GH Update Thursday 4/10/08

General Hospital Update Thursday 4/10/08


Written By Laurie
Pictures by Juanita and Clarissa's General Hospital Screencaps

Luke comes to the Q mansion and finds Tracy with Claudia.

Lulu is working at Kate’s. Sonny arrives.

At GH, Patrick explains Michael’s prognosis to Jason and Carly. Robin is there. Carly disagrees with Patrick.

At Wyndemere, Nikolas and Nadine attempt to put a train together for Spencer. Nik speaks Russian for Nadine. Nik calls Alfred to find the toolbox at Nadine’s request. Nik has no idea how to put the train track together. He’s amused by Nadine’s knowledge.

Kate sends Lulu off to run some errands. Lulu tells Sonny that she’s Johnny’s alibi for the shooting. Kate asks why Sonny isn’t “with Michael.”

At GH, Carly insists that Michael is improving. Robin supports Patrick’s opinion. Carly yells at Robin. Robin leaves. Carly asks Patrick to believe in” Michael’s recovery.

Diane and Alexis arrive at Jake’s. Alexis says she has to go and question Sonny. Diane tells Alexis to relax. Coleman approaches the ladies. Diane agrees to one of Coleman’s special drinks. Diane admits to fantasizing about Coleman. Alexis is appalled. Alexis admits that she’s “a mess.” She says she’s “obsessed about Michael.” Alexis worries that she’ll blame Sonny to his face. Alexis blames herself for having a child with Sonny.

Luke and Tracy argue at the Q mansion. Claudia is still there. Tracy thinks Johnny is dangerous for Lulu.

At GH, Carly talks with Jason about Michael. Then she tells Michael to “prove” the doctors “wrong.” Mike arrives to see Michael. Mike asks about Sonny.

At Kate’s, Sonny thinks Michael’s shooting is his fault. Kate says Michael needs Sonny.

At the Q mansion, Claudia calls Tracy “dramatic.” Luke says Lulu will spend time with Johnny if she chooses to. Tracy gets in Claudia’s face. Lulu arrives. Claudia tells Lulu how Tracy wants to buy Johnny out of the Haunted Star. Claudia leaves the mansion.

Diane and Alexis are still discussing men at Jake’s. Alexis wonders why the two of them are becoming so “predictable” about men. Diane wonders about Sonny’s prowess in bed. Diane suggests that they buy “hogs.” Patrick comes into the bar. They discuss Michael.

Carly fusses over Michael at the hospital. Jason says he still has hope. Carly insists the doctors are “wrong about Michael.”

Sonny tells Kate how much he’s fought for Michael in the past. He shares a story of the first time Michael said, “I love you” to him. Mike arrives at Kate’s house looking for Sonny. Mike yells at Sonny for not being with Michael. Kate tells Mike to “apologize to Sonny” or get out.

At Wyndemere, Nik and Nadine show Spencer the completed train. Emily arrives.

At the Q mansion, Lulu tells Tracy she can “date” whoever she wants to. Luke agrees. Luke blasts Lulu for trying to keep the peace between Sonny and Johnny. Luke warns Lulu about Johnny. Lulu says she’s not “afraid” and she storms out.

Carly sits with Michael at GH. She talks with him about making his room more like home. Jason comes back to Michael’s room. Jason says he wants to go visit Monica. Carly regrets her past choices regarding Michael. Jason takes some of the blame. He goes off to visit Monica.

At Kate’s, Mike is told that Carly is angry with Sonny. Mike apologizes to Sonny. He tells Sonny to spend time with Michael. Mike says Sonny will regret it if he isn’t there for Michael.

Nikolas is with Spencer and Nadine at Wyndemere. Emily is still there and Nik sends Spencer with the nanny. Nadine can sense that Emily is present. Nik asks Nadine to leave. Nadine leaves. Nik is happy to see Emily.

Patrick is at Jake’s. He calls Robin who wonders if he’s “drunk.” Patrick wonders if Robin needs “a father for” her child. Then Patrick asks Robin if she wants some food. Robin declines Patrick’s offer. Patrick says he “needs” something and hangs up the phone. Claudia approaches Patrick and offers him a drink.

Carly is with Michael at GH. Kate and Sonny arrive. Carly reminds Sonny that only “family” is allowed in Michael’s room. She leaves Sonny alone with Michael. Kate follows Carly and tells her that Sonny needs her. Carly walks away from Kate. Sonny sits with Michael.

Patrick talks with Claudia at Jake’s. Patrick talks up Robin. Claudia talks with Patrick about Robin’s pregnancy. Patrick tells Claudia why he and Robin “broke up.” Claudia says Patrick was “set up” by Robin. Robin arrives at Jake’s.

Jason visits Monica in rehab. Monica is surprised to see him. Monica says she’s “learning to trust” herself. Jason says he understands what Monica’s been through. He tells Monica about Michael’s shooting. Monica asks for details. Jason tells her the circumstance of the shooting. Monica comforts Jason.

Sonny and Kate sit with Michael at GH. Sonny talks to Michael. Sonny promises his support to Michael. Alexis arrives with detective Harper. Kate encourages Sonny to answer their questions. Harper questions Sonny in the hall. Alexis and Kate are close by. Sonny says he “saw a reflection” of a gun so he protected Kate. Carly overhears that Sonny chose to protect Kate instead of Michael. Sonny’s admission infuriates Carly.

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