GH Update Tuesday 4/1/08

General Hospital Update Tuesday 4/1/08


Written by Mandy
Pictures by Juanita and Clarissa's General Hospital Screencaps

Tracy hears Alice and Luke screaming and walks in to see them working out.

Robin thanks Patrick for bringing her dinner. Patrick picks up a patient’s chart and leaves. Liz comes in and asks Robin to watch the boys for a minute while she grabs something from her locker. Patrick watches as Cameron starts playing with Robin’s stethoscope.

Lulu walks into Kate’s house and hears Maxie having a heated conversation with someone on the phone. Maxie takes Lulu’s drink away from her and Kate walks in. Lulu leaves to get Kate’s drink. Kate asks Maxie if she has the faxes to Milan.

Sonny tells Bernie that he will be there for the shipment. Jax walks in and says that he needs to talk to Sonny. Jax tells Sonny that it is unacceptable that he wants to spend more time with Michael. Carly walks in as Sonny realizes that Jax is trying to tell him how to raise his children.

Robin has trouble with Cameron. Robin asks Epiphany for help, but Epiphany tells her that she needs to get used to it. Robin reminds Epiphany that she isn’t going to give birth to 2 full-grown children. Robin continues trying to get Cameron to give her stethoscope back and decides to bribe him with ice cream and cookies. Liz comes out and tells Cameron to apologize. Liz thanks Robin for helping and leaves.

Luke tells Tracy that Alice is killing him. Luke tells Tracy that she owes him. Tracy and Luke argue about who is responsible for his condition. Tracy tells Luke that she is on her way to Monica’s hearing. Tracy tells Alice not to let up.

Johnny wants to know information about Sonny. Claudia and Johnny talk about the previous night.

Maxie tells Kate that she doesn’t know why the faxes from Milan didn’t come through and Kate reminds Maxie of her feelings for excuses. Lulu arrives with Kate’s drink. Kate asks Lulu to go out to the landing and pick up a package. Maxie offers to do it, but Kate tells her to make a phone call about the faxes. Kate asks Lulu to go get the sketches and Lulu agrees. Maxie explains that it would have meant a lot to her to meet the designer. Maxie asks Kate if she is competing with Lulu.

Carly reminds Sonny that Jax gets a say in Michael and Morgan’s lives. Sonny tells Carly that Jax announced that he wants Sonny to stay away from the boys. Carly and Sonny disagree about Jax. Sonny tells Jax that he is a legitimate coffee importer and Carly reminds him that it is a front and that he would be lying to Michael by telling him that it wasn’t a front.

Liz visits Monica. Monica explains that she almost thought it was Emily walking in. Monica says that maybe Sam should press charges. Liz tells Monica what Emily would say if she were there. Monica breaks down and admits that she misses Emily. Liz tries to comfort Monica.

Nikolas and Alexis discuss Monica’s hearing. The conversation turns to the way that Nikolas is grieving for Emily. Alexis explains that she is going to make sure that Monica gets the help that she needs and walks away.

Claudia and Johnny discuss where he was the previous night. Claudia jokes about being a zombie. Johnny explains that Ric went to see Anthony about getting him released. Claudia tells Johnny that Anthony is exactly where he needs to be. Johnny tells Claudia that he told Ric that Anthony is to never be released.

Jax and Sonny argue about Sonny’s relationship with Michael. Jax says that Sonny needs to distance himself from Michael. Sonny walks away and Jax follows him.

Maxie brings Kate a glass of water and asks how it could be a competition between her and Lulu since Lulu doesn’t even want to be there. Kate explains the fashion business to Maxie. Lulu brings Kate the sketches and gives her Adrian’s message. Lulu says that she thinks she will like it there and Maxie tells her to think again.

Nadine asks Liz about the new program. Liz tells Nadine that Nikolas is probably at the courthouse. Liz thanks Robin again for helping with the kids. Robin and Liz talk about life as a single mother. Robin asks about Jason.

Sam walks into the courtroom. Tracy gives Sam a warning and Edward tries to correct it. Nikolas sits down with Sam. Monica walks in and sees Sam.

Carly and Jax get to the hotel and argue about Sonny. Carly tells Jax that she won’t keep Sonny away from the boys. Kate walks in and tells Jax that she doesn’t have much time.

Alice keeps Luke on track. Sonny comes in to see Luke. Luke sweet talks Alice and gets her to let up on the exercise. Sonny pours Luke a drink. Luke explains that Claudia has been asking questions about Sonny. Luke says that he has some information that Sonny will be interested in. Luke and Sonny discuss Luke’s conversation with Claudia. Sonny explains that he has a truce with the Zacchara’s now. Sonny thanks Luke for the warning. Sonny leaves.

Carly tells Kate that she is being rude. Jax explains that he and Kate have an appointment. Carly suggests that Kate can wait, but Jax says that their conversation can wait. Carly tells Jax that if he wants to he should go. Jax walks away with Kate.

Robin apologizes for butting in. Robin explains that she has been thinking a lot about when Jason was raising Michael. Robin and Liz discuss Jason. Robin looks at Patrick.

Monica walks over to talk to Sam. Diane comes over and tells Monica that the judge will be in at any moment. Monica reluctantly walks away. The judge comes in. Nadine sneaks in as they close the door. The judge reads the charges. Diane enters a plea and an agreement for Monica. Alexis stands up and says that she is satisfied with the agreement. The judge says that the court isn’t satisfied.

Alice comes in to tell Luke that he has a visitor and Luke hides his drink. Luke tells Alice that he will be fine with Johnny. Johnny tells Luke that he is there to talk about the Haunted Star. Johnny makes Luke an offer.

Maxie and Lulu argue about their responsibilities. Lulu suggests that Maxie is scared. Lulu tries to help Maxie, but Maxie claims that she can handle it. Lulu tells Maxie to handle everything and leaves.

Sonny walks into one of the warehouses and sees Kate. Kate explains that she is having a good day. Sonny tells Kate that Jax has decided that Sonny should not be near his children. Sonny asks Kate if she agrees with Jax.

Carly goes over the schedule and sees that Kate has booked the hotel. Carly tells the manager to bill the magazine because they are not comping Kate’s party. Carly tells Claudia that she isn’t welcome there.

The judge speaks to Monica. Sam speaks up and announces that she chose not to press charges. Nikolas explains Monica’s situation to the judge.

Robin and Patrick discuss Liz’s children. Robin asks Patrick what time he is picking her up.

Johnny tells Luke that there is a truce between himself and Sonny. Luke asks Johnny if he is there because he wants to be closer to Lulu.

Spinelli shows up at Kate’s house to help Maxie. Maxie starts to explain and the phone rings. Maxie gets off the phone and realizes that she screwed up the launch of Kate’s magazine. Spinelli comforts Maxie.

Sonny admits that he is part of the reason that Michael has suffered. Kate tells Sonny that it is best if he spends more time with his children, not less. They start kissing.

Carly asks Claudia to leave. Carly says that Jax won’t like Claudia when she tells him that she lost the baby when Claudia was in the room. Claudia suggests that Carly is jealous because Claudia slept with Sonny.

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