GH Update Tuesday 3/25/08

General Hospital Update Tuesday 3/25/08


Written by Mandy
Pictures by Juanita and Clarissa's General Hospital Screencaps

Trevor and Ric talk about Randy and Marianna. Ric suggests that Trevor is trying to frame Marianna. Trevor asks Ric if he wants Marianna’s freedom or the piers.

Sonny and Kate talk about his truce. Kate explains that she needs to make a conference call.

Lucky and Sam talk about his reasons for agreeing to give their relationship another chance. Lucky admits that he wouldn’t be there if he didn’t have feelings for her.

Liz reminds Jason that they agreed that Jake would be safer if no one knew that Jason was his father. Liz asks Jason why he would risk Jake’s safety by telling Monica. Liz wonders how many more people they can trust with the secret before the truth comes out.

Lucky tells Sam that he was angry the night he kicked her out of his house. Sam tells him that he doesn’t care. Sam suggests that Lucky agreed to give it another chance out of love for Liz, not for Sam. Lucky admits that when the car hit Sam, he realized how much he still cared for her. Lucky tells Sam that he wants to make it work and Sam tells him that she doesn’t want him with her out of pity. Lucky tells her that he wants to be with her and asks her why she is pushing him out. Sam says that she doesn’t want another broken heart. Lucky tells her that he knows that they could make it work as long as they were honest with each other.

Liz tells Jason that she knows how hard it is. She tells him that it isn’t right that Jake is growing up without his father. Jason says that the pictures help because he knows that she is taking care of Jake. Epiphany calls Jason and tells him that Monica was brought into the emergency room because she had a car accident.

Ric and Trevor argue. Ric tells Trevor that he is trying to ruin Ric and Marianna’s newfound happiness. Trevor insists that he wants Ric to be happy. Ric tells Trevor that all he sees in Ric is failure because his mother walked out on Trevor. Trevor tells Ric that it will end when Ric signs the papers. Ric tells Trevor that Marianna is a chance for him. Ric asks Trevor to step up and do what is right.

Kate explains that she isn’t going to shake Warren’s trust in her by blowing off an important call to Milan. Sonny tells Kate that she doesn’t have to pretend that everything is fine when he knows that she is scared. Kate explains that she has to get the magazine back on schedule. Sonny and Kate talk about her shooting. Kate tells Sonny that she won’t put her life on hold and that she believes in his truce with the Zacchara’s.

Jax tells Carly that he didn’t realize how much Sonny would be in their lives. Jax says that putting his animosity for Sonny aside and it cost them their baby. Mercedes brings the boys in. Michael tells Carly that they went for ice cream instead of the arcade and gives her some ice cream. Morgan says that they got Carly a present and gives Carly a mobile for over the baby’s crib.

Trevor tells Ric that there is a big difference between need and want. Trevor says that it isn’t right that Ric has the properties. Ric says that Trevor has never been a father to him. Ric says that he was always an inconvenience. Trevor tells Ric to sign the deed and get Marianna’s freedom. Ric says that he is calling Trevor’s bluff because he doesn’t think that Trevor has anything on Marianna. Trevor tells Ric that he arranged for Ric to meet Marianna in the warehouse.

Sonny suggests that Kate is hiding behind her work. Sonny tells Kate that he made the truce for her and his children. Kate says that she is trying to make peace with the fact that she is in love with a man who lives a very dangerous life. Sonny says that he isn’t asking her to make a choice between him and her work. Sonny says that the sooner things get back to normal the better.

Carly tells Michael and Morgan that it was a great gift. Michael suggests that they put it in the nursery. Jax tells Michael to get started on his homework and tells Morgan that he needs a bath because he is covered with ice cream. Mercedes takes the boys upstairs.

Patrick asks Robin about being at work. She insists that she is fine, but Patrick suggests that she needs to go home and rest. Claudia complains when Robin gets a paper cut handing Johnny the insurance papers. Claudia walks over to Jason when he gets off the elevator. Jason tells Robin to steer clear of Claudia because she is dangerous.

