GH Update Wednesday 4/9/08

General Hospital Update Wednesday 4/9/08


Written by Mandy
Pictures by Juanita and Clarissa's General Hospital Screencaps

Nadine meets with Nikolas in his office and he apologizes for his actions the previous night.

At the Haunted Star, Luke comments on the shooting and suggests that Claudia or Johnny was involved. Luke says that someone will pay and that he wants to make sure Lulu won’t be around Johnny when it happens. Lulu walks in and asks Luke when he started policing her life.

At the nurse’s station, Robin asks Patrick about Michael. Patrick says that he ordered more tests, but she was in the operating room. He hands her a chart.

Liz watches Jason and Carly in Michael’s room.

In his office, Nikolas apologizes for being so hard on her because he doesn’t want anyone to know about the drug. Nadine explains that she has been really worried about him. She apologizes for the things that she said about Spencer. Nikolas thanks her for reminding him that he is a father.

At the Haunted Star, Lulu asks Claudia about Johnny. Luke warns Claudia that Sonny will be out for revenge. Lulu announces that Johnny wasn’t involved because he was there with her when Michael was shot. Lulu reminds Luke that Johnny was supposed to meet with Luke. Luke and Claudia offer different explanations for the shooting.

In her office, Lucky tells Alexis what he knows about the shooting. Ric shows up and asks Alexis how she is doing. Ric tells Alexis to do whatever she thinks is necessary to protect the girls and that she has his support.

Liz checks Michael’s vitals and tells Carly that he has been stable all night. Liz tells Carly that Patrick will be in soon and that everyone is praying for Michael. Liz leaves and Carly talks to Michael. Jason asks Carly if she wants some coffee. Patrick walks in and asks if there have been any changes. Patrick announces that they need to run more tests and that they will know more when they get the results.

At the mansion, Edward says that he is going to call the hospital. He says that Monica needs to know what happened, but Tracy reminds him that Monica isn’t supposed to be bothered while she is in rehab. Tracy agrees to call and tells Edward to take a walk and she will let him know if there is a change. Edward leaves and Tracy sees Alan sitting in the chair. Tracy says that she feels fine.

At the Haunted Star, Claudia says that she would never pull a gun with a child in the line of fire. Lulu asks Luke if he wants Sonny to kill Claudia and Johnny. Claudia leaves after assuring Luke that she didn’t have anything to do with the shooting. Luke says that he isn’t going to talk to Sonny about the Zacchara’s. Lulu leaves and says that she will defend Johnny.

At her office, Alexis and Ric discuss her reaction to Michael’s shooting. Ric tells Alexis that wherever she decides to move, he wants her to take Molly because it isn’t a wise decision to keep her in Port Charles. Ric says that it would kill him to be separated from Molly, but at least she would be safe.

At the nurse’s station, Sam asks Liz about Michael. Sam thanks Liz for the information and turns to see Jason. Sam tells Jason that she is praying for him and Michael.

In Michael’s room, Carly holds his hand. She turns to see Bobbie. Bobbie explains that she brought apple turnovers. Carly tells Bobbie that Jason went to get her coffee and that he has been there all night. Bobbie comforts Carly. Carly asks about Morgan and Bobbie explains that Morgan is fine.

In her office, Alexis meets with Lucky and they discuss the case. Jerry walks in and asks Alexis how she is doing. Alexis asks Lucky to call her when he hears from Sonny. Lucky leaves. Alexis tells Jerry what has happened with Kristina since she was conceived. Alexis asks Jerry to get her and her children out of there.

Ric shows up at Kate’s. Kate explains that she would rather be sitting with Michael, but Carly can’t stand her. Kate explains that Carly wouldn’t let Sonny into Michael’s room all night. Kate says that she isn’t proud of it, but she yelled at Carly.

At the hospital, Sam asks Jason if she can do anything to help. Jason thanks Sam for the coffee. Sam tells Jason that she would never wish this on him or Michael.

Robin and Patrick walk up to the nurse’s station arguing about Michael’s case. Patrick says that someone has to tell Carly and Sonny that Michael will never wake up. Patrick walks away and Liz looks at Robin.

