GH Update Friday 3/28/08

General Hospital Update Friday 3/28/08


Written By Laurie
Pictures by Juanita and Clarissa's General Hospital Screencaps

Carly is at home with Lulu. Carly wants Lulu to be Kate’s new assistant.

Jax and Kate are meeting on the docks. Jax thinks the magazine should be housed in New York. Kate disagrees. Kate names the magazine “Crimson.” Jax wants to help “run the magazine.”

Sonny, Ric, and Trevor are at the coffee house. Trevor is suspicious of Sonny and Ric.

Claudia is at Jason’s. She wants him to kill Trevor.

Kate wonders what Jax knows about a fashion magazine. She would rather run the magazine on her own.

At home, Carly tries to convince Lulu to take the job with Kate. Carly wants Lulu to “spy” on Jax and Kate. Maxie stops by to drop off Jax’s gloves.

Claudia says she can’t kill Trevor herself. She says she “trusts” Jason because of Johnny. Jason calls Claudia “a threat.”

Johnny is at Shadybrook visiting Anthony. It looks like Anthony will recover mentally.

At the coffee house, Ric insists he’s there to “apologize” to Sonny. Trevor berates Ric. Sonny calls Trevor out on going against Ric. Sonny reminds Trevor that he “broke the truce.”

Carly congratulates Maxie on her “new job.” Maxie is pleased with herself. Maxie leaves Carly’s house. Carly says Maxie did a “great” job working at the hotel. Lulu says she can do better than Maxie.

Alexis takes a meeting with Jerry at the Metro Court. Alexis is nervous. Jerry is pleased with himself when he says there is no meeting. He wanted an excuse to see Alexis. Jerry is amused by Alexis’ discomfort. Alexis whispers that she’s “attracted to” Jerry. He laughs.

Patrick arrives at Jason’s. Jason tells Claudia to leave. Jason tells Claudia he’s not interested in her proposal. Claudia gets on the elevator.

Ric and Trevor continue to disagree at the coffee house. Sonny is upset that the “truce” is broken. Trevor is smug. Sonny says the Zacchara family wants Trevor dead. Sonny asks why Trevor forced Ric to sell the property. Trevor tells Sonny that Kate isn’t for him. Sonny seems satisfied and he asks Trevor to leave, suggesting he sleep with “one eye open.” Ric asks Sonny what’s next.

Carly and Lulu discuss Kate’s magazine. Lulu seems jealous of Maxie. Johnny arrives at Carly’s house.

Jerry and Alexis are still at the hotel. Alexis says she “can’t stand” Jerry, even though she’s physically attracted to him. Jerry gets a call from Dr. Devlin.

Patrick discusses Jason’s hands. Spinelli comes home. Patrick says Jason needs more surgery to repair the damage. Patrick leaves. Spinelli tells Jason to have the surgery.

Sonny asks why Ric sold the property. Ric wants to work with Sonny but Sonny is hesitant. Sonny says Trevor “treats” Ric badly. Ric promises to get revenge on Trevor with or without Sonny’s help.

Dr. Devlin meets Claudia on the waterfront. Claudia asks Dr. D to kill Sonny.

Kate and Jax arrive back to her place. Maxie is there. Kate asks Maxie some fashion questions. Kate gets some bad news from a designer. Jax steps in to help.

At Carly’s, Johnny says he’s checking on Michael. Johnny fears that Michael wants to follow in Sonny’s footsteps. Carly assures Johnny that will never happen. Johnny leaves.

Jason goes to the coffee house to see Sonny. He tells Sonny about Claudia’s proposal. Sonny says Claudia can’t be trusted. Sonny wonders if Claudia has “an agenda” or if “she’s crazy.” Sonny says they need to “divide and conquer” the Zacchara family.

Claudia tells Dr. D that Sonny must die. Jerry arrives on the docks. Dr. D introduces Jerry to Claudia as his “partner.” Dr. D says Jerry will kill Sonny.

Jax tries to convince the designer to honor the “verbal contract.” Kate says they can use another designer and Maxie suggests a name. Kate suggests a compromise.

Carly walks Lulu to the door. She wants Jax to put in a good word for Lulu. Carly calls Jax and Maxie answers the phone. Maxie says Jax is busy and she hangs the phone up. Carly is put off. Lulu agrees to go work for Kate.

Sonny and Jason continue to discuss the situation. Sonny says Jason can’t be “second guessing” him. Jason says sometimes Sonny’s “personal situation” gets in the way of his “judgment.” Sonny tells Jason to take care of his hands. Sonny says Liz and Jake have Jason “very distracted.” Jason leaves.

Claudia tells Jerry that Sonny is “unstable.” She tells Jerry how Sonny abducted Johnny.

Ric goes to Shadybrook to see Anthony Z. Ric offers to “help” Anthony.

Kate and Jax finish up their phone call. Carly and Lulu walk in as Jax is hugging Kate. Carly announces Lulu’s new position with the magazine.

Ric talks with Anthony Z at Shadybrook. Ric says Anthony is “sane.” He says he can get Anthony released “for a price.”

Jason is home with Spinelli. Jason wants Spinelli to “follow” Sonny while he’s off to have the operation. Spinelli is nervous. Jason leaves.

Still on the docks, Jerry tells Dr. D not to “make plans” for him without telling him. Jerry refuses to kill Sonny. Jerry says he “won’t take the risk” of hurting Jax’s family by killing Sonny.

Sonny meets Claudia at the Metro Court.

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