GH Update Wednesday 3/26/08

General Hospital Update Wednesday 3/26/08


Written by Mandy
Pictures by Juanita and Clarissa's General Hospital Screencaps

Jason tells Diane that Alexis wants to discuss Sam’s hit and run and tells Diane that Monica was driving the car. Jason explains that Monica was involved in another accident.

Maxie and Robin talk about Kate’s new magazine. They go over the ideas for the nursery. Maxie asks Robin if she has thought about how much the baby will change her life.

Luke yells that the casino is closed. Claudia tells Luke that she knows who he is. Claudia proposes a deal.

Carly and Jax discuss the meeting with Michael’s teacher. Mercedes brings Carly a package. Carly opens it and pulls out a pink blanket before Jax can stop her.

Jason asks Diane to represent Monica because he doesn’t want her to go to jail. Jason explains that Monica has only been drinking since Emily died. Jason explains that Monica has no choice but to go to rehab. Alexis walks in and wonders why Jason called Diane. Diane and Alexis start going after each other.

Maxie and Robin talk about the baby. Robin kneels down trying to get rid of the morning sickness.

Nadine wakes Monica up and leaves. Monica sees Tracy. Monica admits to Tracy that she is a drunk. Tracy thinks that Monica is dying and Monica says that she is only going to rehab. Monica admits that she hit Sam. Monica allows Tracy and Luke to move back in. Monica says that she is taking responsibility for what she did.

Luke and Claudia talk about the deal. Claudia says that Luke is a legend and knows things. Claudia tells Luke that she needs information about Sonny. Luke asks Claudia what she wants. Claudia suggests that Luke went to Sonny for a job and was turned down. Claudia suggests that Luke could pay Sonny back for whatever he was turned down. Claudia says that she needs specifics about Sonny’s daily life. Luke asks her why he would help her.

Carly tells Jax that she wants to try for a baby again.

Maxie brings Robin a drink and some crackers. Maxie admits that she did a lot of research about pregnancy when she was faking it. Maxie rambles on about the things that come with being pregnant. Robin admits that she is over doing it by working long shifts. Robin says that Georgie had a part in the baby being conceived because the baby was conceived the night of Georgie’s funeral.

Monica and Tracy talk about Sam’s accident. Lulu walks in and realizes that Monica hit Sam. Monica tells Lulu that she is going to rehab and apologizes to Lulu for being so hard on her. Monica tells Lulu that she can move back into the house. Patrick and Ian come in and Tracy and Lulu leave.

Luke and Claudia talk about Sonny. Luke explains that no one has been able to get Sonny out of the way and that all the people who have tried are dead. Claudia and Luke talk about the things that Sonny has done to Johnny. Claudia tells Luke, “You’re either with me or you’re dead.”

Jax arrives to see Kate. Kate shows Jax the numbers for the magazine. Jax asks Kate what happened the night that Michael shot her. Kate explains that she isn’t going to press charges, but she does want Michael to get help. Kate says that they should all move on.

Nikolas shows up to see Monica. Nikolas tells her about the program that he is doing for Emily. Nikolas explains that he can’t have the hospital turning sick people away. Nikolas explains that he can see Emily.

Patrick tells Epiphany that Monica needs more tests run. Patrick and Robin talk. Epiphany asks Robin if a patient can go off her diet. Ian interrupts and pulls Patrick off to the side. Carly walks in and asks Epiphany if Kelly is in the office. Robin tells Carly how bad the morning sickness is and Carly informs Robin that she lost the baby. Robin apologizes and Carly walks away. Patrick apologizes for not telling Robin and she asks him why he didn’t.

Claudia pours drinks for herself and Luke. Luke asks who turned her into a train wreck. Claudia says that she wants information and Luke tells her that he wants cash upfront, but she refuses. Tracy walks in and sees Claudia standing bent over in front of Luke. Tracy assumes that Claudia is a “street walker.” Claudia tells Luke that he knows where to find her. Luke tells Tracy that the woman was a Zacchara. Tracy leaves.

Kate and Jax discuss their reasons for not leaving Port Charles. Jax tells Kate that Carly had a miscarriage. Jax tells Kate that most of the women who fall in love with Sonny don’t survive. Kate tells Jax that Sonny has promised to stand down from the violence as much as possible.

Nikolas tells Monica about seeing Emily. Monica says that she would give anything to be able to see Emily and Alan again. Monica tells him that he should have the surgery, but if she were in his position, she isn’t sure she could give it up either.

Patrick explains that he went to give Carly an exam and was told he had to come back because Carly and Jax had just learned that she lost the baby. Patrick admits that he didn’t know how to tell Robin. Ian interrupts to have Patrick go over some tests. Robin asks Epiphany for some blood work on a patient and then changes her mind and says that she is going home. Patrick watches her as she walks to the elevator.

Lulu walks into the Haunted Star and takes Luke’s booze and glass. Lulu tells Luke that Monica says that they can move back into the house. Lulu pours them both drinks.

Alexis shows up to see Monica. Nadine offers to leave, but Monica asks her to stay. Diane walks in and announces that she is representing Monica. Diane explains that Jason hired her to represent Monica. Alexis realizes that Monica hit Sam. Diane escorts Alexis out of the room.

Maxie offers to start immediately and Kate agrees. Kate tells Maxie to go over a book of designers. Maxie starts to make a call. Maxie answers the door and Claudia walks in. Claudia claims that she is thinking of doing Kate a favor.

Lulu and Luke get back to the Quartermaine mansion. Tracy comes downstairs. Tracy tells Lulu that her room is ready as soon as she takes Luke back to where ever he is living.

Nikolas walks into a room. Ian comes in and talks to Nikolas. Nadine comes in and Ian leaves. Nadine asks Nikolas why he is starting the program when he will probably be dead before the first patient arrives.

Robin does some things from a book. Patrick walks in and Robin yells at him. Patrick tells her that just because Carly had a miscarriage doesn’t mean that Robin will have one too.

Carly gets home and picks up the pink outfit. Jason walks in and comforts her. Carly says that it isn’t fair because she wanted the baby so bad.

Claudia explains that she and Johnny might be interested in investing in the magazine. Kate tells Maxie to take notes and then goes off on Claudia. Kate says that Maxie will show Claudia out.

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