GH Update Tuesday 4/8/08

General Hospital Update Tuesday 4/8/08


Written by Mandy
Pictures by Juanita and Clarissa's General Hospital Screencaps

In the waiting area at the hospital, Claudia and Johnny argue about the shooting. Johnny reminds Claudia that they are both responsible.

In the car, Jerry threatens to kill Ian. Jerry explains that he could be a hero by dropping Ian on Sonny’s doorstep.

On the plane, Jax leaves a message for Carly letting her know that he will find a way to come home.

Carly, Jason, Kate and Jason follow as the doctors take Michael down for Surgery.

In the operating room, Patrick tells everyone the situation with Michael and tells Robin that he won’t allow her to be a part of the procedure. Robin informs Patrick that she isn’t leaving.

Outside the operating room, Carly and Sonny tell Michael how much they love him before he is taken into surgery. Carly turns to face Sonny.

Nikolas sits in his office at the hospital calling for Emily. He looks down at Emily’s picture as Leyla knocks on the door. Leyla tells Nikolas that Ian isn’t responding to his page. Nikolas suggests that Leyla isn’t a caring nurse and Leyla walks out. Nikolas looks at the pill bottle.

In Jerry’s car, Ian tells Jerry that he has to be on duty or it will look suspicious. Jerry hits Ian and suggests that Ian resign and leave. Ian claims that no one will suspect him because he is a doctor. Jerry wonders why Ian isn’t remorseful for shooting a child and Ian claims that Michael can still be saved. Jerry says that Claudia will protect Johnny by turning Ian over to Sonny.

In the waiting area, Johnny and Claudia argue about the shooting and who is to blame. Johnny tells Claudia that he doesn’t need her help. Johnny says that it has gone too far and that he is going to go to Sonny and take responsibility. Johnny turns and walks into Trevor. Trevor says that the only way to save Johnny is to put the blame on Claudia.

In the operating room, Epiphany and Liz talk about their children. Robin tells Patrick that Michael’s life is too important for her to sit by and do nothing. Patrick asks Robin to promise that if it gets to be too much she will leave and Robin says that she can take care of herself. Patrick and Robin look down at Michael.

Outside the operating room, Carly tells Jason that she isn’t going to fall apart. Carly walks over to Sonny and asks him if it crossed his mind to let her know where he was taking Michael without guards. Sonny explains that he thought it would be okay.

At the nurse’s station, Nadine gives Leyla an update on a patient. Leyla asks if Ian has answered his page yet, but Nadine informs her that he hasn’t. Leyla tells Nadine about her conversation with Nikolas. Nadine offers to tell Nikolas her opinion and leaves.

Maxie walks into the hospital and sees Spinelli. Spinelli explains that he needs Maxie’s help to retrace Kate’s steps to find security footage.

In the operating room, Michael’s surgery starts.

Outside the operating room, Carly tells Sonny that he put Michael in the line of fire. Carly reminds Kate that she took Michael to the warehouse. Jason steps in and says that Carly can respond to Michael’s situation any way that she wants. Kate asks how attacking Sonny is helping Michael. Jason says that if Kate can’t respect Carly, maybe she should leave, but Sonny says that Kate isn’t leaving.

Nadine walks into Nikolas’ office and starts criticizing him about his conversation with Leyla. She walks around the desk to find his chair empty and picks up the picture of Emily. Nadine hears Nikolas and Ian in the hallway and ducks under the desk as they come in the office. Nikolas tells Ian that the pills have stopped working and that he can’t see Emily anymore.

In the operating room, Patrick and Robin try to stop the bleeding.

Outside the operating room, Sonny says that Kate is there for him. Jason tells everyone to stop arguing because all that matters is Michael and reminds them that they need to focus on Michael.

In the waiting area, Johnny thinks that Trevor assumes that he is responsible for Michael’s shooting, but Trevor claims that Sonny will go after Johnny because he wants to. Trevor suggests that Johnny tell Sonny that Claudia was responsible. Johnny suggests that they give Trevor to Sonny. Johnny and Claudia come up with a possible explanation for the shooting by blaming Trevor. Alexis gets off the elevator and overhears Trevor say that it didn’t happen. Johnny sees Alexis and says that Trevor had means, motive and opportunity and that he has heard Trevor say many times that he wanted Sonny dead. Alexis walks over and asks Johnny if he would swear to that in court.

