GH Update Friday 4/4/08

General Hospital Update Friday 4/4/08


Written By Laurie
Pictures by Juanita and Clarissa's General Hospital Screencaps

Kate talks with Michael at Carly’s house. Michael says he knows what Sonny’s “real job” involves.

At the Zacchara mansion, Trevor tells Johnny to “kill Sonny.” Claudia takes a phone call from Ian. Ian says Sonny “should arrive within the hour.”

At the coffee house, Max worries about leaving Sonny unprotected. Sonny insists that Max goes home. Alexis interrupts and Max goes off to get the car. Alexis asks Sonny about a dead body that was found in the water near the cannery.

Jason is at home with Spinelli. Spinelli encourages Jason to make a life with Liz.

Liz and Robin talk about parenting at GH. Liz confides to Robin that she wants a life with Jason. Robin says she’s “glad that Patrick knows” about her baby. Liz and Robin agree that Jason could be a good father.

Jax and Carly disagree at the Metro Court. Carly resents that Jax is going to Texas to help Kate. Carly says she’d rather not be separated from Michael. Jax gets upset when Carly asks him to skip the meeting. Carly refuses to accompany Jax to Texas so he goes without her.

Still at Carly’s house, Kate talks with Michael about the shooting. Michael apologizes. Kate tells Michael he shouldn’t have lied about the gun and the shooting. Kate says Sonny’s job won’t be violent anymore.

At the coffee house, Alexis fills Sonny in about Randy. Alexis says Randy is somehow connected to Marianna. Sonny tells Alexis to take it up with Ric.

At the mansion, Trevor encourages Johnny to take care of Sonny. Trevor and Claudia argue. Johnny asks Trevor to sell him the piers. Trevor leaves Johnny and Claudia with a warning to do something about Sonny before it’s too late.

Jason tells Spinelli he “can never leave” the “business.” Spinelli encourages Jason to make a life with Liz since things have calmed down.

At GH, Robin and Liz discuss Jason and Patrick. Liz says Patrick lives a safe life, unlike Jason. Liz worries about the safety of her kids. Robin shares her own childhood with Liz. Robin leaves Liz alone to think.

At the Z mansion, Claudia tells Johnny he needs an alibi.

At the coffee house, Sonny tells Alexis how Michael accidentally shot Kate. Alexis is shocked that Michael was able to buy a gun. Sonny acknowledges that his life is dangerous. He promises Alexis he’s “changing” his life.

Lulu goes to the Haunted Star to see Luke. Lulu vents about Maxie. Luke says Lulu should “quit” if she’s so unhappy. Lulu refuses to let Maxie win. She eases Johnny into the conversation.

At the mansion, Claudia warns Johnny that Luke is on the ball. Johnny says he “won’t be intimidated by Luke.” Claudia takes off to secure her alibi.

At the coffee house, Sonny and Alexis discuss his life and how it relates to his kids. Sonny says “changes” have to be made for the sake of the children. Sonny says he knows nothing about Randy’s death. Alexis sends Sonny off to be with Michael.

Carly goes home and Mercedes tells her that Michael is with Kate. Carly gets angry and heads off to get Michael. She runs into Jason at the front door.

Lulu helps Luke with the accounting on the Haunted Star. Luke refuses to give Lulu dating advice. Lulu gets defensive about Johnny. Luke tells his daughter to “face” her feelings.

Jerry runs into Claudia at the hotel. The two pretend to be meeting for the first time. Jerry heads off to meet his undisclosed alibi and Claudia introduces herself to Marty. Claudia asks for a suite and Mary refuses her request. Claudia demands to see “the owner.”

Carly tells Jason about her fight with Jax. She also tells him how Sonny and Kate took Michael to the warehouse. Carly wants to “limit Sonny’s visitations.” Jason defends Sonny and tells Carly to let things go. Carly is angry that Jason has sided with Sonny. Marty calls and tells Carly that Claudia is “being difficult.”

Sonny arrives at the warehouse. Ian gets in position to shoot him. Michael arrives at the warehouse with Kate.

Jason goes home and finds Liz waiting. Liz tells Jason about her young patient.

Johnny arrives on the Haunted Star. Lulu tells him stay out of her life. Johnny says Lulu is too “ashamed” to admit her feelings.

Carly arrives at the hotel. She tells Claudia to leave.

Jerry arrives at Carly’s house to see Jax. He’s told that Jax is out of town and Carly is at the hotel. Mercedes tells Jerry that Michael is at the warehouse with Sonny.

At the warehouse, Sonny puts Michael to work. Ian tries to take aim at Sonny but Kate gets in the way.

At Jason’s, Liz says she may have made the “wrong” choice. She says Jason should raise his son. Jason wonders if Liz is “sure” about her decision. Liz says she loves Jason and wants to “share a life” with him. Jason says he feels the same way.

On the Haunted Star, Johnny and Lulu argue about their feelings. They each blame the other. Lulu kisses Johnny.

Carly and Claudia continue to argue at the hotel. Claudia tells Carly she can control Sonny.

Jerry heads off to stop Ian. He tries to get Ian on the phone then almost runs Alexis off the road. Jerry drops his phone before he can reach Ian.

Michael and Sonny spend some quality time at the warehouse. Sonny says he’s “proud” of his coffee business. Sonny hugs Michael then sends him off to play. Sonny sees the reflection of the gun and throws himself over Kate. There’s a gunshot. Kate and Sonny are unharmed but Michael is unconscious and on the ground.

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