GH Update Monday 3/31/08

General Hospital Update Monday 3/31/08


Written by Mandy
Pictures by Juanita and Clarissa's General Hospital Screencaps

Spinelli follows Sonny to a meeting with Claudia at the Metro Court.

Carly and Jax argue about who should be Kate’s assistant. Kate explains that there aren’t any openings at the magazine. Carly tells Jax that he needs to have Kate hire Lulu.

Jerry tells Ian that he would rather disappear again than kill Sonny and have Jax find out. Alexis finds them on the docks.

Ric meets with Anthony Zacchara. Ric explains that Trevor is the reason that he will set Anthony free.

Robin sits on the couch crying. She opens the door for Patrick and tells him that she doesn’t know where any of her old stuff is. She tells Patrick that she doesn’t have anything to offer their child. Robin suggests that he is there to check up on her. Patrick insists that he wants her opinion on a case. Robin tells him that it is sweet to make up excuses to come see her. Patrick reminds her that not everything is about her pregnancy.

Spinelli has a “daydream” and continues to watch Sonny and Claudia. Sonny takes a call while sitting with Claudia. Sonny tells someone that they are expecting a shipment. Claudia and Sonny talk about Kate and the magazine. Sonny suggests that Kate intimidates Claudia. Johnny walks up and tells Sonny to stay away from Claudia.

Maxie announces that Kate already has an assistant. Kate says that she has no intention of hiring Lulu and Carly tells Kate to rethink it. Jax asks Lulu if she even wants the job.

Jerry says that he was asking Ian about Nikolas’ condition. Ian walks away. Alexis asks Jerry what he wanted to know about Nikolas. Jerry explains that he was hoping to find out that the drugs he gave Nikolas didn’t lead to the tumor.

Ric explains to Anthony that he will be filing papers with the courts. Ric says that the court will find that Anthony was mentally incompetent during the Black and White Ball and that Ric can get Anthony off the hook. Ric explains that when Anthony is free, they will destroy Trevor.

Jax asks Lulu if she needs a loan. Lulu explains herself to Kate. Kate agrees to give Lulu a chance as her second assistant.

Spinelli gets another drink and falls when he tries to sit down. Claudia explains to Johnny that she called the meeting. Sonny says that the further Claudia stays away from him, the better they will all be. Sonny walks away. Claudia explains that Sonny gave her information that they can use to destroy him.

Alexis reminds Jerry that there will never be a relationship between them. Jerry says that there is always room for hope. Jerry says that he is trying to turn his life around and that he is hoping she can help.

Robin tells Patrick that she agrees with his treatment and diagnoses. Patrick admits that he was checking up on her. Patrick tells Robin that she is beautiful. Patrick asks Robin if she needs anything and she tells him that she does need something.

Kate gives Lulu and Maxie tasks to do. Maxie tells Lulu to answer the phone. Maxie and Lulu argue about who should call the party planner. Kate comes back in the room.

Alexis explains that she isn’t rescuing anymore bad boys because she has done it twice already. Jerry pulls Alexis into a kiss. Jerry suggests that Alexis likes him too and walks away.

Trevor walks into Anthony’s room. Anthony tells Trevor what the doctors say. Anthony asks Trevor how long it will take to get him out of the institution.

Claudia and Johnny talk about taking out Sonny.

Sonny goes to see Michael and Morgan. Spinelli watches from outside the window. Mercedes takes Morgan upstairs to take a bath. Michael asks Sonny about quitting school. Sonny and Michael talk about the differences between them. Carly and Jax come home and find Spinelli under the bench.

Kate comes in and tells Lulu that Maxie gets the benefit of the doubt because she was there first. Kate tells Lulu and Maxie about her last assistant, “Lisa.” Lulu says that she has never quit anything in her life.

Spinelli claims that he was looking for Lulu. Jax informs Spinelli that Lulu is at Kate’s. Jax and Carly walk in the house. Sonny tells Carly and Jax about his conversation with Michael. Sonny tells Carly that if Michael wants to work with him, he has a lot to learn about the coffee import business.

Johnny and Claudia talk about the past. Johnny says that if the hit doesn’t work, she could get hurt. Johnny gets a call and Claudia leaves.

Trevor says that there is little hope that Anthony will ever be free.

Carly and Jax talk about Michael and Sonny spending more time together. Carly tells Jax he can spend more time on his business as long as he doesn’t spend more time with Kate.

Maxie fills Kate in on the conversation with the party planner. Sonny walks in. Maxie and Lulu leave for the meeting. Kate informs Sonny that she has 2 new assistants. Sonny walks over to Spinelli.

Patrick brings Robin dinner. Robin tells Patrick about her cravings.

Johnny has Ric brought down to the docks. Johnny asks Ric why he visited Anthony.

Maxie and Lulu meet with the party planner. Maxie explains Kate’s wishes. Lulu suggests that they compromise. Lulu tells Maxie that she isn’t going anywhere. Maxie explains that she has the job of her dreams and she isn’t going to let Lulu take it.

Carly wants to know why Jax invested in Kate’s magazine instead of something else.

Ric explains that he wanted to see what Anthony’s condition was and that there is a chance that they could get Anthony released. Johnny tells Ric that Anthony deserves to be locked up and not to think about having him released.

Sonny and Spinelli talk about why he was being followed. Spinelli apologizes and leaves. Sonny and Kate talk about how good things are now.

Jerry and Ian meet with Claudia. Claudia explains that Sonny is expecting a shipment on Friday. Ian tells Claudia that he can do it. Claudia tells them that Sonny dies on Friday.

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