GH Update Thursday 3/27/08

General Hospital Update Thursday 3/27/08


Written By Laurie
Pictures by Juanita and Clarissa's General Hospital Screencaps

Nik and Nadine disagree about his condition at GH.

Jason comforts Carly at her house. They talk about Michael and the baby. Carly is upset that Jason didn’t “trust” her enough to tell her about the gun.

Claudia is at Kate’s. Maxie is there too. Claudia and Kate disagree about Sonny. Sonny arrives.

Lulu, Luke, and Tracy are at the Q mansion. Tracy wants Luke to move out. Edward arrives. He’s upset to see Luke. Alice welcomes Luke home. Lulu leaves the mansion. Alice says the staff will quit if Luke moves out.

Nik and Nadine are still at GH. Nadine tells Nik to “have the surgery” then she walks away. Nadine confides in Liz about Nik.

At Carly’s, Jason says he was “wrong” for not telling her about the gun. They discuss Sam’s accident. Carly blames Liz for her fight with Jason. Carly feels bad because Jason treats her like an “annoyance.” Carly calls Liz “a selfish bitch.” Jason gets upset. He wants Carly to “stand by” his feelings for Liz.

At Kate’s, Claudia claims she knew Sonny’s identity when she first met him in the hotel. Claudia is amused with Sonny’s reaction. She also enjoys making Kate feel uncomfortable. Claudia brings up Johnny. Claudia leaves. Kate sends Maxie out of the room.

Marianna meets Ric on the docks. He tells her he gave the property to Trevor. Ric confronts Marianna about working for Trevor.

At Carly’s, Jason tells Carly she can’t always “be first” in his life. Carly brings up Jake’s paternity. Carly says Liz is afraid of Jason’s life. She says she won’t badmouth Liz if Jason promises not to lie again.

At GH, Liz tells Nadine that Nik is “stubborn.” Patrick comes to the desk. Robin arrives.

Lulu walks around the hospital with Logan. Johnny arrives. Logan seems unaffected. He and Lulu walk away from Johnny.

At the Q mansion, Edward says the staff won’t quit. Alice and Edward disagree. Luke says he plays cards with the staff. Edward wants to join their game.

On the docks, Ric tells Marianna about his visit from Trevor. Marianna is upset and she insists she didn’t kill Randy. Marianna says Randy forced her to work with Trevor. Marianna claims she changed her mind about working against Ric. She claims to love Ric.

At home, Carly discusses Michael with Jason. She asks Jason if he had her “same dream” when he had his surgery. Carly calls Jason her “soul mate.” Jax arrives home. Jason apologizes to Jax. Jason leaves. Jax offers to take Carly to lunch but she declines and goes upstairs.

Kate and Sonny discuss Claudia. Kate says Claudia “gets to” Sonny. She wonders what Sonny did to Johnny. Sonny says he loves Kate. He says Claudia wants to “hurt” Kate. Kate says Sonny’s dangerous side is attracted to Claudia. Sonny says Kate gives him “hope.”

On the docks, Ric is very disillusioned. Marianna says she “had no choice” but to lie. Ric disagrees with her. Ric says he can never “trust” Marianna. He gives her 20% of Trevor’s money. Marianna rips the check up. She begs Ric for another chance. Ric declines and Marianna says she’s heading back home. Marianna leaves, telling Ric not to let Trevor win.

Lulu goes to Carly’s house. Carly says she wants to paint the nursery.

Jason goes home. Spinelli is there. Spinelli says Monica confessed to hitting Sam. Jason tells Spinelli about Carly’s baby. Jason blames himself for making bad decisions.

At GH, Liz asks Robin about Nik’s condition. Robin asks Patrick, who says Nik “could be in remission.” Nik arrives and gets upset that he’s being discussed. He confronts Nadine for “prying” in his life as she walks by. Nadine wonders if Nik will “threaten” her. Nadine says she’s kept Nik’s visits from Emily a secret.

At the Q mansion, Luke tells Tracy he’s been a faithful husband for “many, many months.” Luke says Tracy want to keep him immobile. Tracy brings up Claudia. Tracy agrees to let Luke “stay,” for now.

Carly and Lulu look at paint samples in her living room. Lulu brings Johnny into the conversation. She tells Carly about her night with Johnny. Lulu tells Carly how Johnny threatened Sonny at GH.

Claudia arrives at Jason’s. Spinelli gets very nervous. Claudia says she likes “the way” Spinelli talks. Spinelli coins Claudia “Vixonella.” Claudia calls Spinelli “harmless and brilliant.” Jason sends Spinelli on his way. Claudia brings Jason a briefcase.

Carly asks Lulu is she’s “using” Logan. Lulu says she has Johnny on her mind all the time. Carly offers to help Lulu find a job.

Kate and Jax take a meeting on the docks.

Claudia tells Jason about her “encounter” with Sonny. Claudia gives Jason some info on Trevor. She opens the briefcase and there’s a gun inside.

Ric goes to the coffee shop to see Sonny. He offers to work with Sonny to bring Trevor down. Ric says he wants Trevor “broken, humiliated, and then dead.” Max and Milo bring Trevor into Sonny’s office. Trevor insults Ric.

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