GH Update Thursday 4/3/08

General Hospital Update Thursday 4/3/08


Written By Laurie
Pictures by Juanita and Clarissa's General Hospital Screencaps

Sonny’s men are working at the coffee warehouse.

Jerry and Ian are planning Sonny’s murder. Jerry gives Ian the murder weapon.

Claudia and Johnny discuss the hit at the mansion.

Sonny is in his office discussing the coffee shipment. Kate arrives with a dinner invitation. Sonny says he’s needed at the warehouse. Sonny wants to teach Michael about the coffee business because it’s “legitimate” and “nonviolent.”

Claudia tells Johnny to go someplace public for a while so he can have an alibi. Claudia teases Johnny about his investment in the Haunted Star.

Ian and Jerry discuss Claudia. Ian says he can trust Claudia. Ian suggests that Jerry shoot Sonny but Jerry declines.

Kate tries to change Sonny’s mind about dinner. Sonny stands firm. Sonny wants to run his business “by the book.” Kate asks to come along. She offers to bring Michael along.

Michael and Carly are at home. Carly is upset that Michael is playing a violent video game. Carly bans Michael from playing video games. Carly heads off to the Metro Court.

Jason arrives home to find Liz waiting for him. Jason says his hands will be back to normal with the help of physical therapy.

At the coffee house, Sonny thinks Michael will “get bored” at the warehouse with nothing to do. Kate convinces Sonny to let Michael come to the warehouse.

Carly arrives at the Metro Court. Marty tells her about Kate’s planned “renovations” for her proposed office space on the third floor. Carly says Kate can rent the area by the kitchen instead. Jax arrives and disagrees with Carly’s proposal.

At Jason’s, Liz talks about Jake. She shows Jason his latest pictures. Jason starts to talk serious about the future. Liz gets paged to the hospital and leaves.

Claudia arrives at the Haunted Star to see Luke. Luke says his deal is with Johnny. Claudia wants to be involved in the Haunted Star. Claudia says Johnny’s interest in Lulu could cause problems.

Jax and Carly disagree about Kate’s office space at the Metro Court. Marty leaves them alone to argue. Carly doesn’t want Kate in the hotel. She wonders if Jax is trying to “punish” her for losing the baby.

At the coffee house, Sonny and Kate continue to discuss Michael. Kate thinks she and Michael should have a discussion about the shooting. At Kate’s request, Sonny calls Michael and asks him about the warehouse. Michael seems happy with Sonny’s proposal.

Liz arrives at GH and Epiphany fills her in on an injured little boy. Liz heads to the operating room.

Jason arrives at the coffee house. He and Sonny converse about Spinelli.

Luke and Claudia are still on the Haunted Star. He won’t discuss Lulu’s relationship with Johnny. Claudia won’t give up on the topic. Claudia calls Johnny’s life “dangerous” and says Lulu could be harmed. Luke doesn’t appreciate Claudia’s threat. Claudia claims she’s only thinking about Lulu’s safety. Luke says Johnny’s survival depends on Lulu not getting hurt. Claudia leaves the ship.

At the Metro Court, Jax assures Carly that the miscarriage was difficult for him too. Jax says his “work” at the magazine is helping him thru the darkness. Carly is jealous of Kate. She refuses to give Kate the third floor of the hotel for her office. Carly walks away from Jax agreeing to “think about it” as far as Kate is concerned.

Sonny and Jason discuss business at the coffee house. Jason wonders if Sonny is considering leaving the “business.” Sonny says he wants to make “some changes.”

Kate arrives at the Metro Court to see Jax. Marty brings Kate her lease. Jax gives Kate the lease for the third floor. Maxie calls Kate about a proposed meeting.

Jason comes home to find Spinelli playing pool. Spinelli suggests that Jason call Liz. Spinelli admits he gave Liz a heads up about Jason’s return. Jason thanks Spinelli for alerting Liz about his return.

Liz is at GH with the injured little boy.

Claudia is upset to find Johnny still at home. Johnny wants “details” on Sonny’s murder. Johnny wonders if his sister has “feelings for” Sonny. Claudia says she wants Sonny “dead” for his treatment of Johnny.

Jason tells Spinelli he’s been thinking about Jake. Jason says he’s “missed” enough of Jake’s life.

At GH, Liz fills Epiphany about the injured boy. Robin is close by and comments on the importance of a good father. Liz says Jake needs two parents. Robin wishes Patrick had an interest in his child.

Still at home, Claudia talks with Johnny about their father. Claudia says she worried for Johnny when she left home. Claudia says she seduced Sonny on purpose. She says Sonny’s treatment of her made her “hate” him. Trevor arrives at the mansion. He wants to “neutralize” Sonny. Johnny says the “truce” is under control. Claudia and Trevor argue about Sonny. Trevor is suspicious of Claudia.

At the Metro Court, Jax offers to take Carly to Houston with him. He has to take a meeting for Kate. Carly is upset that “Kate can’t take her own meeting.”

Kate goes to Carly’s to pick up Michael. They discuss the shooting.

At the coffee house, Sonny says Max and Milo can take the night off after they drive him to the warehouse.

Dr. Devlin waits for Sonny near the warehouse.

Kate tells Michael about the dangers of guns.

Sonny tells Max and Milo that Michael will be at the warehouse with him and Kate.

Dr. Devlin lies in waiting nears the warehouse.

Michael tells Kate he wants to work with Sonny when he’s older.

At the coffee house, Max is nervous about leaving Sonny without “protection.” Sonny is more concerned with showing Michael that his coffee business is not violent.

Dr. Devlin positions himself near the warehouse and waits for Sonny to arrive.

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