GH Update Monday 4/7/08

General Hospital Update Monday 4/7/08


Written by Mandy
Pictures by Juanita and Clarissa's General Hospital Screencaps

At the penthouse, Jason and Liz share a kiss. Liz asks Jason if he really wants to share a life with her and he tells her that is what he said. Liz agrees and asks what it means. Jason explains that it is up to her. Jason says that he wants to marry her.

Alongside the road, Alexis and Jerry argue about driving. Jerry tells Alexis that he is in a hurry.

At the Metro Court, Carly criticizes Claudia’s outfits. Carly tells Claudia to join her father in the mental institution and work on her daddy issues. Claudia suggests that Carly still wants Sonny.

At the warehouse, Sonny and Michael discuss the coffee importing business. Sonny tells Michael to go play. Sonny sees a flash of light and jumps to knock Kate out of the way. Sonny hears someone scream to call 911 because Michael has been shot in the head. Sonny holds Michael and starts screaming.

Lulu and Johnny start kissing at the Haunted Star. Johnny tells Lulu that it is wrong, but she tries to keep going.

Alexis and Jerry argue about his plans. Jerry claims that it was unintentional, but Alexis thinks that he did it on purpose. Alexis gets a call and tells Jerry to shut up. She answers the phone to find out that Michael was shot.

Sonny starts screaming. Kate shows the paramedics where to go. The paramedics start working on Michael.

At the hospital, Patrick gets a chart from Epiphany. Patrick walks over to where Robin is resting her eyes. Patrick suggests that she go home and rest and Robin allows Patrick to help her up. Epiphany tells Patrick that the paramedics are on the phone about a gunshot wound at Sonny’s warehouse. Robin realizes that Michael has been shot.

At the Metro Court, Claudia suggests that she is more Sonny’s speed than Carly or Kate. Carly tells Claudia that she will never take Kate’s place in Sonny’s life. Carly suggests that Claudia is after Sonny’s power. Carly gets a call from Kate. Claudia hears Carly tell Kate that she better have a good reason for taking Michael to the warehouse. Kate explains that Michael has been shot. Carly asks questions and Kate tells Carly to meet them at the hospital. Carly asks Kate where Michael was shot, but Kate hangs up. Claudia tells the manager to get a car out front to take Carly to the hospital because her son has been shot. Carly tells them to get the car now.

Sonny says that he is going with Michael as they load him in the ambulance. Kate says that she will be right behind them.

At the penthouse, Liz and Jason discuss the previous times that he asked her to marry him. Liz tells Jason to ask her again. Jason proposes and Liz accepts. They start kissing. Jason and Liz both get phone calls. Carly tells Jason that Michael has been shot.

Alexis talks to someone about Michael being at the warehouse. Alexis rambles about things that Sonny told her. Alexis tells Jerry that Michael has been shot.

At the nurses' station, Cashius and Leyla discuss getting involved with someone in the workplace.

Ian gets off the elevator and asks Leyla where Patrick is. Leyla explains that Patrick is getting ready for a patient to be brought in.

Kate tells the officers at the warehouse that they have no reason to keep her there and that she is leaving for the hospital. Detective Harper says that they need to ask her some questions. Kate explains that a child was shot and that she didn’t see anything. Kate asks Lucky to let her get to the hospital.

Jason runs up to Robin at the nurses' station and finds out that Michael has had a head trauma. Carly runs in and Jason tells her what Robin told him. Jason comforts Carly. Liz walks up and sees them.

In the ambulance, Sonny talks to Michael.

At the Haunted Star, Lulu claims that Johnny is sending her mixed messages. Lulu says that she won’t be coming on to Johnny anymore. Lulu rants about the way that things always turn out. Spinelli comes in and tells Lulu that he has some bad news. Spinelli tells Lulu and Johnny that Michael was shot at the coffee warehouse.

Ian flirts with Leyla at the nurse’s station. Claudia walks up and tells Ian that there is something wrong with her stitches. Ian is informed that Patrick needs his help and Ian tells Claudia that her stitches will have to wait because there is another patient that needs his help more.

Detective Harper tries to question Kate at the warehouse. Alexis walks up and Lucky explains everything he knows.

Jax explains Kate’s new magazine to someone. A woman comes in and tells Jax that Jerry is on hold. Jerry explains that Michael has been shot and Jax leaves.