In Nikolas’ office, Ian reminds Nikolas that the drug is experimental and that it is supposed to control the tumor and the rage. Nikolas and Ian argue about the side effects of the drug. Ian tells Nikolas that he will still need to get the tumor removed and leaves. Nikolas walks behind his desk and sees Nadine under it. Nikolas accuses Nadine of spying on him.

In the waiting area, Maxie and Spinelli discuss Michael’s condition and the possible outcomes. Maxie tells Spinelli to be prepared for what could come next.

Outside the operating room, Sonny tells Carly that Michael will be okay. Carly says that Michael will be okay and she will make sure that this never happens again.

In the operating room, Patrick announces that he sees the bullet where he hoped it wouldn’t be. Robin and Liz look up at Patrick.

Nadine tells Nikolas that she wasn’t spying on him. Nadine confronts Nikolas about the experimental drug. Nadine realizes that he is starting up the program as a cover for the drug deals. Nadine suggests that Nikolas doesn’t love Spencer enough to watch him grow up and leaves.

In the waiting room, Maxie tells Spinelli about her heart transplant. Spinelli tells Maxie that Michael will not die. Maxie explains her feelings after Georgie’s death. Maxie explains that now knows what her mom was going through. Maxie tells Spinelli that sometimes there is nothing you can do. Maxie offers to take Spinelli back to Jason’s, but he says that there is somewhere they can go that might do some good.

Carly and Jason walk around the hospital talking about Michael. Jason comforts Carly.

In the operating room, Patrick tells everyone that they did the best they could and they close the incision.

In the waiting area, Johnny tells Alexis how much Trevor hates Sonny. Johnny tells Alexis that Trevor now owns the Alcazar waterfront properties. Trevor claims that he has an alibi because he was having drinks with the mayor. Claudia tells Alexis that Trevor has been gunning for Sonny for months. Trevor leaves. Alexis tells Johnny and Claudia not to jeopardize her investigation and informs them that she will prosecute the guilty person personally and leaves. Claudia thanks Johnny, but he tells her that she has to fix it or he will go to Sonny and take responsibility.

Outside the operating room, Kate says that it would help Carly if Jax were there. Sonny tells Kate that the last thing that Michael said to him was that he loved him. The doctors bring Michael out of surgery. Carly runs over to Michael. Sonny asks about the surgery and Patrick informs them that Michael will live. Liz watches Jason follow Michael.

At the nurse’s station, Nikolas and Nadine discuss what she heard in Nikolas’ office. They both walk away. Nikolas and Nadine watch as the doctors bring Michael past the nurse’s station.

Spinelli and Maxie walk to the chapel. Spinelli tells Maxie about faith. He kneels down and prays for Michael and the innocent people everywhere. Maxie kneels beside Spinelli and they both begin to pray.

Ian walks into Nikolas’ office and sees Claudia. Claudia asks Ian how he could be so stupid and reminds Ian that he shot a child in the head. Ian explains that he won’t be under suspicion because he is a doctor. Ian says that they could both walk away from this without being blamed and Claudia leaves.

Liz cleans up the operating room and sees Cameron laying on the table.

In Michael’s room, Nadine checks Michael’s vitals. Outside, Carly tells Jax that Michael made it out of surgery and will be fine. They hang up as Patrick comes out of Michael’s room. Patrick tells them that it is too soon to tell how severe the damage will be. Patrick tells them that they can go in 2 at a time to see Michael. Carly and Jason go in first while Sonny and Kate watch through the window.

Claudia and Johnny ride down the road discussing Anthony trying to kill Johnny when he was younger. Claudia explains that she remembers the whole incident. Claudia says that it is evil to shoot a child. Claudia says that she put a child in the hospital and Johnny comforts her.

Standing next to Spencer’s bed, Nikolas looks at the bottle of pills.

In Michael’s room, Carly talks to Michael about their deal and tells him that she and Jason are going to be there at all times. Carly touches the bandage.

In the locker room, Robin thanks Patrick for saving Michael’s life. Patrick tells Robin that she saw the damage and that it would have been kinder if Michael’s family had let him die. Patrick tells Robin that they both know that Michael will never wake up again.

Outside Michael’s room, Sonny tells Kate about all of his mistakes. Sonny explains that he never thought that Michael would have to bleed for him.

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