In Michael’s room, Carly tells Bobbie that she is thinking about climbing into Michael’s bed and holding him or singing to him. Carly explains that she is going to stay with Michael until he wakes up. Bobbie comforts Carly.

Nikolas, Nadine and Spencer go to see a horse. Nikolas introduces Nadine and Spencer. Nikolas and Nadine discuss horses.

At the mansion, Alan lectures Tracy for not supporting Edward and Monica. Tracy says that the news about Michael won’t help Monica. Edward answers the door for Claudia. Alice comes down and offers to show Claudia out, but Tracy announces that she has a meeting with Claudia.

In her office, Alexis asks Jerry why he won’t help her get out of town. He explains that Sonny’s enemies will find her if they want to no matter where she is. Jerry explains that Kristina might blame her for keeping her away from Sonny. Alexis and Jerry discuss what should be told to Kristina.

Bobbie walks into the Haunted Star and asks for a drink. She tells Luke that Michael isn’t going to wake up. Luke asks her if she talked to the doctors and she explains that she didn’t have to because she is a nurse and she has been through it before with B.J. Bobbie tells Luke that it might be better if Michael did die. Bobbie tells Luke about what Carly is doing and what she is going through. Luke tells Bobbie that no one can predict the future.

In Michael’s room, Carly tells Jason that Bobbie brought turnovers. Lulu walks up and Carly leaves with her. Carly and Lulu discuss Michael’s condition. Lulu asks where Sonny is and Carly says that she doesn’t know. Lulu tells Carly that there is no way that Johnny was responsible because he was with her. Carly agrees to tell Jason and walks away.

At the mansion, Alice catches Edward eavesdropping on Tracy and Claudia’s meeting. Tracy says that she wants to buy Claudia out of the Haunted Star.

At her home, Kate explains the events leading up to the shooting to Ric. Ric asks where Sonny is and Kate says that he is probably at the hospital. Kate explains that she hasn’t heard from Sonny since the previous night. Kate says that she loves Sonny, but she doesn’t want to die for him. Kate offers to tell Sonny that Ric was asking about Michael, but Ric says that it is probably better for everyone if she doesn’t.

In Michael’s room, Carly tries to find something that says that Michael is getting better, but Jason tells her that it is too soon to tell. She says that she wishes Patrick would come back with the test results. She starts talking to Michael and then suggests that Jason talk to him. Carly says that she wonders what happened to the book that Jason used to read to him. Jason agrees to talk to Michael and Jason tells him about a trip he made to Africa. Carly watches Jason talk to Michael. Liz comes in and listens to Jason talking to Michael. Jason tells Michael that they will go to Africa soon and then begs Michael to wake up.

At the stables, Nadine holds Spencer on the fence talking about the horse. Nikolas tells Spencer that when he is 6, he will get a pony. Nadine and Nikolas discuss how Spencer should learn to ride a horse. Nikolas grabs Spencer and asks if Nadine is right. Spencer nods and Nikolas explains that Spencer isn’t supposed to agree with her. Nikolas agrees to do it the way that Nadine suggested and promises to be there to pick Spencer up if he falls.

At the mansion, Claudia asks Tracy how she ended up marrying Luke. Tracy tells Claudia what it will take to get rid of her for good. Luke walks in and asks why anyone would want to get rid of Claudia.

Lulu gets to Kate’s house and Kate tells Lulu that she is late. Lulu explains that she had a family tragedy the previous night. Kate asks Lulu where her coffee is. Lulu asks Kate why she is doing business when she was there when Michael was shot. Lulu explains that she was late because she was helping her family and trying to prevent a mob war. Kate criticizes Lulu’s actions. Kate says that Lulu is spoiled and that she thinks the world starts and ends with her. Kate asks Lulu to get someone on the line for her.

Carly and Jason talk about being on a safari. They talk to Michael about a trip they took. Patrick and Robin walk in and Carly asks about the test results. Patrick asks them to step into the hall. Robin says that Sonny should be there. Carly asks when Michael is going to wake up. Patrick explains that Michael appears to be in a permanent coma and they don’t expect him to ever wake up.

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