Patrick and Ian discuss the case in the waiting area near the nurse’s station. Patrick asks Liz if she wants to stay out of the operating room since she knows Michael, but Liz insists that she wants to help. Robin walks up and asks Liz to call the ambulance. Patrick suggests that Robin not help with the case, but Robin insists that it isn’t his call to make. Carly and Jason talk about Michael. Epiphany announces that the ambulance just pulled up. Carly tells Robin to take care of Michael. Carly runs over to Michael. The doctors take Michael into the operating room and Carly asks Sonny what happened.

At the Haunted Star, Spinelli explains the situation to Lulu and tells her that Michael has been shot. Lulu asks Johnny if he tried to kill Sonny that night.

Patrick and Robin order tests on Michael while in the room with him.

Carly asks Sonny how it happened and Sonny explains that he wanted to expose Michael to his legitimate business. Sonny tells her that Kate brought him and he was laughing and the next thing he knew, he heard someone yell call 911. Carly starts to cry and Sonny tells her that Michael will stay alive because the doctors will take the bullet out and make Michael fine.

At the warehouse, Kate explains everything to Alexis, Lucky and Detective Harper. Kate asks if she can go to the hospital and Lucky arranges for a police officer to take Kate to the hospital. Alexis explains that it could have been Kristina.

Patrick walks out to the waiting area and tells Carly, Jason and Sonny that Michael’s condition is serious. Sonny steps forward to sign the consent forms. Liz comes out and Carly asks her for Michael’s clothes. Liz hands Carly the clothes and Carly starts crying when she sees the blood on the clothes. Carly collapses in Jason’s arms. Liz looks at Sonny who stands there watching Carly.

Johnny tells Lulu that he wouldn’t fire a gun where a child could get hurt. Spinelli suggests that Johnny sent a hit man, but Johnny denies it. Johnny claims that when he finds out who shot Michael, he will shoot them. Lulu yells at Johnny. Johnny explains that he would have taken the bullet for Michael if he could. Johnny explains that even if Michael lives, he will never get away from the violence. Lulu says that he could walk away if he wanted, but he doesn’t want to. Lulu asks Spinelli to take her to the hospital and they leave. Johnny starts throwing things.

In the waiting area, Jason tries to calm Carly down and tells her that Michael needs her strength right now. Jason asks Carly to stand up and fight for Michael. Carly gets up off the floor and asks to see Michael.

Patrick yells at someone on the phone because the operating room isn’t ready. Robin talks to Michael and tells him that she is going to do everything in her power to make sure he comes out of it whole and better. Carly walks in and says that she wants to see Michael. Robin says that she will come back when the operating room is ready. Carly stands beside Michael.

Robin walks out into the waiting area and talks to Jason about Michael’s childhood. Robin tells Jason that Michael has to make it. Claudia looks through the window in the door at Michael. Carly talks to Michael and tells him how much she loves him. Carly asks Michael to fight to come back to her and to stay strong. Liz watches Carly with Michael.

Ian walks up to the nurse’s station and tells Leyla to call him about Patrick’s patients because Patrick will be in surgery all night. Jerry walks up and asks for a moment with Ian.

Kate shows up at the hospital and asks about Michael’s condition. Sonny tells Kate about Carly’s shooting. Sonny tells Kate that Michael has to come back to them because he is strong like Carly. Carly comes out into the waiting area and cries on Jason’s shoulder.

At the warehouse, Detective Harper and Lucky discuss the shooting. Alexis walks up and criticizes the shooting and asks what is so important to these people that they would shoot a kid.

Jerry and Ian sit in Jerry’s car discussing the shooting. Jerry explains that Sonny will make them pay.

Jax sits on the plane and tells them that he has to get the plane going because his stepson has been shot.

As they walk through the hospital, Robin tells Patrick that she is scrubbing in for Michael’s surgery. Patrick tells her that he won’t allow her to possibly make a mistake.

Johnny walks up to the nurse’s station and asks about Michael. Johnny confronts Claudia about Michael getting shot.

In the waiting area, Sonny tells Kate that the shooter is going to pay because they broke the code by targeting Sonny’s child. Carly walks over to Lulu. Lulu asks if there is anything she can do. Carly asks Lulu to call the rest of the family. Spinelli tells Jason that he will find footage. Sonny screams at Jason for not doing his job and for Michael getting shot. Carly walks over and tells Sonny that he should have protected Michael. Carly says that it isn’t Jason’s fault, it’s Sonny’s.

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