GH Update Wednesday 4/2/08

General Hospital Update Wednesday 4/2/08


Written by Mandy
Pictures by Juanita and Clarissa's General Hospital Screencaps

Patrick waits for Robin to get ready for dinner. Robin comes to the door and tells him that they aren’t going to dinner because she doesn’t have anything that fits.

Nikolas explains Monica’s grief to the judge.

Lulu walks in. Luke tells Lulu that Johnny wants to invest in the Haunted Star and suggests that it is because of Lulu.

Carly tells Claudia that having her there is bad for business because people might think that the hotel caters to hookers. Claudia warns Carly to adjust her attitude.

Robin tries on a new dress and complains that she is fat. Patrick tells her that she is very sexy. Robin agrees not to talk about the pregnancy. Patrick tells her that the dress looks great. Robin accuses him of being insensitive and walks away.

Diane tells the judge about Monica. Alexis and Diane try to get the agreement passed. Sam steps up and tells the judge that he needs to listen to her now.

Maxie freaks out because she sent a package to the wrong place. Maxie tells Spinelli that he can’t let the package be delivered.

Johnny explains to Luke that he isn’t involved with Lulu anymore. Lulu asks Johnny why he is interested in the casino. Lulu suggests that Johnny is buying into the Haunted Star because of her.

Claudia suggests that Carly pay for the drinks. Carly tells Claudia to stay away from her family and hotel. Carly says that better women than Claudia have tried to take her down and she is still standing. Claudia walks away.

Sam tells the judge what happened the night of the accident. Sam explains that all she wants is for Monica to get help and asks the judge not to send Monica to prison because she doesn’t deserve it. The judge accepts the agreement and orders Monica to rehab and community service. Monica smiles at Sam.

Robin and Patrick arrive at the Metro Court for dinner. Robin and Patrick talk about his day. Robin suggests that they go to a poetry club and Patrick agrees. Robin comments on her dresses. Robin talks about the pregnancy while Carly listens. Carly walks away from them. A waitress comes over and tells them that their table is ready.

Spinelli tries to hack into the mainframe to stop the package. Spinelli tells Maxie that he has been locked out of the mainframe. Spinelli tells Maxie that he hopes that she achieves her dreams.

Lulu asks Johnny if he is investing because of her. Johnny explains that the Haunted Star holds the only casino license in Port Charles. Luke and Johnny make a deal. Johnny leaves and Luke tells Lulu that she has a problem.

Robin comes back to the table and tells Patrick that she is fine. Patrick orders some wine, but changes his mind. Robin tells him to have a glass of wine. They look at the menus. Patrick suggests a few things and Robin runs out because she feels sick.

Nadine and Liz talk about Emily. Liz tells Nadine that Emily was an angel.

Monica thanks Diane and Alexis for their recommendations. Sam leaves and Monica follows her out. Monica and Sam discuss what happened. Monica thanks Sam for being so kind. Sam leaves. Nikolas comes out and Monica tells him that she is nervous. Monica thanks Nikolas and he leaves. Tracy and Edward come out. Monica admits that she is ready to go to rehab and they leave. Diane and Alexis leave the courtroom. Nikolas stops in the doorway and turns around to see Emily. Emily thanks him for helping Monica.

Spinelli explains how happy he is for Maxie getting the job. Carly shows up at Kate’s to see Lulu and finds Spinelli.

Lulu and Luke discuss the “spuds” in Lulu’s life. Luke tells Lulu that Johnny is dangerous and that Johnny will never change for her.

Robin comes back to the table. Robin tells Patrick that she is starving. Robin and Patrick talk about a racecar convention. Robin gets up to go to the bathroom and Patrick says that they can go. She explains that she just has to use the restroom and that she isn’t going to be sick.

Carly asks about what Spinelli and Maxie are working on. Carly asks Spinelli if he trusts Maxie and Spinelli explains that he is just doing something. Carly tells Spinelli that if he is doing something that will hurt Lulu it will break her heart and leaves.

Claudia and Johnny discuss buying the Metro Court because Carly insulted her. Johnny informs Claudia that he is investing in the Haunted Star casino.

Lulu tells Luke that she has already walked away from Johnny. Lulu gets up and leaves. Luke pulls the drink out from beside the pillow.

Liz tells Nadine about Emily and Nikolas. Nikolas walks up to the nurse’s station and Liz goes over to him. Nikolas tells Liz about Monica’s hearing. Nikolas explains that Sam gave a statement on Monica’s behalf. Nadine explains that Nikolas gave a great speech for Monica too and walks away.

Luke makes a call and Tracy takes the phone and hangs up on the person. Luke explains that the call had nothing to do with sex. Luke walks away.

Carly finds Lulu at the Metro Court. Lulu fills Carly in on the conversation at the Quartermaine’s.

Claudia and Johnny discuss investing in the casino. Claudia suggests that Johnny wants to buy Luke’s casino because it will give him access to Lulu.

Patrick brings Robin a glass of water. She thanks him for dinner. They sit on the couch and discuss the changes that are happening to her body. Patrick tells her that when the baby is born, everything will change. He looks over and sees that Robin is asleep on his shoulder.

Spinelli hacks into the mainframe. Spinelli asks Maxie to cooperate with Lulu and Maxie agrees, but she has her fingers crossed behind her back. Maxie kisses Spinelli when he tells her that he had the package rerouted. Maxie gets up to answer the phone.

Luke tells Tracy that he is reopening the Haunted Star and that he doesn’t need her money to do it because Johnny Zacchara is investing.

Lulu informs Carly of the things that she told Johnny. Lulu asks Carly how she can stop thinking about Johnny. Carly tells Lulu that she isn’t like Laura. Lulu asks why life is so complicated and Carly tells Lulu to think about how she feels about Johnny. Lulu explains that she can have a chance with Johnny now because he isn’t fighting with Sonny anymore and assures Carly that she would never side against Sonny.

Johnny and Claudia discuss his reasons for wanting to buy the Haunted Star. Claudia realizes that it is about taking care of Lulu. Claudia tells Johnny that Sonny dies on Friday.

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