Written By Laurie
Pictures by Juanita and Clarissa's General Hospital Screencaps

Nikolas and Emily are together at Wyndemere. Nik tells Emily about the new drug he’s on and how well they’re working.

Robin is at Jake’s with Patrick. Claudia is there.

Jason is visiting Monica in Rehab.

Carly is at GH with Sonny, Alexis, Harper, and Kate. Carly is angry that Sonny chose to protect Kate over Michael. Carly slaps Sonny. Liz approaches and watches everything unfold.

Back at Jake’s, Robin isn’t thrilled with the company Patrick is keeping. Patrick tells Claudia to back off of Robin.

Back at GH, Carly tells Harper Michael was shot because of Sonny. Carly calls Sonny “selfish.” Sonny admits that he was wrong. Carly blasts Sonny for leaving Michael unprotected. Carly tells Sonny that he is no longer “Michael’s father.”

Jason is still with Monica. He blames himself for Michael’s shooting. Jason says he’s “the reason” Michael was hurt. Monica says she forgives Jason and asks that he forgive himself. Liz calls Jason and tells him Carly needs him.

Nadine and Leyla are working at the hospital. Nadine confides in Leyla about Nik. Nadine tells Leyla about her afternoon with Nik and Spencer. Nadine is frustrated.

Back at Wyndemere, Nik tells Emily he wants to see more of her. Nik says he can remember “every detail of the night” Emily was killed. He tells Emily what he remembers. Nik says nothing matters without Emily in his life. Emily says it’s time for Nik to “let go.”

At GH, Leyla talks with Nadine about Patrick. Leyla advises Nadine to tell Nik how she feels about him.

Back at Jake’s, Claudia thanks Patrick for saving Michael. Claudia claims she had nothing to do with the shooting. Robin takes Patrick and leaves the bar.

At GH, Carly apologizes to Alexis. Carly says Alexis was right to try and keep her daughter from Sonny. Carly continues to lay into Sonny about his failures. Carly insists that Sonny doesn’t love his kids. Carly tells Sonny to stay away from Michael.

Nik is still at Wyndemere with Emily. He begs her not to leave. Nadine arrives.

Diane goes to Sonny’s house. Max lets her in. Max is clearly on edge about Michael. Max feels guilty for leaving Sonny and Michael alone the night of the shooting. Diane tells Max he’s a “sweet and wonderful man.” Then she calls him “an idiot.”

Robin takes Patrick home and they talk about Michael’s condition. Robin says Patrick shouldn’t blame himself. Patrick says he feels bad for Sonny.

Sonny arrives at the coffee warehouse. The police no longer consider it a “crime scene.” Kate arrives.

Jason comes back to GH to check on Carly. Carly fills Jason in on the situation with Sonny. She tells Jason how Sonny chose to protect Kate.

At Wyndemere, Nadine asks Nik if Emily is there. Nadine reminds Nik that Emily is dead. She says Nik is living in a “fantasy.” Nadine throws things across the room, hoping to hit Emily.

Back at Sonny’s house, Diane tries to console Max. Diane says Max was not at fault for the shooting. Max still feels responsible. He wonders if Diane feels the same way. Diane clearly feels guilty for helping Sonny keep custody of his kids. Max tries to make Diane feel better. Diane responds by kissing Max.

Carly and Jason are still at GH with Michael. Carly says her life has always been “a train wreck.” She blames herself for cheating on Jason years ago with Sonny.

Patrick wonders why Sonny isn’t involved in Michael’s “treatment.” Patrick says the father’s role is a “disposable” one and it shouldn’t be. Patrick says Sonny has “the right” to be involved in his son’s life.

Sonny and Kate are at the coffee warehouse discussing the shooting. Kate tries to understand Carly’s point of view. Sonny feels guilty for not protecting Michael. He blames himself for the shooting.

Claudia talks to Coleman at Jake’s. She turns down his drink offer saying she has someplace else to be.

Liz comes home with the boys. She tells Cam how “lucky” she is to be his and Jake’s mother.

Jason and Carly are at GH with Michael. Carly blames herself for not protecting her child. Carly is disappointed in herself for trusting Sonny to be Michael’s father. Carly says Sonny is only concerned with his own needs. Carly admits to being delusional about what a “great man” Sonny was in the past. Jason says he must leave the hospital for a little while.

Nadine and Nikolas argue at Wyndemere. Nadine is angry that Nik sent everyone “away” to spend time with Emily. She says Nik is obsessed with Emily. Nadine lets out a scream as she starts to leave the house. Nik helps her to the couch.

Alexis goes to the house to see Sonny. Alexis is shocked when she finds Max and Diane in a compromising position.

Kate and Sonny continue their discussion at the warehouse. Kate tells Sonny he’s a “very good father.” Sonny puts all the blame on himself. He tells Kate he wants to be “alone.” Sonny says Kate is a reminder of how he failed Michael. Sonny asks Kate to leave.

Jason goes to Liz’s house. Liz tells Jason how sorry she is about Michael. Jason tells Liz he loves her but he can’t have a life with her.

Claudia goes to GH to see Michael. She apologizes to him. She puts a trinket of her mothers in Michael’s hand. Carly returns to Michael’s room and is upset to find Claudia there.

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