Michael and Morgan sit down on the couch with Carly and Jax. Carly tells the boys that the baby stopped growing in her stomach and that the baby went to heaven. Michael thinks that it was his fault, but Carly assures him that they couldn’t have prevented it. Michael suggests that it might help to have another baby.

Claudia and Johnny talk about what happened at the hospital. Johnny asks Claudia what kind of business she plans to conduct with Jason.

Epiphany tells Jason about Monica’s accident and condition. Jason thanks Epiphany and goes in to see Monica. Monica admits that she doesn’t remember much about the accident. Jason tells her that she needs to get some help. He suggests that he should tell the police and she asks him not to because she wants to tell them herself.

Trevor explains that he paid Marianna to meet Ric. Ric and Trevor talk about Ric’s mother.

Sonny admits that he hasn’t set a good example for his children. Kate realizes that Sonny can spend more time with Michael now that the Zacchara’s have agreed to a truce. She suggests that he might do so well in the coffee business that he can get out of organized crime and he agrees that it is a possibility, but admits that he doesn’t know how.

Monica and Jason talk about her losses. Jason offers to help Monica. Monica explains that she was on her way to Emily’s grave when she had the accident. Monica admits that she never stopped blaming A.J. for taking Jason away from her when he hit a tree. Jason tells her that it isn’t too late to turn her life around. Jason gets up and Monica tells him that no matter what he is her son and she loves him.

Trevor tells Ric that he found Marianna before Ric did. Ric confronts Trevor for taking advantage of Marianna. Ric realizes that Marianna was supposed to convince him to turn the property over to Trevor. Ric suggests that Trevor paid someone to lift Marianna’s fingerprints and put them on the murder weapon. Trevor claims that he did what he had to do and tells Ric to sign the papers or Marianna will pay for lying to Ric.

Claudia explains that Jason works for Sonny, but he has a mind of his own. Johnny tells Claudia that Jason can’t be caught or easily convinced. Claudia tells Johnny that she has something in mind and that she will try it on her own and if it works, she will fill him in. Johnny suggests that Claudia is taking over.

Patrick asks Epiphany to call Radiology to find out what is taking so long. A woman gets off the elevator with 2 kids and Patrick goes over to help. The woman hands the baby to him and Robin watches him holding the baby. Robin starts to laugh and sits down. Patrick asks Epiphany for a little help, but she says that she is busy. Patrick gives the baby back to the woman. Patrick walks over to Robin and asks her why she didn’t help him. She tells him that she won’t ask him to hold their baby when it’s born because she wouldn’t want him to drop it. Robin walks away.

Jason shuts the lights off and leaves Monica’s room. He walks into Claudia and she asks about Monica. Jason tells Claudia not to go near Monica. Claudia explains that she has a proposition for Jason. She suggests that this proposition would be a great opportunity to cement their new alliance.

Ric realizes the differences between he and Trevor. Trevor tells Ric that if he signs the deed, everyone wins. Ric realizes that Trevor will keep using the evidence against Marianna. Ric pulls the deed out and signs them over to Trevor. Trevor says that at least Ric gets the girl and leaves.

Patrick asks Robin if she wants to get some dinner. Robin tells him that she appreciates the offer, but she will stick to dry toast and ginger ale. Robin tells him that she is happy that the child is his, but she won’t ask for anything else and if he wants to hold the baby he can. Robin walks away.

Carly thanks Jax for making things okay with the boys. Jax says that he should not have gone off on her about Michael because she was supposed to be stress free. Carly claims that she should have waited to tell the boys that she was pregnant so that she didn’t get their hopes up about a baby that wasn’t meant to be. Jax holds Carly when she starts to cry. Carly tells him that it won’t always hurt this much.

Ric tells Sonny that Trevor now has possession of Lorenzo’s waterfront properties. Sonny suggests that Ric did it to get back at him. Ric says that it had nothing to do with Sonny. Ric explains that he won’t let Trevor’s obsession with Sonny ruin his life anymore. Sonny explains that Ric just gave Trevor leverage against Sonny. Ric tells Sonny that he hopes that Sonny will be able to turn things around.

Claudia tells Jason about Trevor. Claudia explains that for the truce to work Trevor has to be taken care of and that no one in the Zacchara organization will retaliate.

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